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The fairy tale city of Prague

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain Prague has grown to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason. The Czech capital has a lot to offer with regard to history, art and culture, giving visitors a memorable experience. The hotel prices in Prague have risen along with the […]

What to See If You Only Have One Day in Egypt

When traveling to Egypt, it’s best if you have a week or two to explore. However, many travelers only have a single day, maybe because they’re on a cruise or they’re traveling for business. Whatever your reason, you’ll want a plan to see as much as possible in that single day. Here are some of […]

Bored by Fun: The Paradox of Travelling

The main point of a vacation is fun. From leaving the office, packing, to taking off – each part of the process is sweet. But we all know which part is the sweetest: the arrival to your little slice of heaven. It doesn’t matter what type of travel is your cup of tea. Be it […]

French Ski Resort: Val Thorens

For Ski lovers around the world, traveling to the coldest peaks with stunning snow coverage is the ultimate pleasure. France offers the some of best ski areas that offer varied activities for tourists and locals to enjoy themselves. Every skier is well aware of the incredible ski resorts that graces the French Alps. One of […]

5 Mountain Activities You Can Try Learning This Year

Although one of the top things to do in the mountains is skiing there are other activities that can be enjoyed too. There are many exciting things to try in the mountain terrain and it is never too late to try to learn new activities. When booking your trip to a ski resort you will […]


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