American Proxy to access American Netflix other US Channels

When traveling away from the U.S you’ll want to be able to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, videos and songs from Netflix and other channels in the US such Pandora, Hulu, HBO, NBC and others. Unfortunately, most of these US channels are restricted in other countries and can only be accessed while inside the U.S. Fortunately for you, you can be able to bypass these restrictions and access your favorite content from anywhere in the world using an American proxy or a virtual private network (VPN).

How to unblock US channels using proxies or VPNs

US channels that restrict viewing of content from regions outside the US make use of a technique known as Geo-blocking, where all IP addresses outside the US that attempt to gain access to the content are blocked. Using this technique, anyone logging into the channel gets locked out automatically once the IP address is detected to be from a foreign region. However, by using a virtual private network or a proxy, you can be able to bypass the Geo-blocking and access the content as if you are in the US.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) help to bypass the restrictions by encrypting all the traffic on your device, including the IP address thus making it impossible to track it. The VPN will also offer you a unique IP address that is displayed in place of the real one. The unique IP address makes your device appear as if it is located in another place (in this case the U.S), thus fooling anyone attempting to track the location of your connection. Therefore, when you are browsing on your device using the VPN, you can be able to access Netflix and any other American channel using the unique IP address.

A proxy also works on a similar principle, but in this case only reroutes your traffic and IP address through a proxy server located in an area of your choosing (in this case US). This allows you to access any content online without revealing your actual location. A good example of an American proxy you can use to bypass geographical restrictions is the Smart DNS Proxy.

About Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy is a proxy service that reroutes the traffic from your computer through proxy servers located in various places across the world, allowing you to bypass Geo-restrictions and access website and content channels that have been blocked from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using Smart DNS Proxy

1) It provides a secure and anonymous connection – Smart DNS Proxy uses servers that are encrypted and does not keep logs of any queries. This ensures that all your internet activity when using the service remains anonymous

2) Faster connection – Unlike most VPNs and proxy services, Smart DNS Proxy only reroutes traffic that can be used to identify your device location. This helps to ensure that you enjoy a faster connection.

3) Easy set-up – setting up Smart DNS Proxy connection is very simple. You only need to change the DNS IP address of your device and replace it with that provided by the Smart DNS Proxy to establish a connection.

4) Multiple websites support – Smart DNS Proxy service can be used to unblock hundreds of websites and content channels that restrict content based on the geographical region.

5) It can be used with a several types of devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other internet capable devices.


Both virtual private networks and proxy services are very helpful when it comes to bypassing geographical restrictions placed by most US channels. Acquiring one of before traveling on an international trip can help to ensure that you are able to access your favorite content.

Tips for getting yourself fit and looking good in time for your holiday

Flaunting can be daunting

We all want to look good on holiday, especially if we’re going somewhere super hot with glorious beaches to sunbathe on. Plus, we all want to be proud of our holiday snaps that we’ll inevitably show off to our friends or post on social networking sites. If you need to get fit for your trip, don’t fret; here are some quick tips for getting in shape and looking good for your vacation.

When to begin?

When to being your fitness regime largely depends on when your holiday is and how much weight you’d actually like to lose. For instance, if you only want to shed a few pounds, then a month is an achievable goal as you could potentially lose 1-2 pounds per week. Obviously, the more weight you want to lose, the more time you’ll need to do it in, so, with that logic, it would be best to start as soon as possible with no excuses. Time, like weight, has a habit of creeping up on us faster than we might think.

Remembering what’s achievable

Be realistic in what you can achieve, setting yourself impracticable targets sets you up for failure and will make you feel like a loser even if you’re physically losing the pounds. Don’t fall for quick fixes; crash diets are called crash diets for a reason, they might work fast but once you stop, it all comes crashing down again. Any weight you lose during your diet will soon be gained back once you start eating bigger portions once more. Finally, don’t forget that many of the bikini bodies we see in magazines are retouched and manipulated. Be proud of what you’re blessed with and work with it, not against it. Don’t put your body through unnecessary stress for some passing fad.

Nice to eat you

Introduce your body to good, healthy food. Nutrition and eating well is essentially the first step in getting fit in time for your holiday. Those precious months, weeks and days in the lead up to your trip are key if you want to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself. In this period, it’s also crucial to figure out what exactly it is that you want from your meals. For example, if you want to lose weight then low calorie choices are the way forward, which means no more snacks high in carbohydrates or saturated fats. Eat fruit instead of sugary desserts. Go easy on breads and pastas. Cut out alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Maybe you want to gain some muscle mass and get lean? In this case, you’ll need to consume high protein foods like eggs and fish to buff up. Most of all, try not to associate healthy foods with negativity or deprivation; if you feel like you’re missing out then you’re more likely to end up going on a binge and develop a resentful relationship with what’s on your plate.

