Colorful Hong Kong: 5 things you should visit there to see the best the city has

Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in China, located in the south of the country. So many people live here that it is hard to talk about this town as a city – in some cases it is more like a country! So naturally, a place where millions of people live has no shortage of attractions for tourists.
The diversity of activities you can choose from might be head spinning. So now I am going to tell you all about what needs to be done once you are in this never sleeping city!

1. Admire the views from the ancient funicular

Victoria Peak

The Victoria Hill is the highest point in Hong Kong. 552 meters reaching the top of the hill lets you observe the districts of the city as if it’s on your palm. You can see not only skyscrapers but also ships calmly returning to the port from here. Although the image looks very nice at any time of the day, night light illumination of the city is breathtaking and worth seeing even more. Go up the top of the hill in an unusual way too – using more than 100-year-old funicular railway!

2. Pray for the success in the exam

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is like a calm oasis in a constantly rushing Hong Kong. Located in the shade of massive skyscrapers, the house of worship is difficult to see, but you will never misstep it by following the smell of incense. Although temple’s exterior is modest, the inside is impressive. The walls here are painted in bright red while the ceiling holds dozens of bells hanging in reminiscence of holders of incense. The temple is dedicated to the gods of war and literature, so do not be surprised to meet a lot of students praying before exams.

3. See Mickey Mouse


The Chinese like to copy, so it is not surprising that Asian Disneyland looks like it was brought from Paris. It is an authentic fairyland here, and it is actually not worse than the same one in Paris. The moment you go through the gates, you will be met with the same convivial characters – Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. In the Amusement Park established theater, time after time beautiful Walt Disney stories come alive as well. Here you can indeed feel like in a fairytale which can be enjoyed both by families with children or sole travelers.

4. Buy low-priced Chinese souvenirs

Temple Street Market

Temple Street Market comes to life only after sundown. Vendors lines inexpensive spangles on the stalls and shamans place the cards and offer to read your future from a palm. In addition to the many stereos and T-shirts which can be found here, the market can be an attractive place to dig some antiques and unique items which can be quite a nice souvenir for someone back at home. Furthermore, do not miss the chance to taste the seafood sold here too, which taste as good as in luxurious restaurants!

5. Climb to the Buddha standing in a forest

Tian Tan

Anyone who considers himself being a Buddhist just has to visit Hong Kong located Tian Tan – a 34-meter-high bronze statue of Buddha.

In order to achieve the sculpture, you will have to go throughout a small pilgrim trek and climb 268 steps. 

Although the peak offers splendid views of the surrounding forest, it is also worth visiting nearby located Po Lin Monastery. Here friendly monks will present the amazing collection of Buddhist icons!
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Best European Campsites

A Great Alternative to a Hotel

Camping isn’t just leaky tents or a rickety caravan. In the past few years, it’s become a really great way to see the world.

If you’ve never given camping a try, then you really are missing out. It allows you to get up close and personal with some of the most stunning scenery in the world; and gives travellers a great deal of independence. There are some world-class camp-sites in Europe, offering tourists a holiday that’s not only hugely enjoyable, but often a lot cheaper than a stay in a hotel as well. So if you’re thinking about pitching a tent or parking up your caravan somewhere in Europe this summer, read on to find out where you should be doing so.

Lando Resort, Croatia

If it’s a small, family orientated camp-site you’re looking for, then give the Lando Resort a try. This new four-star camp-site is located in Kampor on the island of Rab, Croatia. There are two swimming pools for the kids to splash around in, including a toddler’s pool. The Dundo forest is close by and is perfect for an afternoon hike, while the medieval town of Rab is worth exploring. There are always plenty of activities being held too, so there’s no danger of you getting bored.

Otro Mundo, Spain

Is Spain where you usually travel to for your summer holiday? How about changing things up a little this year by visiting the Otro Mundo camp-site in the stunning countryside of Andalucía? Guests stay in domes that sit on a plot big enough to house more tents if you want to bring more people along – and it’s this sense of community that runs through the whole camp. There’s a big communal kitchen where guests can dine together, open-air movie nights and excursions into the surrounding countryside.

