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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Gambling on Travel Insurance

You've just landed on a hot foreign shore for a pleasant week away with the family. As you're waiting for your luggage to come around the carousel you nip to the toilet, thinking your partner knows where your hand luggage is, and they are looking out for it. Within it is your passport, plane tickets and £200 worth of foreign currency. When you return, it's gone, and your partner had no idea that it was there in the first place. They thought that you'd taken it with you.

Scenario A: You didn't take out travel insurance
You have a steaming argument with your partner for not looking after the bag, even though you didn't tell them to. 'We don't have any insurance!' You cry. Not only do you and your partner come close to blows, but you won't be refunded for what's been stolen. The holiday gets off to a bad start, and you can hardly enjoy yourself without the £200 worth of foreign cash. Your relationship with your partner gets tenser as the week goes by.

Scenario B: You took out a policy which covers for theft
You have an argument with your partner but it cools when you say that you've taken out adequate cover. It's a minor mishap, and slightly annoying that you won't have the cash immediately and plane tickets are gone, but your here now and your policy provider will sort it all out in the week. The holiday runs almost perfectly in the knowledge that you'll be totally refunded.

Which would you rather have?
Travel insurance might seem like an extra expense when you've forked out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for a holiday, but the holiday could be ruined if you don't have adequate cover if something goes wrong. There's no point gambling on thinking that it won't happen to you, you really should take out cover for peace of mind.

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