Working out the best ways to work out

Regularly moving your body teamed with eating healthily is essential for long-term well-being. However, sometimes exercising can feel like a slog, we don’t always want to and at times it can seem like an uphill battle, literally, in some cases. When you’re hitting a wall with your regime, why not incorporate some fun activities to shake things up? You could take up dancing classes or, better still, an activity that you may engage in during your holiday such as a water-sport like surfing? Not only can you show off your fit body but also your newly acquired skills!

Most importantly, do things right. Whatever exercise regime you follow, educate yourself on how to do it both correctly and safely. Make sure you’re using the right equipment; if you join a gym, ensure an instructor guides you on how to use the machinery, if you’ve taken up running, wear the right gear, like copper compression. Indeed, Tommie Copper compression socks and sleeves are ideal for support and pain relief.

Without the right knowledge or equipment, you could end up with an injury that could potentially ruin your entire holiday.

When you reach your destination

Lastly, remember to treat yourself; if you’ve lost a few of pounds, reward yourself with something for your upcoming holiday. What about a new pair of sunglasses or a haircut to make you feel confident and compensated for your efforts? Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself when you finally reach your holiday destination or, your goal weight destination; enjoy it, feel confident and relax on your break!

How High-End Style Has Transformed Self-Catering

For many years, self-catering and holiday rentals were associated with budget travel. Providing a bolt-hole for groups of adventurers, holiday homes were primarily a place to sleep and cook, functional spaces from which you headed out and about. Of course, there is still a market for this. Budget travellers will always consider accommodation as a necessary but purely incidental part of their explorations, with price and functionality coming first. Another group of travellers, who may have previously been more inclined towards hotels, are beginning to be drawn by the stylish and luxurious surroundings of a new breed of high-end holiday homes.

With even middle range hotels making the particular experience they offer an integral part of people’s holidays – creating an atmosphere through interior design, culture and service – it makes sense that the holiday home and self-catering industry would go this way too. The exclusive luxury holiday homes provided by companies such as The Hideaways Club even offer cleaning and concierge services, reflecting the convenience of a hotel but with more freedom to treat the accommodation as a home. This gives people the opportunity to become immersed in a lifestyle, rather than simply being on holiday.

For those whom the accommodation is very much part of the holiday experience, some holiday homes are so distinct that they could become the main attraction for choosing that location in the first place. This is evident in extraordinary holiday rentals in the form of treehouses, gypsy caravans, converted railway carriages and many others. Here people can experience unique culture, exceptional architecture and idiosyncratic interior design without even stepping outside their front door. This reflects people’s desire for authentic, unusual experiences, with designers and holiday park owners looking for ever more creative ways to catch people’s attention.

Extraordinary attention to detail is paid in these spaces to create the atmosphere which people are buying into. Seaside locations, for example, tend to look like how people would picture their ideal life by the sea, while the interior design of an Italian villa conveys a beautiful life led enjoying wine and sunshine. Far from only being a base from which to explore the charms of a holiday destination, these homes need to speak to the fantasies people have about the area, becoming an intrinsic part of the experience.

There appears to be a desire in the high-end yet rustic style of these holiday homes, from shepherd’s huts to rentable castles, for an original experience as far away from the everyday as possible – although somehow still entrenched in it. While hotels offer an escape and a break from real life, holiday homes such as these let you experience a romantic and magical alternative life instead. Whether you’re playing out childhood dreams in a fairy-tale treehouse or relaxing in the luxury of a French chateau, holiday homes are no longer simple accommodation, but places to feed your imagination.

Sri Lanka: 10 Things to Do on a Family Holiday

Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a major tourist destination. With ecotourism adventures, a wide variety of things to do and see, and the government’s involvement in creating a sustainable tourism industry this is one place that you must experience on a family holiday.

1. Work with the Elephants: These elephants have been offered placed in a sanctuary and no longer are forced to work. They are not chained up and are allowed to roam freely. You can help maintain their living quarters, work in the gardens that grow their food and help them wash in the river. You can also help wash them in the river and play games with them to help socialize them.

2. Dambulla Cave Temple: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must when on a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka. This Buddhist Temple is spread over five caves and contains paintings and statues pertaining to Gautama Buddha’s journey through life.