Finca de Arrieta, Spain

Another Spanish camp-site is Finca de Arrieta in Lanzarote. Here you can stay in roomy yurts that come with bathroom huts, kitchens, shaded dining areas, music docks, day beds, hammocks and BBQs that can be enjoyed in a walled & gated garden. You’ll also get to sleep in big, comfy beds too – a rarity on some camp-sites back home! If you want to splash out, go for the Eco Lodge Royale. It’s unbelievably luxurious, and just a stone’s throw from the beach.

L’Anse du Brick, France

Just across the channel you’ll find many exceptional French camp-sites. One of the best is L’Anse du Brick in Normandy. This site has panoramic views of the French coast, and is situated next to a 300-hectare protected area of woodland, river and waterfalls. If you’re a cycling fan, the Tour de France is set to stop in nearby Cherbourg on the 3rd of July. You can also play tennis, take part in woodland trails and rent mountain bikes and kayaks.

Become a happy camper

Now you know where the best camp-sites in Europe are to be found, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book a holiday! Remember to take out some European cover for your trip too – it’ll offer you complete peace of mind during your stay. Once you’ve taken care of that, there’s nothing standing between you and the trip of a lifetime. Once you’ve caught the camping bug, nothing else will do.

The Best Sights To See Around Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is definitely one of Australia’s best spots to visit – it’s the gem in the city’s crown and it serves as a wonderful exclamation point in any holiday.

Port Jackson is where the first European settlement was set, and has long since played many key roles throughout history and in Sydney’s progression. Port Jackson is made up of several parts, namely the Sydney Harbour, North Harbour, Middle Harbour, the Parramatta Rivers and Lane Cove.

As such, there’s loads of things to see around Sydney Harbour, and the best way to do it is by a boat hire Sydney. Why? Take a gander at the top sights below:

Sydney Opera House

The distinguished opera house is given the title of one of the most distinctive buildings in the 20th century because of its outstanding architectural design. This multi-venue centre for performing arts gets visited by more than a million people per year, and seeing it from the water is a perspective not to be missed.

The National Park at Sydney Harbour

The National Park is vanguard to arguably the world’s most exquisite harbours, including South Head, Nielsen Park, Harbour Islands, Bradley’s Head, Middle Head, and North Head. It opens its doors to visitors who wish to see Sydney’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders. 

The Islands

There are several stunning islands located within the Sydney Harbour. Hire a boat and ready yourself for a quick trip to Rodd Island, Snapper Island, Spectacle Island, Cockatoo Island, Goat Island, Clark and Shark Island and enjoy the many sights to see here. The shore holds some reclaimed islands such as Berry Island, Garden and Bennelong Island, and if you stay on low tide, you get to view the fantastic Sow and Pig’s Reef.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Characterized by modern architecture that passes across the waters of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge ferries vehicles of all sizes and shapes, pedestrians and bicycles in-between the North Shore and the Sydney Central Business District. The Sydney Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour make up many a postcard that sums up Sydney, Australia. The unusual arch shape earns it the nickname “The Coathanger”.

Sydney Event Cruises

Cruising around Sydney means a barrage of spectacular lightshows, the Vivid Festival, and year-end celebrations such as Sydney NYE Fireworks. There’s a lot of options to see Sydney Harbour on many different recreational cruises available all year round.

What better way to experience the beauty and sights of Sydney Harbour than to rent your very own boat hire? It’s a great way to unwind, plus it is an excellent option should you want to see Sydney and all her notable landmarks, waterfront sceneries and view the spectacular skyline. It’s no wonder cruises are some of the most sought after activity when people come to Sydney Harbour, due to the fact that they offer a uniquely different way in exploring the city by water. A day to explore Sydney’s watery wonders should be on any sightseer’s itinerary!

Moving to Canada – Things No One Warned You About

The only things that we know about Canada are that it is the birthplace of Justin Bieber and a good looking prime minister. Yeah, it has some good steakhouses too. But this is not enough for you to start a life in this country. When moving into a new country, you need to learn everything that there is about the place. This will enable you to blend in easily without looking like an outsider. In this case, here is some information that you need to digest before you book your ticket.

