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Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 2008 Newsletter

Notes from the Editor

---- The World's Best Airport Names ----

Nepal have announced plans to name an airport after Sir Edmund Hillary and his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay. Lukla airport will become Tenzing-Hillary airport.

It is a common tradition worldwide to name an airport after a local hero. Here is a list of some of the best airport names in the world.

The World's Best Airport Names

---- When can you say you've been to a country? ----

Can you say you have been to a country if you only spent a few hours in one of its cities? Changing planes at international airports doesn't count (of course), but what about a weekend or day trip to one place? Technically you can, but do you?

When can you say you've been to a country?

Featured Travel Site

---- Postcrossing - The Postcard Exchange Project ----

Postcrossing is a project that invites people to exchange postcards (real paper ones, not electronic) from random places in the world. If you send a postcard, you'll receive at least one back, from a random postcrosser somewhere in the world. It is free to participate.


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