3. Join a Bicycle Tour: A diverse bike ride that takes you from the west coast beach past rich cultural heritage deep into the rain forest where you can interact with monks. Continue your journey to Kandy where you will see tea plantations and botanical gardens before ending your ride at the rock fortress of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa.

4. Bundala National Park: This is a must for bird watchers of all ages. This wetland sanctuary covers 62km and over 150 species visit here. If you arrive between January and July you may also get to witness sea turtles (olive ridley, green, leatherback and loggerhead) lay their eggs on the coast.

5. Arugam Bay: This area is considered by many to be the best place for surfing in the country. If you want to spend your days relaxing on beautiful beaches, sleeping in hammocks, playing in the water and eating in restaurants by the ocean this is the place for you.

6. Safari in Uda Walawe National Park: Take a safari and see: sambar deer, elephants, wild buffalo, crocodiles, water monitor lizards, sloth bears, mongooses, jackals, and maybe even a leopard. There are also more than 200 kinds of birds and 30 varieties of snakes to watch out for.

7. Anuradhapura Temple: The ruins of Anuradhapura are a combination of archaeological and architectural wonders. There are huge dagobas, statuesque brick towers, pools and ancient temples. It was built during Anuradhapura’s 1000 years of rule over Sri Lanka and several of the sacred sites are still used by worshippers today

8. Stay in a Treehouse: Saraii Village has been rated or as one of the top ten in tree house experiences in the world by Trip Advisor. Their luxurious tree houses, and mud huts, are naturally cooled by the canopy of the 1000 trees that they are surrounded by.

9. Experience life in a village: Visit a coconut plantation, tour through rice paddies, visit farmhouses and visit vegetable farms. You may even get your hands dirty and plant something yourself. The best way to experience this is to book through a Sri Lanka tour specialist.

10. Visit the beautiful beaches: This small island is known for its beaches. Experience the beach vibe that is perfect for you by finding the perfect beach for parties, the perfect beach for soaking up the rays and swimming, and the perfect beach for water sports. Explore these beaches that range from golden to white sand and enjoy your holiday!

Man vs. Machine: Song Lyric Conundrums that will Make you “LOL”

Are you the king (or queen) of karaoke? If not, you likely know someone who is. You know the type – someone who can turn anything into a microphone and love showing off their vocal abilities (even when they are non-existent). Well, there is one thing for sure – even if their pitch, tone and compete sound is somewhat off, they got the word’s down-pact.

Have you ever wondered why this may be? According to some, there is a human element involved with listening to and singing music. Your brain is able to fill in words, phrases and even syllables that the ears may miss in a song. Need proof? Consider the information included here, where two professional transcriptions took on Watson – IBM’s super computer.

Each of the transcriptionists and Watson were asked to transcribe the lyrics to songs they had never heard. There were a number of contenders and one thing was clear –
Watson needs to brush up on its modern music knowledge!

In every instance of the song, the transcriptionists were able to get the lyrics perfect, while Watson made quite a mess of a few. For example, in the Van Halen tune “Runnin’ With the Devil,” the transcriptionist perfectly transcribed the line “beg or borrow,” and Watson had a slightly different version, “live n.n.. Please start.” In this version the meaning of the song is, well…lost.

Another example, was with Elton John’s classic “Tiny Dancer.” While the transcriptionist typed, “Seamstress for the band,” with no mistakes, missing words or errors, Watson heard, “Seamstress for the man.” In this lyric alone, Watson omitted three words and made eight errors total.

This helps to illustrate the power of the human brain. Even though the transcriptionists swore to have never heard the songs before, they still managed to get every, single word right. This is quite a feat considering a few bands, such as Van Halen, can be somewhat difficult to understand. However, due to the ability to think about what would logically come next, the human’s out-lyriced Watson – by a significant margin.

The fact is, the entire study was done to develop a few mondegreens, you know the funny misheard song lyrics that are floating around the internet. However, thanks to the skills of the transcriptionists, this simply wasn’t in the cards. Watson, well, he was a bit too random with his renditions, which was more confusing than funny.

Guess Who's Better at Figuring Out Song Lyrics

6 of the World’s Best Walks to Take on in 2016

What better way is there to escape from the day to day boredom of your mostly sedentary and routine life than taking a walking trip? Leave your phone at home, step away from the keyboard and head out into the world to explore!

