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Kayak vs. Canoe and their amazing benefits

These days most people are seeking exciting and new means of getting more active, be it for discovering new events which all family members can enjoy together or be it for fitness. If you are the adventurous type then try your hands at kayaking. This is a wonderful low-impact activity which can help in improving […]

6 great coffee houses in Europe

So, maybe it’s the vibe. The history. The location. Or, actually, the coffee. By whatever definition, these European cities lay claim to some great coffee spots. Why not try one during your travels and let us know what you think? Or suggest your own favorite in these cities or other European locales. Venice – Caffé […]

Tips on Arranging a Vacation with Kids

Sometimes, daily and weekly routine becomes hectic for people who have to combine professional life and raising kids. Overload, stress, and tiredness are accompanying those who are doing their best to keep up-to-date with work and other duties. To escape from habitual life and brighten emotions, people are searching the ways to relax during weekends […]

A Guide to the Best Beaches of the World – Hunting for Beauty and Bliss

Australian’s are famous beach-lovers, so trying to pick the best beaches in the world is always going to be a controversial list. There is no way there can be a universal list as everyone has different tastes. Having got that disclaimer out of the way, we couldn’t help but try to make a list of […]

Five low-cost getaway destinations for couples

From long beach walks, amazing ocean views, candlelit dinners and luxury pool and in-house parties, there are a wide variety of romantic getaway places to take your soulmate and have a great time creating unforgettable memories together. Planning to quickly make a run away from work and other hectic activities with your significant other can […]


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