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TSA Alert! Will Your Carry On Luggage Pass?

I remember joking with a friend many years ago about the benefits of traveling in winter because we could stuff our coat pockets with excess items and then wear the jacket at boarding to hide items that we couldn’t fit in our carry-on luggage. Fast forward to 2017 when two Australian-based designers created the “The […]

Things to do this summer in Canada

2017 is a special year to go on holiday in Canada, as they are marking their 150th birthday on July 1. with amazing community gatherings in cities and towns across the country, we suggest joining in on the fun if you can. If you can’t make it north of the border for early July, though, […]

Tips For Finding The Best Hotel Room Deals

What every person likes to assume is that two or three magical apps exist to help him or her to find the best deals for airline and hotel deals.. However, that is not the case. What helped you to find a good deal last year might not be very helpful right now. This is true […]

Find Your Perfect Apartment Wherever You Travel

Staying “Unstuck” Residentially America has many fine living solutions. There are beautiful cities from coast to coast in this country, and it can take a while to truly decide where you want to put down roots. Maybe you want to live in one place for a decade, then spend a decade somewhere else. Today it’s […]

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