The Weather

If you have always been torn between sun and the snow, then you will find Canada to be your ideal destination. Apart from the BC coast, all states of Canada go through transitional seasons. This means that you get to experience hot summers as well as chilly winters. Although the natives might be indifferent to the -25 degree climate, you will require the appropriate clothing to survive the climate.

Cost of Living

It is highly important to figure out the cost of living before you move into a country. If you have no idea about the basic expenses of the city, you will be dumbstruck every time you make a purchase. When you move into Canada, one of your first expenses would be the payment for the moving company. Therefore, you need to do your research and find a company that will offer you a reasonable price as well as quality service. It is safer to select a reliable and recognized company such as since you will be able to learn about the company and its services through the website before you make the purchase. The customer testimonies on the site will be of great help too.

The Job Hunt

Do not think that you will get employed as soon as you land. In Canada, applying for the job itself is quite a lengthy process. It can take months or years for you to secure a professional position that will suit your qualifications. Until then, you must be prepared to do a part-time job or a get employed in a field that it not related to your career. It is best to save some money to ensure your survival till you secure a job.


Although you might come from a place where you can get away without tipping, Canada is different. This is only fair considering the fact that bartenders and other service professionals earn minimum wage which is generally about $10 per hour. So, when hiring a Calgary mover, do not forget to tip the employees who are working so hard to make sure that your belongings are transported safely. Of course, there is no need to tip if the moving company you choose fails to meet your expectations. By adhering to such values of the country, you will be able to create a good impression on the natives.

Apart from these, you need know that smoking in prohibited in public places and that Canadian maple syrup is worth dying for. Moreover, you might also want to polish up your French since Canada is a bilingual nation.

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T2J 5N8,
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Best Road Trip Destinations For Melbourne

You have decided that it’s time to get away from the bustling city life and explore scenic destinations in Melbourne. Now is a great time to plan for a road trip! Gather some travel companions and brainstorm on some of the road trip destinations that you should explore. If you lack ideas, here are some popular destinations that you can introduce into your itinerary.

Mount Macedon

As you begin driving from Melbourne, it’s easy to find yourself buzzing with excitement as you will soon arrive at the enchanting Mount Macedon! If you are a flower enthusiast, head to the Tieve Tara Gardens during spring or autumn. There is an impressive collection of flowers that will even wow the most demanding sceptics. Do bring along some food as you can consider having a picnic at the serene Sanatorium Lake before you begin your hiking adventure.

Hanging Rock is a rare volcanic formation and you will be hiking around it. It is more than six million years old and is home to a wide array of native flora and fauna. If you want to watch how the sun descends into the horizon, head on top to the summit of Mount Macedon. There is a tranquil Memorial Cross at the summit too, and you can pay respects to the brave heroes of First World War.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a very popular road trip destination (or rather route) in Melbourne. The total distance you can travel is more than 240 km – driving from Torquay to the Southern Australian Border. If you are lucky enough to be in the passenger seat, you will find plenty of opportunities to capture Instagram-worthy shots from many angles. As vouched by many travellers, the scenic coastal views and sight of dramatic waves make the winding drive an unforgettable experience.
As you venture further down Great Ocean Road, unique views from less touristy areas will greet you. If you have time, stop by Lord Ard Gorge and try out one of the area’s three easy walks. You will get the chance to discover lots of natural treasures in the different areas. Also, do not forget about the famous Twelve Apostles, which are an impressive collection of gigantic limestone formations!

Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges are characterised as a series of rolling hills, valleys and rainforests. You are recommended to explore the area by stopping here to take Australia’s century-old steam train which is known as Puffing Billy. If you want, you may sit with your legs dangling out of the train while absorbing the positive vibes of the 25 km scenic route. If you are planning to hike Sherbrooke Forest, you will be able to find picnic spots that offer great views of the pleasant surroundings and the Eucalyptus trees.
To sum it up, the Dandenong Ranges undeniably make a haven of hidden delights that feature quaint hilltop villages and scenic winding roads. What’s more, it is only an hour from Melbourne! Next time you are planning a road trip, consider this destination as many indulgent adventures and romantic hideaways await you here. Wink wink.