Take a trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. There are different packages that offer accommodations, guides, cooks, and porters, at an all-inclusive price. Make sure you begin training for the climb at least eight weeks in advance. A program that includes aerobic training, weightlifting, and endurance training is best. Make sure that your boots are broken in so that you don’t get blisters or suffer any other discomfort. The views you will experience as you break through the clouds are fantastic and the sense of euphoria you experience upon completing the journey is like no other feeling in the world.

Trekking in Tibet is an amazing adventure that you will always cherish. Tibet is set in a plateau that is surrounded by some of the world’s tallest mountain ranges. Wind your way through paths lined with Buddhist monasteries, forests, stunning views of the Himalayans, and one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet. Try to catch a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard in all of its beauty. Experience the rich culture of Tibet and get to know its friendly people.

The Inca trail is located in the Andes in Peru and it is a must for explorers. It is made up of three intersecting trails Classic, One Day, and Mollepata that wind their way up to the famous Sun Gate on Machu Picchu Mountain. Walk past Incan ruins, settlements, tunnels and architectural grandeur before ending up at this world famous spot that is rich in intrigue, romance and history. Advance booking is mandatory as they only allow a certain number of hikers on the trail at a time. The trail is closed in February for cleaning and maintenance.

Explore the stunning south west coast of England on The Southwest Path. The 1008km journey begins in Poole Harbour and travels along the south coasts of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall to Land’s. You can choose the distance that you wish to travel and enjoy some of the most spectacular rugged coastal scenery in the world.

Travel along the 160km route where the Wall used to stand on The Berlin Wall Trail. In most areas it runs along the former patrol road that the customs officers in West Germany used to patrol daily. Wind your way past the monuments of the people who lost their lives trying to escape; remains of the old wall, and other sights of interest that are sure to intrigue any adventurer. Walking holidays in Germany are well marked with signs, plaques with interesting facts on them, and what to watch out for. This trail dedicated to preserving the history of the cold war era is something all adventurers must experience.

When it comes to walking holidays, Spain offers something for walkers of all abilities. Ranging from gentle strolls across the Catalonian coastline, to challenging trail hikes in the Pyreness. Also thanks to the climates of Andalucia, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, Spain is suited to walking holidays all year round. The Asturias offer a challenge with the magnificent Picos de Europa range, which is a haven for wonderful wildlife.

5 Holidays to Go Off the Beaten Path in 2016

The time has come to plan your vacation for 2016. Before you think about going to one of the popular places during the peak time think about how you want to spend your vacation. Do you want to spend it standing in lines with strangers? Do you want to wait forty-five minutes following a long queue to see a painting that looks similar to the hundred others that you have already seen? Why not consider travelling to a less popular place this year and get off the beaten path?

Russia is an exciting place to visit. It is the world’s largest country and its landscape varies from subtropical beaches to forests and tundra. It is full of diverse culture and many things to see and do. Moscow is the capital city and the world famous architecture is sure to astound you. The brightly coloured onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral are reminiscent of the Faberge eggs that Russia is also famous for. You can see some of these breathtaking eggs on display at the Kremlin Armoury museum. Consider taking one of the many available river cruises or take a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway to explore this exiting country. A luxury vacation in Russia will prove to be a memorable experience.

Croatia is an exciting place for tourists to visit. The walled city of Dubrovnik nestled on the coast is just one of the glorious sites to visit, Split is also a very popular travel destination. The country has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites and its architecture spans many centuries including buildings from the Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. It also has many beautiful natural settings like lakes, hiking trails, and beaches.

Visit Mongolia this year for an escape from the ordinary. The country offers up many things for nature lovers to explore. The Gobi desert, the grasslands, and the many lakes, rivers and mountains are a stunning sight for visitors to the area. Go hiking, ride a camel, take a yak caravan, or join an overland motorcycle tour to visit this beautiful country that was the birthplace of the mighty Genghis Khan.

Many do not consider Iran when they are planning their next vacation but it offers up some very rewarding experiences for those who visit. The infrastructure has recovered from the early 2000’s and they plan to spend a lot of money promoting tourism in the next five years. Going on a luxury tour in Iran is a real possibility, it has a varied landscape including a mountainous region that is great for skiing and hiking and beautiful beaches on the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. The most visited areas are Isfahan, Mashhad and Shiraz and Kish Island and there are many archeological sites, beautiful architecture, and art that are sure to please visiting tourists.

