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Why Visiting the Sistine Chapel Should be Your Next Adventure

Where will your next vacation be? Are you planning on taking a cruise or heading to the beach? While basic vacations can be relaxing, they lack the depth you’ll get when traveling to a city full of history, beautiful art, and marvelous architecture. For example, nobody visits Italy to stay in a resort – they […]

Private Jet Charter vs First Class: What’s the Difference?

On the high end of the air travel industry, passengers have the option of flying on a first-class commercial plane or booking a private flight on a jet. While both options provide elevated levels of service, there are distinct differences between them. Here’s a look at what you can expect out of Gulfstream G550 charter […]

5 Top Destinations for the Perfect Golfing Holiday

Combining golfing with travel is a great way to see the world. Choosing the perfect golfing holiday can be hard though as there are so many great courses to choose from. Looking at the destinations on offer at Golf Travel Centre, and you will be presented with lifetime of golfing travel opportunities. If you’re looking […]

5 cool things to do in Istanbul

One of the best places to spend vacations, holidays and experience unforgettable fun is the most famous city in Turkey. Istanbul features a good mix and combination of the cultural heritage of old conquests and the rich and stunning beauties of beaches, artefacts and nature. Istanbul is a city that offers visitors the taste of […]

The Best Sicily Has To Offer

When you first hear of anywhere Italian, you imagine a wine country, a fancy beach, chilling with your pina colada, with your big hat on and a camera hanging on your neck. Well, in addition to the smell of pizza and gelato in the air, the Italian country has so much to offer. Good food, […]


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