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How to take care of your health on a holiday

Let’s be clear – people love holidays. This is the time of the year when they can finally forget all the things that have been bothering them throughout the year and relax. These days are used as a pleasant way to recharge our batteries and reenergize our body and mind. Most people are traveling abroad […]

The Two Most Beautiful Casinos to See in Europe

Europe is the birthplace of organized gambling. While it doesn’t have any of the grandiose casino resorts Las Vegas, Macau or the other world famous gambling destinations pride themselves in, it does have some of the oldest such establishments in the world. In Europe, there’s no need for major gambling resorts: its regulation of online […]

Reasons Dubai should be on your travel bucketlist

You have heard the great reviews of Dubai from friends and family who have been there.Yet you still hold, there is too much fanfare and it’s not worth the hype. You think it is a ploy by travel agencies and airlines to ramp up sales. If these and other negative thoughts cross your mind, get […]

Disaster abroad: When holidaymakers have to turn to medical negligence claims

Whether it’s a relaxing family getaway, or if you’ve just started your backpacking trip around the world, you are certainly not immune to disaster. In other words, medical emergencies do occur and not only this, but they can accelerate into something that’s far worse in some situations. As the title may have given away, what […]

Travel Tips to India

India is undoubtedly one of the most exciting countries in the world. With its rich culture, buzzing cities and scenic landscapes, this country is a ‘must visit’ for the travel-hungry. However, for first-time travellers, this vibrant region can come as a culture shock and is littered with potential hazards. To get the most out of […]