Iceland offers up many spectacular sights for tourists. Consider renting a car to tour this beautiful country with the lowest population density in Europe. Explore the capital city of Reykjavík that is known for its late night bars and restaurants and its stunning views of the sea and hills. Explore the Viking history; visit the spectacular scenery that the volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, and geysers offer up. Don’t miss the Northern Lights for a sight that is sure to please visitors of all ages.

7 of the Most Incredible Resorts to Try this Year

There are hundreds of excellent resorts around the world for all types of travelers including singles, couples and families. These are seven of the best to check out in 2016.

1. Ambassador in Paradise – Boracay, Philippines
The Ambassador of Paradise can be found on the small, inviting island of Boracay in the Philippines. This friendly five-star resort consists of 50 suites and rooms and sits in a tranquil area of Boat Station 1 beach. There are half a dozen different classes of rooms/suites which all come with top-class amenities, balconies, butler service and free shuttle to anywhere on Boracay. The beachside Ambassador of Paradise resort is a stone’s throw from the island’s top restaurants and shopping centres and also has its own upscale dining area. In addition, free Wi-Fi is provided along with a hot tub and swimming pool.

For more information visit:

2. Milos M1-Greece
The Milos M1 resort in Greece is an ideal vacation rental for groups of eight to 12 people. This unique cliff-top villa provides amazing views from its island location and offers plenty to see and do in the surrounding area. Guests at the Milos M1 resort are offered direct access to a private beach while the multi-bedroom and bathroom rooms suite come with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Daily cleaning is provided and there’s also a swimming pool for guests.

For more information visit:

3. Elbow Beach Resort-Bermuda
The small, colourful island of Bermuda is an ideal holiday spot at anytime of the year with the Elbow Beach Resort being one of its most popular locations. The resort is situated on 50 beautiful acres next to the soft sandy beach and amazing coral reefs. The family-friendly location provides babysitting services, a kids’ camp, and daily activities. The balconied suites come with spas and stunning ocean views and provide easy access to a swimming pool and private pink-sand beach. Water sports equipment can be found here and the Venetian private yacht can be hired. In addition, you’ll find an honour bar, fitness room, recreation lounge, library, pool table, horseback riding, trails, tennis courts and scooter rentals.

For more information visit:

4. Penina Hotel & Golf Resort-Portugal
The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort, which lies in Portugal’s sunny Algarve region near the town of charming Portimao, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016. The five-star luxury resort is deal for both golf and beach lovers as it sits inside of 360 acres of natural beauty with the ocean just a short trip away. The resort is home to three separate courses including the first 18-hole championship course in the area. The resort offers bed and breakfast suites, golf tournaments, the Blue Lounge, the Kangaroo Kids Club, children’s amenities and activities, and the Le Grill Restaurant.

For more information visit:

5. Amansara Resort-Cambodia
The Villa Princiere belonged to Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk back in 1962 and the property has now been reborn as the Amansara resort in the community of Siem Reap. This location features two dozen suites with 12 of them having their own private swimming pool. Guides are available to take guests to nearby ancient sites such as Angkor Wat. The open-plan suites offer splendid views as they’re outfitted with floor-to-ceiling glass doors which lead to the colourful gardens. Guests will also find luxurious spa treatments and dining on site.

For more information visit:

6. Gora Kadan-Japan
The Gora Kadan resort is located close to Japan’s Mount Fuji in the gorgeous town of Hakone. This elegant Ryokan used to be the imperial family’s summer residence and now provides 37 rooms that come with sliding glass doors which lead to gorgeous Zen-like gardens. Gora Kadan also features open air hot-spring baths, multi-course kaiseki dinners, an on-site spa, hot tubs, swimming pool, exercise room and sauna. The resort is the ideal place to combine modern design elements with ancient Japanese traditions.

For more information visit:

7. St. Regis Princeville Resort-Kauai, Hawaii
Guests to the St. Regis Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii will see some of the most fascinating views in all of North America. The north-shore complex is home to 251 rooms/suites and sits on a cliff overlooking Hanalei Bay. The five-star retreat offers luxury, but still maintains a laid-back, local vibe. The resort lies in the 9,000-acre community of Princeville in Hanalei and provides fine dining, dinners shows, a swimming pool, athletic centre, spa, golfing, yoga, and numerous other activities. The St. Regis Princeville Resort is also ideal for meetings and tropical weddings.