Ballarat is located more than 80 km away from Melbourne, and is known for its glorious history of gold rush and rich cultural heritage. This large city in Victoria was once booming with gold mining opportunities and the worn-out but still magnificent Victorian architecture is living proof of Ballarat’s once-prosperous gold digging era.

When you arrive here, spend a day at Sovereign Hill to experience in-person the olden days with a mining demonstration, as well as witness horse carriages and costumed characters. If you still have time to spare after that, head to Her Majesty’s Theatre (so iconic you can’t miss it!) to catch a performance or visit M.A.D.E (Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka).

Wilson’s Promontory National Park

One thing great about Wilson’s Promontory National Park is that it has remained intact and untouched by any man-made creations till date. If you have been looking for ways to reconnect with nature, this National Park is the perfect choice. While you are here, be sure to visit the deserted Squeaky Beach for its lily-white sand. Try walking on it because it squeaks!

Mount Oberon, another impressive creation from Mother Nature herself, gives you the opportunity to marvel at the beautiful Tidal River. Take note of the river’s colour variations across different depths – from yellow to dark purple! With lush vegetation and a variety of wildlife, such as emus and kangaroos, the Wilson’s Promontory National Park is truly a gem to visit.

Cannot drive or hate the stress of handling a self-driven vehicle during road trips? Well, you can still visit many of these Melbourne road trip destinations with your companions by using premier coach hire in Australia!

How to Dress for a Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight isn’t something that a lot of people look forward to. Being stuck on an airplane for many hours can be exhausting and stressful.

Knowing how to prepare for a long haul flight will help you keep your body and mind as fresh as possible until you arrive at your destination, but knowing how to dress so you can remain as comfortable as possible is equally important. If you’re planning on getting on a long haul flight, be sure to check out the helpful tips below so you can dress for the occasion.

How to Dress for a Long Haul Flight

Layer with Breathable Fabrics

Shop at various clothing boutiques to find lightweight, breathable fabrics that will be easy to layer for your long haul flight. This is because you’ll encounter different temperatures throughout your journey, from your starting point and the airport, to your actual flight, and, finally, your destination. Being able to wear a tank top or t-shirt when it’s warm, and then layering with a long-sleeve shirt or lightweight jacket when it cools down, will ensure that you’ll always remain comfortable.

Breathable fabrics, in particular, are highly recommended for long haul flights because they’ll allow both moisture and air to pass through. Stick with fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton that will allow air to circulate so sweat won’t remain on your skin. In this way, you’ll feel cleaner and keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer.

Compression Legwear

Compression legwear is also highly recommended for long haul flights during which you’ll be seated for extended periods of time. If you’re pregnant or you have a medical condition, this is especially important in order to maintain proper blood flow throughout your body. These stockings or socks will promote circulation and assist in the prevention of swollen legs and deep vein thrombosis, also referred to as blood clots.

Comfortable Leggings

A really great option for women is to wear a comfortable pair of leggings on your next long haul flight. So go ahead and don your favorite pair of yoga pants, as these are not restrictive and will ensure you are able to move about as freely as possible.

Flat Shoes

Wearing heels on a plane is not a good idea because your feet will certainly ache after a long haul flight and all that walking that you will be doing in the airport. Instead, stick with comfortable flat sneakers that will properly support your feet and ensure you are ready to walk around at your destination to check out all of the sights.

Now that you know a few of the staples that you should wear on your long haul flight, you can ensure that you will feel as relaxed as possible throughout the duration of your trip. Wearing the right clothing on your long haul flight will ensure you feel fresh, clean, and comfortable throughout your journey, so be sure to head out and shop for any clothing or compression legwear that you’ll need for your upcoming flight so you can arrive ready to enjoy your getaway.

