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Monday, 12 November 2007

Monarch Leading the Way in Aviation Clean Up

The aviation industry has come in for a quite severe attack from environmentalists over the past year. While emissions from aviation contribute to only around 2% of total global emissions, there has been concern that the growth in the industry is overtaking the improvements in fuel efficiency, and that will be a major factor in global climate change.

Many airlines are now attempting to clean up their image by doing more for the environment. Whilst vastly reducing emissions produced by the aircraft in flight is currently proving to be commercially difficult, there are other ways that airlines can do their part. Most recently, Monarch Airlines has been the first of the UK airlines to announce a full recycling programme onboard its flights.

Monarch has already set up a MAP (Monarch and the Planet) initiative in order to improve its environmental footprint. Now the onboard recycling programme has been introduced after being successfully received by both customers and cabin crew on a selection of flights this summer. It will see all recyclable items, such as aluminium drinks cans, plastic wine and water bottles, glass wine and champagne bottles, and newspapers and magazines placed into recycling bags by cabin crew during the flight. This will subsequently be passed onto airport cleaning staff upon the flight's arrival.

Commenting on the launch of the scheme, managing director of Monarch Airlines, Tim Jeans said, "Monarch has been operating a paper collection scheme onboard its flights for a number of years now but feedback from passengers and crew highlighted the fact that the recycling of other items, such as plastics and cans, is a part of everyday life now which people wished to continue - if they were at home they'd be recycling the items, so why should they not do so on flights?

"With 70% of the waste generated in the cabin being potentially recyclable, Monarch has been working with Gatwick Airport on the initiative to ensure that the recyclable waste is removed from the aircraft on arrival and recycled appropriately. We are looking to extend the scheme to include all Monarch's flights over the coming months and we urge our other UK and European airports to introduce the necessary recycling infrastructure to allow us to do so."

Monarch Airlines is one of the UK's leading leisure airlines, combining a reputation of cheap flights combined with an excellent service. For more information or bookings, head to their website.

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