For more information visit:

5 Affordable Luxury Breaks for 2016

You have worked hard for your money and you would like to take a vacation steeped in luxury that won’t break your savings account. Luxury doesn’t always mean a five star hotel. There are plenty of websites that offer up really nice accommodations for rent by owners like villas, apartments, and guesthouses. Sometimes it could also mean an indulgence that elevates the ordinary to luxurious. Do a bit of research before you leave and find out the best luxury for your budget. These five destinations offer up some fantastic places that will allow you to relax in style without going over your budget.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has many luxury destinations that won’t break the bank. Ecotourism is big here and there are many places where you can get back to nature with all of the comforts of home. There are pristine beaches that offer luxury villas, lovely guesthouses in villages, treehouses in the middle of a forest, and many other options. Explore the tea plantations, wander through ancient Buddhist and Hindu monuments, explore a rainforest, work with elephants, or go on safari where you can see hundreds of different kinds of animals, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Meander through the ancient country of Greece. There economy is still recovering so foreign currency can go pretty far here right now. This country has hundreds of ruins and artifacts that you can visit. Make sure you see the Acropolis citadel, and the Parthenon temple. Be sure to visit at least one of the glorious beaches and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Consider renting a villa on a hillside, or an apartment in a city instead of staying in a hotel. Alternatively there are a number of cheap boutique hotels you can pick from. Enjoy yourself by taking advantage of the wonderful food and wine that this area has to offer.

Consider a luxury river cruise down the Rhine, a golfing vacation, or a bicycle tour that stays in charming bed and breakfasts or villas that are sure to please. You can also choose to sit back and let someone else do the driving and join a luxury bus tour. No matter what you decide on your journey through this historical country steeped in culture, beautiful scenery, wineries, you will find the luxury that your budget allows.

From the luxury tents of northern Rajasthan, to the affordable five star hotels of Delhi and Mumbai, to the luxury houseboats of Kerala in the southwest; India has many luxurious options for budget travellers. Explore the 5000 years of history that this country has to offer and soak up the cultural differences like architecture, food, religion, and language that vary from state to state.

There are so many things to do in France. Rent an apartment in Paris and take cooking lessons with world-renowned chefs. France is also a very accessible country due to great transport links, and great luxury holiday deals can be found to sweeten the deal. Make sure you visit The Louvre and see the many years of fantastic art all in one building. You can stay in a castle in the Champagne region, and sample the long-standing tradition of this sparkling nectar, or go on a ski trip and ski down some of the most famous runs in the world.

3 Incredible European Family Holidays to Try in 2016

The Christmas decorations have all been put away and the house is finally back to normal. The time has arrived to begin planning your family holidays for 2016. Make an escape to Europe this year and try out these three incredible family holidays.

Italy is a lovely place to experience with your family. It is full of some of the world’s most beautiful art by artists like by Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo da Vinci. It is also home to buildings built by some of the world’s most renowned architects. It offers some of the world’s best beaches and it is known worldwide for its fabulous food and wine. Experience Venice and take a gondola ride down one of its many famous canals. Stop in Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican City and then spend a day soaking up the sun on the beach. As a country, Italy is ideal for family holidays. Travel through the beautiful Tuscany Countryside and visit the olive gardens and sample the fine wines at the vineyards or stay on a farm and help harvest grapes or olives.

The Greek islands offer up some of the finest beaches in the world, unique heritage sites and ruins, and some of the finest food on the planet. Santorini, Mikonos, Rhodes, and Corfu Island are just a few of the places you can travel to on this 7500 km stretch of 6000 islands. Wake up each morning to the stunning coastline of the Aegean Sea, and spend your day enjoying water sports with your family like snorkeling, water skiing, and swimming. You can also just spend the day lying on one of the many sandy, pebble, or rock beaches in the sun or by the pool in one of the many beautiful villas. Spend a day or two chartering a boat and explore the coastline and some of its beautiful rock formations from the sea. Be sure to try out the unique foods that each area is known for and taste the freshly caught exquisitely prepared seafood.

Spain is a fantastic place to take your family to this year and there are so many things to do and see. You can relax to one of the many beach resorts, take a golf vacation, or play water sports. You can also visit one of the major cities and see the rich cultural heritage that Spain has to offer. Madrid is the capital city and it is a great place to start your journey through Spain. Make sure you walk around and check out some of the many outdoor sculptures and the beautiful parks. You can travel to Barcelona and visit the wonder architecture of Antoni Gaudi, or take in the paintings of Picasso at the Picasso Museum. Barcelona beach has been voted one of the top ten city beaches in the world and it is a great place to catch some rays and people watch. Make sure to try the world famous Paella (a rice and seafood dish) and sample some fine Spanish wine on your trip through this wonderful country.