Strategies to combat jet lag

Jet lag refers to extreme tiredness combined with several other undesirable physical effects as a result of long-distance travel. Some of these effects can include mild nausea or ongoing sleepiness during daylight hours. This can be very inconvenient, whether you are a business or leisure traveler. If you have suffered from jet lag, you’ll recognize the symptoms. People who regularly take extended flights across two or more time zones are prone to experiencing it. Airplane crew as well as passengers can be subject to the adverse consequences, hence there is a great deal of interest in minimizing and eradicating the problem.

Why does jet lag happen?

Your natural body clock is attuned to sunrise and sunset, though nowadays most people extend their waking hours well beyond periods of daylight. The circadian rhythm cycle (or your body clock) tells you when it’s time to sleep and eat, and regulates other physiological functions. The environmental elements that impact on the cycle include temperature and sunlight. Jet lag is one result of a disruption to this cycle, when the instructions you get from your body as to when to eat and sleep are disturbed. There are other health effects when your circadian rhythm suffers from ongoing interference, such as bipolar disorder and depression; however, neither of these are related to jet lag.

What can you do about it?

There are a number of strategies employed by long-haul passengers and crew that have gained attention. For example, one of the most well-known is manipulating your eating times en route to match those of your destination. This has been hailed as a useful practical change to make. In addition, many experts suggest eating light while you’re on board, the better to fit in with new mealtimes on arrival.

Flight attendants are experts on steps to take that help them deal with the problem of jet lag. Besides matching mealtimes to their destination, they also often shift their sleeping patterns, taking short naps after flights rather than sleeping for a long period of time. This avoids the awful experience of realizing that you’re living your life completely out of kilter – awake throughout the night and asleep all day. Some of them begin to shift their body clock to the time zone of their destination a few days before they leave. If you have the time to do this, a gradual change in your bedtime may be of great help when you arrive at your destination.

Sleeping on board

Those who choose to sleep during a flight generally prefer to travel in first class and business class seats, as these are more comfortable, have additional legroom, and a better angle of recline than economy class seats. If economy class is your only option, aim for seats at the front or middle of the plane rather than at the back as this can be bumpy if there happens to be any turbulence. It is wise to avoid seats close to the galley or the lavatories, which tend to have heavier traffic and may disrupt sleep.

Experts recommend that one hour before you plan to nap, you should switch off all blue screen devices such as laptops, cell phones, and iPads and avoid watching the in-flight movie. Staying hydrated is important, and while sleep aids such as meds can be appropriate in some cases, its best to get your health practitioner’s advice first. Moderate your coffee intake as well, as this can keep you awake on board for longer than you’d like.

Scientific developments

In this technological age, as you’d expect, there are apps and specialist devices that have emerged to help reduce jet lag. In particular, taking extra melatonin and manipulating light are thought to be beneficial. Jamie Zeitzer, PhD at the Stanford University School of Medicine has undertaken research into the effects of how short flashes of light during sleep can aid jet lag. One interesting device that helps to beat jet lag is the Human Charger. Developed by a scientist and an engineer, this is the first bright light headset in the world, and the light therapy it supplies is built around safe, white light. The testimonials in favor of the device’s effectiveness are impressive.

How Human Charger works

When you put on the headset, comfortable LED earbuds transmit light to the sensitive regions of your brain. After just 12 minutes, your light therapy session is completed. Daily use will help you keep your human batteries charged, and it’s safe to use anywhere, including during flight takeoff and landing. Used in conjunction with changing your sleep patterns, it’s easy to set up the charger according to your flight times and whether you are flying eastwards or westwards. There’s also an app that you can download if you have a cell phone, whether Apple, Android, or Windows versions. This helps you to plan specific trips, and once you enter your flight details, the app will remind you when to use the Human Charger.

Making adjustments

Whether you plan to shift your eating times, your sleeping pattern, or use sleep aids, there are useful steps you can take by making adjustments before you leave. The same is true of apps and devices. The strategy to expose yourself to darkness and then to light at appropriate times is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Timothy Morgenthaler MD suggests tailoring whatever actions you take to the length of time you will be in another time zone – shorter journeys of up to four days need fewer adjustments. He also makes a point about eastwards versus westwards travel, and how to compensate for the differences between them.

