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The Street Food Scene in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of those mystical places that all of us heard of but never really found it in us to travel and experience the country in full. One of the probable reasons might be that, well, it is mysterious and it is hard to maneuver your way into the country and not cost a […]

Interesting things to see and do in Lisbon

Facing the Atlantic Ocean on the edge of Western Europe, Lisbon had long been overlooked as a holiday destination. The city is now having a revival of sorts, as travellers are are rediscovering this magnificent seat of the Portuguese Empire – the first colonial empire of the Renaissance. If you are planning a trip to […]

Diving the Mediterranean Islands of Gozo and Malta

Do any of you remember those “Choose your own adventure” books before? They were those paper-back books wherein you get to certain crossroads during the story and it lets you choose one of 2-3 different choices. When you have already made your choice, you are then tasked to turn the book to a certain page […]

Guide to the best casinos in London

London really is one of the world’s hub, a true melting pot of a city where centuries old tradition rubs up against cutting edge architecture and the latest trends in food, design and fashion. It is also a vast, sprawling city which is connected by the multi-coloured spaghetti lines of the Tube, ferrying tourists and […]

Temple Towns in Maharashtra

Vacations help you relax and rest, but do not usually offer much in terms of spiritual growth. However, a visit to a temple may help you replenish the soul and improve your emotional state like no vacation can. Be it a short trip to the nearby temple or a lengthy pilgrimage, it always leaves an […]

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