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Travel Europe by Train: Best 2 Weeks Itinerary

One of the best ways to travel in Europe is by train. Sure, it might not be as quick as planes, but you get to see so much more on the way, you save money, and have more freedom while planning your trip! And if your time limit is 2 weeks, you can explore many […]

Top 3 football stadiums in America

Every NFL fan looks for something different in their experience – some just want their team to win, some are looking for some action from offshore sportsbooks, while others follow the game for the experience of visiting different cities and stadiums. Here are three stadiums that every football fan needs to visit at least once […]

Enjoy the best tourist destinations and forget about your worries

Going on a trip gives you the opportunity to get to know special and dreamed-of places. There are services that allow you to organise aspects such as the perfect place to stay and the ideal activities to do, in order not to miss anything and at the same time to be calm and safe. Travelling […]

Wonderful places in Spain that you must visit during your holidays

Spain has a wide variety of tourist destinations throughout its geography that cater for all kinds of preferences and tastes, but there are some that definitely stand out and that you just have to visit. Let’s get to know three of these wonderful places that should always be on the list of every tourist and […]

5 Nicest Day-Trips from Mexico City

Mexico City is full of interesting places to visit and enjoy. However, there are also plenty of destinations between a one and three-hour drive that are worth visiting, whether for their cultural value, history, or even the variety of gastronomy. The surrounding town of Toluca, Puebla, or Queretaro have a lot to offer, in addition […]


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