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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Taking that Late Summer Holiday

There is a very strong argument for delaying your summer break until the commercial drop-off of early autumn. For a start, the moment we move out of high-season breaks, the prices drop dramatically. Secondly, the crowds are also minimised, as most children are back at school, students go back to university, and most of the rest of the country head back to the office.

Also, flights begin to run less frequently, meaning that you are more likely to fill up a regular plane rather than demand the commission of a whole new set of flights. It might sound insignificant, but that is a reduction in carbon emissions as well as a better guarantee that you won't get bumped or severely delayed by massive crowds.

These are just a few reasons to consider taking advantage of one of the late holidays on offer at a range of online travel websites. Many of us will be tempted by the idea of a few days in the sun, making up for the beach holiday we never had this summer. Take a look at On the Beach's website and you may well find some inspiration for a sunny September interlude.

There are still plenty of holiday destinations to choose from; thanks to the extended summer much of the continent seems to be enjoying, you are not limited to taking city breaks or walking tours. Make the most, instead, of the beach holidays on offer. Perhaps you fancy yourself as a surfer, an explorer following in the footsteps of William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac: take a trip down to Morocco for culture clashes as well as wave crashes.

If you fancy something quieter, the Balaeric Islands are now winding down after their busy summer season. The old side of Ibiza is a beguiling and picturesque part of an island more famous for its extraordinarily expensive mega-clubs. If Spain doesn't seem like the place for you, the south coast of France provides style, class and top-quality cuisine, as well as beautiful scenery and a good deal of celebrity spotting. But with these late holiday offers, you won't necessarily have to pay movie-star megabucks to get there.

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