Adventure Travel in England

England is an ideal place for those seeking a more adventurous holiday, with a coastline perfect for sports such as surfing and wind surfing and rocky or rough terrain for climbing and mountain biking. For extreme thrill seekers, there are opportunities for sky diving or bungee jumping.

The beautiful coastline of Hayling Island in Hampshire is a popular destination for kite surfing. The vast expanse of shallow water and sandy beach make this an ideal kite surfing location. This great water sport involves standing on a board and being pulled across the waves by a giant kite.

Hayling Island has an established training centre for all levels of ability, from beginners to experts. Alternatively, visit Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk on the East coast, where you can take lessons at the kite surf school.

For lovers of surfing, or those who just want to try something new, Bude in Cornwall is a great destination. With large waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean for the experienced surfer, or more sheltered bays further along the coast with smaller waves for the beginner, surfing is very popular here.

There are many surfing clubs and schools where you can get lessons or advice about this sport and you can also rent or buy equipment. The waves and Atlantic breeze also make this a perfect area for windsurfing. If you want to brave the North Sea with its high winds and huge waves, Scarborough Surf School is open throughout the year for lessons and equipment hire.

Another perfect area for water sports is the Isle of Wight, as the shallow waters around the coast make it an ideal place for practising your skill at wakeboarding, windsurfing and many other water sports, with lots of centres for training and equipment hire.

For river activities, visit the River Dart in Dartmoor, possibly the best location for kayaking and canoeing in England. Upper Dart offers Grade Five kayaking through woodland for those with experience, or calmer waters closer to the sea at Totnes.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of an extreme river adventure or a more gentle adventure where you can admire the stunning countryside, this is the perfect location. There are shops and tours from the River Dart Country Park and Tuckenhay offering family adventures, tours and demonstrations.

Other great river adventure destinations include the River Barle near Exmoor National Park and an artificial rafting course on the Trent River. Most trips last from two to four hours and cater for every level of experience.

The rolling landscape of North Yorkshire is perfect terrain for many outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, abseiling, mountain biking and rock climbing.

There are many centres that offer training and safety advice. Explore the Yorkshires’ East Coast from a new angle on a coasteering adventure, climbing across the coastal rock face with an experienced instructor as a tour guide. Many of these activities need to be prearranged with professional instructors who can assess your experience and the suitability of the English weather.

Explore the countryside on two wheels with the great mountain biking trails created by the Forestry Commission. All levels of ability are catered for, from scenic rides to rough and ready terrain to challenge the more experienced rider. The World Championships were held at the Dalby Forest in Yorkshire, which offers a great mountain biking experience.

Other excellent locations include the North Face Trail and Grizedale Northshore tracks in the Lake District. Many venues have great facilities including bike hire, showers and different trails for every level of experience.

For a unique thrill-seeking experience, why not try bungee jumping at one of the many venues across the UK? Unforgettable experiences include London Bungee Jumps, where you can jump close to Tower Bridge or the O2 Arena. Tandem jumps are also available. The UK Bungee club can provide details of organised events throughout England.

If you want to try an air sports activity, there are many opportunities across the country. Many centres offer courses in skydiving, hang-gliding and paragliding. Experiences can be tailored to suit your level of ability. Alternativley, you can admire the English countryside from high up in a hot air balloon.

With so much to offer, England is a great destination for those looking for an adventurous short break, whether you are an experienced thrill seeker or would like to try something new.

National Express – 1million cheap seats for £9 or less!

National Express - 1million cheap seats for £9 or less!

National Express is releasing 1 million cheap seats for £9 or less for bus travel throughout the UK.

Offer available to book between 6 – 31 January 2012 for travel between 6 January – 25 March 2012. Please note that there is limited availability between 11 – 19 February 2012.

The price includes the booking fee and is only available to book online.

National Express – 1million cheap seats for £9 or less!

Travel Deals: National Express

Offer not valid in conjunction with any other discount including discount Coachcards, or any other promotion.
Offer not valid on National Express airport, event or third party operated services.

The best way to find cheap car hire rates

When planning a trip away finding cheap flights and hotels are the top items that come to mind when starting to look at prices. Most people have become familiar with online booking camparison engines that compare cheap flights and hotels.

But what about find cheap car hire? When it comes to finding the best value car rental many people often overlook this part of the booking process. In doing so they are throwing away good travel money. It might seem easier to just go with the familiar car hire brand that you have seen on TV, or to just turn up at the airport car rental desk and hope for the best. Did you know though that you can go to sites such as and compare cheap car hire rates on one page. Sites like this saves you the time of opening up all websites of every car hire company available. Using a comparison site will also alert you to to other car hire companies you may not have thought of using, while saving you the time of showing you only what is available.

While some travellers may have loyalty to a specific car hir company for the frequent flyer points that are on offer, it is worth checking to see if there is a better deal going on. Sometimes chasing frequent flyer points costs you more in the long term. If you go to a comparision site and find that there is a $40 a day difference between similar cars then a over a one week trip that adds up to $280 over the week! So by using a comparision engine at no extra cost, you have just found $280 for your trip, which can go towards other travel expenses such as fine dining or some extra local souvenirs.