Finally, taking melatonin at about 0.5 mg will help your biological clock shift a little faster, especially if you do this close to bedtime in your destination time zone. With all these tips available, you have never had such a good opportunity to minimize the destructive effects of jet lag, so make the most of what’s on offer.

Alternative London: Seeing England’s Capital Differently

With World City status, millennia of history and some of the globe’s most iconic landmarks, a visit to London is on many people’s “must-do” lists. While many feel that a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a spending spree on Oxford Street, marvelling over St Paul’s Cathedral or taking in the extraordinary view from the top of the London eye, this diverse and complex city can offer an entirely different experience if you want to escape the traditional tourist checklist.

Find Moments of Calm

Alternative London: Seeing England’s Capital Differently

You may think that a noisy and bustling a major city is the last place you’ll be able to find rest and relaxation, but you can try a beginners meditation course right in the heart of London, or even find the quiet meditation room in Selfridges when shopping all gets too much. London is home to 8.6 million people and its fast-paced, exhilarating atmosphere is part of its appeal, but if you are feeling jaded by one too many nights out in Soho then these quiet spaces can be the perfect restorative.

You’ll also get to see a part of London which you wouldn’t get to experience any other way, meeting new people and balancing out hectic sight-seeing with a few hours of calm.

Go Book Shopping

Whether you want to spend a fortune or pick up a bargain, London has plenty to accommodate you, from Camden Market to the boutiques of Knightsbridge. For something a little less expected, head to Daunt Books, where every bibliophile will be enraptured. Edwardian and grand, Daunt Books is a beautiful place to get lost in, with a historic air, stunning stained-glass window and the guarantee that you’ll find something to spark your imagination.

Get a Taste of London

Although gin was first produced in Holland, London and gin have been intertwined with each other for centuries. You can explore some of this (often less than salubrious) history on one of London’s modern day gin tours, where you get to enjoy the drink in somewhat more civilised surroundings than 18th century London’s inhabitants.

You can find regular tours at the Sipsmith distillery, which was the first of it’s kind to open in London since 1820. Beautifully presented and expertly crafted, Sipsmith offers a fascinating experience and delicious gins to sample.


England isn’t particularly famed for it’s sunny weather (and with good reason) but if you are lucky enough to visit London when the days are too warm and inviting to stay indoors, you can go swimming at Hampstead Heath. This will not only draw you out into one of London’s most picturesque green spaces, which are easy to overlook when chasing sight-seeing tours, it will give you the unique and adventurous experience of swimming in real ponds rather than chlorinated pools.

The water may be cold but the surroundings are beautiful, and if you are there to experience one of London’s rare swelteringly hot days, you may even welcome plunging into somewhere cool.

Geffrye Museum Herb Garden

The V&A, Natural History Museum, the Tate and many others are on a long list of iconic London museums that it would be a shame to miss, but there are also plenty that are often overlooked. For something a little different, The Geffrye Museum explores the home and how people used to live, and is set in a beautiful Hoxton building that used to be used for furniture making and market gardens.

One of the biggest draws, especially for the romantically minded, is the walled herb garden created from derelict land. It’s a little bolt-hole that looks like it could be from an earlier era of London’s history, and with a hundred and seventy varieties of herbs with their usage explained, you can learn a lot here too.

London has so much to do and discover that people can spend years living here without ever finding out everything about the city, but by going a little off the beaten track, you may find yourself stumbling across something extraordinary even in a short city break.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Most people are busy with work and all other things in their daily lives that they usually do not have time for the kids and the family. Well, this is very disappointing and saddening. So it is important to schedule a family vacation at least once or twice a year to make up for your absences and busyness.

And since it should be very special, make sure to pick the best destination. In this article, we will list down some of the best family vacation destinations to make your family trip a lot more memorable and special.


Japan is definitely one of the best destinations to take your entire family to. Both kids and adults will surely love this place. It is advisable to check out the country during the cherry blossom season, a surreal moment that will surely amuse any visitor. It is one of the things that makes Japan a popular destination for travellers around the world. Japan also has other attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. You can savor the delicious and authentic Japanese foods. Or you can visit different places like Tokyo Disneyland, Osaka Castle, Nasa Deer Park, the Tsukiji Fish Market, DisneySea Tokyo and of course, the lively streets of Tokyo. There is definitely no dull moment in Japan.


Another place to visit with your kids and the entire family is London. You can visit so many places in London and do many activities. You check out different theme parks, the Shrek’s Adventure London, Warner Bros. Studio, ZSL London Zoo and other London museums for kids. Of course, who wouldn’t be thrilled to see the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben? This is indeed a royal trip to treasure.


Who wouldn’t love to visit the land down under? It has many beautiful landmarks and beautiful beaches too! You can do many activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports activities. You can also visit different parks and the Australian outback. Here you can see kangaroos, koala bears and other animals that can only be found in the country.


Iceland has one of the most surreal, amazing and breathtaking natural spectacles in the planet – the Northern Lights. Also, you will be amazed by the rainbow-arched waterfalls cleave mountains with snowcapped peaks that look very postcard worthy. Visiting Iceland will allow you to be closer to nature. You can climb the mountains, catch fish, ford rivers, watch birds and so many others. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience that is best shared with dearest family members.

These vacation destinations will surely make the kids and everyone in the family happy and satisfied. It is good to keep the family bonded even though you are very busy most of the times. Thus, it is advisable to plan a trip to one of these places at least once or twice a year or whenever you have free schedule. And of course, you should also start saving budget for these family trips so you are ready any time you see free time in your schedule.

Authentic Canadian Dishes All Tourists Must Treat Themselves To


The whole point of visiting another country is to enjoy its authenticity; to enjoy things that you will not be able to experience in your neighborhood. This includes the weather, the culture, the people and of course most importantly— the food. After eating the same cuisine for years, we do love to treat our taste buds with something different. In this case, tourists visiting Canada will not be disappointed. This nation fulfils your appetite by serving you with some of the most enticing dishes. The following are some such wonders that you must not miss during your visit.


If you try their bacon once, you will understand why Canadians are so obsessed with bacon. Although it is referred to as Canadian bacon, it is known as peameal bacon to the natives of the country. The delicious pork is cooked in so many ways. The ideal kind is the mouthwatering boneless bacon strips that are brined and rolled in cornmeal. The look of this dish itself is delicious enough to tempt a vegetarian.

Butter Tarts

Not only are these people good with their main courses, but they serve excellent desserts as well. Even though these pastry shells were created back in the 17th century, they still reach out to the taste buds of both natives and tourists. This dish oozes with butter, sugar and syrup. These tarts also include an added bonus of raisins and nuts too. This Canadian marvel will definitely be the right treat for your sweet tooth.


If you have ever tried the Canadian fair trade organic coffee, you would know that nothing can beat its taste and freshness. Not only does it taste like heaven, but it is much healthier than any branded coffee than you can get elsewhere. The popularity of this beverage is partly due to the fact that it empowers the livelihoods of its local farmers by offering them fair wages. Moreover, the organic quality of the beverage motivates coffee addicts to pursue a healthy living style. All you need to do is to take one sip of this beverage and you will definitely keep ordering the coffee beans once you get home to quench your undying thirst for Canadian organic coffee.

Maple Syrup

You might wonder what’s so special about Canadian maple syrup since every other country has the same. There is a massive difference between regular maple syrup and the kind produced in Canada. Not only does Canada have the maple leaf on its national flag, but it also is the largest maple syrup provider in the world. Quebec alone is known to produce more than 75 percent of the international supply. You will not put the knife down once you taste a plate of waffles with Canadian maple syrup.

When you visit Canada, do not spend your money on fast food restaurants. Instead, treat yourself to several scrumptious dishes of authentic Canadian food. These truly Canadian dishes and their unlimited variety will make you an eternal slave to Canada’s mouthwatering local cuisine.