When using a comparison engine, the top brand name car hire companies are searched. Companies such as Sixt, Alamo, Budget, Avis, Payless Car Rental, Thrifty, Dollar Rent a Car, Enterprise, National, and Europcar. Some companies may also have promotions going on that aren’t widely known. So using a car hire comparison site will certainly save you time and money.

It’s always better on the beach

It is a combination of things that make Hawaii a perennial vacation favorite for people from all areas of the world. Whether it’s the world-class cuisine, the hours of explorable tropical jungle terrain, or the chance to peer into a volcano, there’s an island memory waiting to be made for everyone. Yet, despite all of the other enticing attractions offered, one aspect of Hawaii – Oahu’s beaches, in particular – remains unrivaled on a global scale and is, without question, worthy of all of the accolades received on a yearly basis.

Some may be indiscriminate when it comes to enjoying the golden sands and refreshing waves of the sharpest blue, choosing to plant themselves on a cabana as soon as their feet feel the warmth. Others, however, enjoy the adventure of finding the hidden beaches, often safe from the wanderings of tourists. Regardless of your preferences, staying in one of the many centralized Oahu hotels will give you easy access to both the accessibility and beauty of Waikiki and the transcendent splendor of Kailua and other beaches along each of Oahu’s shores.

Here are a few of my favorite beaches outside of Honolulu that are sure to both steal your breath away and contend as the image you’ll want to use for your desktop background.

Kailua Beach
Just a short car ride away from dozens of modern and luxurious Hawaii hotels lays one of the world’s most cherished and celebrated stretches of shoreline: Kailua Beach. Beckoning locals and tourists alike along the island’s windward coast, the beach is famous for its delicate waves, windsurfing potential, and perfect swimming conditions. Pack a picnic, and head east! The drive is easy and quick, and will yield an afternoon you’ll never forget!

Pokai Bay Beach
Continuing up from Waikiki along Oahu’s western shoreline, you’ll find Pokai Bay Beach Park. Given its location, this small slice of paradise doesn’t experience any of the rough surf that arrives in fall and winter time, making it the ideal place for a relaxing dip when the surf is up! Complete with lifeguards and barbecues, Pokai Bay Beach can provide an afternoon of grilling, snorkeling, and fun under the sweet Hawaii sunshine.

Mokuleia Beach Park
Sitting along the famous North Shore of the island is Mokuleia Beach Park. This area is a favorite amongst locals for its long stretches of undisturbed white sand and relative anonymity from the large crowds. If you fancy an afternoon of fishing, surfing, or swimming, perhaps without another group for miles, Mokuleia Beach is the place for you!

While there are many differences and benefits to each beach on Oahu, you’ll find the atmosphere to be relaxing and enjoyable wherever you wind up. Should you like to take a stroll in your sandals from your hotel to the beach, or strap on your hiking boots for a foray into the wilderness in search of untouched sands on the other side, you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon the mighty Pacific in a state of unmitigated serenity.

Gap Years in 2012 – 5 Valuable Tips

With increased university fees, a struggling economy and few to no jobs on the market, gap years are likely to be more popular than ever in 2012. There are hundreds of gap year opportunities out there to choose from so why not let the adventurer in you take over in 2012 and go and explore the world. If you do, the 5 key considerations below shouldn’t be overlooked:


Because there are so many opportunities out there, it’s important you do your research before leaving to ensure you find exactly the right place and project for you. If you want to relax on a beach for 6 months then find the best place to do that. If you’re looking for a more constructive project in the conservation world then narrow it down to exactly the right project for you. That way you’re less likely to struggle when you arrive when you find yourself doing something you’re not vary enthusiastic about. There are so many great resources and blogs out there which will help you with even the smallest detail.


Gap year travel insurance is crucial for anyone going away so that any medical needs are covered and any other events which may not be planned for. If you are involved in an accident or have your bags stolen you need to have an insurance policy in place which covers you sufficiently.


Before going on any extended trip you should have a full medical check and be sure that you are in a good state of health. You may find yourself some distance away from medical assistance on a gap year so it’s important to take as much precaution as possible prior to leaving.


Passports and Visa should be sorted long before leaving on a gap year. Check you passport is up to date and still will be by the end of your trip. Likewise you should put in place any visas for places you know you will be visiting. This can be more difficult for some countries than others, so it’s important to leave plenty of time for the processes to be completed.


Plan your budget in detail before leaving. It’s fairly straightforward to come up with a basic budget plan if you do sufficient research into the places you are visiting. As you move through your gap year whilst you are away then this can be refined as you monitor how accurate your original projections were. However, if you don’t do it in the first place then you may well find yourself early in your trip with no money left in the bank.

Tom Mcloughlin writes a blog about backpacking called Top Backpacking Destinations. You can follow him on Twitter.

“Hot Spots 2012” with Johnny Jet to air on Travel Channel

“Hot Spots 2012” with Johnny Jet to air on Travel Channel. Debut special from renowned travel expert to air New Year’s Day.

John E. DiScala (aka Johnny Jet), circles the globe for his first televised special “Hot Spots 2012,” scheduled to air on the Travel Channel, January 1 at 9:00 PM EST (check local listings).

During the one-hour special, Johnny Jet gives viewers a ringside seat as he uncovers the hottest travel destinations for 2012, revealing insider tips that only the most seasoned traveler would know.

Johnny Jet to host Travel Channel special January 1 2012