Student gap year travels checklist

The time has finally come, after years of hard work to get through school; you now have a year off before it all starts again at University!

Of course, like many who take a gap year, you plan to travel and see the world before you head back to education and you’re probably dreaming of skydiving, elephant treks and exotic beaches. But before you start counting down the days there are a few things you need to ensure you have organised.

You don’t want to get half way round the world, and within the first week of a seven month trip realise you have forgotten something vital! So, here is a checklist, to make sure you don’t forget anything ahead of your dream trip:

Make sure your have the right documents
You won’t get very far without these! First, check your passport is in date, and that it will be for your entire journey. If you are visiting America, as part of your trip for example, you will need 6 months (at least) left on your passport when you are there.

As well as ensuring you have all your tickets, flight and hotel documents and travel insurance, make sure you have checked whether the countries you are visiting require a visa and that you have applied for these in plenty of time. File all your documents in the order you will need them, to keep everything safe (make copies just to be sure) and organised.

Plan your finances
First of all work out how much money you have for your trip and then budget it. There would be nothing worse than having to come home before the end because you have no money left!

Likewise you need to keep it safe, because you could end up in the same situation if it gets stolen. A prepaid card can be loaded up with sterling before you leave and then used wherever your travels take you. This way you avoid expensive foreign transaction charges and won’t need to carry around loads of cash.

Get your jabs
Make sure you have all the required medical jabs and tablets before you embark on your trip. This may involve vaccination injections or malaria tablets, which you need to get well before you start your trip.

If you check with your practice nurse they will let you know what you need and when you need it. But there are certain timescales to adhere to, so find out early!

Store your personal items
You may be heading to University soon after you return and you don’t want to have packing up and transporting your belongings on your mind. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack them up in advance and then use a service such as Kelly’s Student Storage that will collect, store and redeliver your items when you need them!

Pack your rucksack!
Get yourself a decent travel rucksack (no suitcases) then make a list of the essential things you will need. Travelling for a long period of time can be difficult to pack for. But don’t forget you can pick bits up along the way, probably much cheaper, so don’t over pack!

Remember this bag will be on your back, and you don’t really need six pairs of shoes that will only make it heavier! Some of the key things you may want to pack include: a basic first aid kit, sun tan lotion, mosquito repellent, a sleeping bag liner, plug adapter, camera, flip flops, swimwear, cheap clothes and locks – just to name a few!

Book your first nights accommodation
You may plan to book accommodation as you go, but make sure you have at least booked the first night! The last thing you want to do in a strange place, after a long plane ride, is walk the streets trying to find a cheap bed!

And now you know what you should be planning for, you can start counting down the days till you jet off!

Hipmunk City Love: Explore Baltimore

Hip, historic, and diverse, Baltimore is ripe for travelers seeking a unique experience in a classic American city. The side-by-side neighborhoods of Inner Harbor and Fell’s Point embody Charm City’s fusion of historical waterfront culture and modern-day urbanism. Strap on your favorite walking shoes and plan to be out and about from approximately 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.50.56 AM

Start your day at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), one of the nation’s most unique art attractions. The museum defines visionaries as “artists [who] don’t listen to anyone else’s traditions. They invent their own.” To that end, the museum’s collection—more than 4,000 pieces and counting—features some of the quirkiest, most unusual art around. Strike your most visionary pose outside the museum (photography isn’t allowed indoors) and tweet it to Hipmunk @thehipmunk!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.51.02 AM

Return to the great outdoors and walk to historic Federal Hill Park, from which you’ll enjoy what is arguably the best view of Inner Harbor. The site was home to Maryland’s ratification of the U.S Constitution and served as a defensive stronghold during both the War of 1812 and the Civil War. A public park since 1880, Federal Hill now features a basketball court, athletic field, beach volleyball courts, and a children’s playground in lieu of functioning canons. Take a picture of Inner Harbor from the hill and tag #thehipmunk on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.51.08 AM

Stroll down the hill and through Baltimore’s popular Inner Harbor, which features waterfront views and is a goldmine for shoppers. Continue on to the Lord Baltimore Hotel, and take a rest in your room (or the lobby) in preparation for the evening ahead. Originally built in 1928, the sleekly designed Lord Baltimore is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was visited by many of history’s luminaries, including Martin Luther King, Jr. What celebrity do you wish would show up during your stay? Tell us on Facebook by tagging @thehipmunk!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.51.15 AM

Get ready to take a very unusual form of transportation to dinner. The Baltimore Water Taxi has conveyed tourists, commuters, and locals across the waterfront for more than 35 years—to the tune of thousands of riders per day. Enjoy the sites (and the breeze) while motoring to nearby Fell’s Point. Take a windswept photo and tweet it to us @thehipmunk!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.51.21 AM

Even if you got a little seasick, the trip will be well worth it once you arrive for dinner at The Horse You Came In On Saloon, which boasts an absurd number of claims to fame. Established in 1775, “The Horse” is Baltimore’s oldest saloon, the only bar in Maryland to exist before, during,and after prohibition, and America’s oldest continually operating saloon. Not only that, but it’s the last place author Edgar Allen Poe was seen before his mysterious death. Take a picture of your meal (or your giant margarita) and tag #thehipmunk on Instagram!

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Pack Your Bags to… Madrid

If you’re after a city break that will promise you the ultimate in nightlife, then look no further than Madrid. While Spain is famous for its late night revelry the country over, its capital scoops the crown, boasting the award for the city with the most bars per capita than anywhere else in the world. In fact, Ernest Hemingway famously said of its after dark culture that, “Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night.” But it’s not all partying and dancing until dawn; you won’t be stuck for attractions, fine art and spectacular food. With a plethora of holiday villas to pick from, Madrid offers some of the most varied holiday lettings Spain has going, getting any Iberian travel plan off to flying start. As for the basics? Let us give you a few pointers.

Things to do

Hire a bike and whizz along the banks of the Madrid Rio, taking in the bustling community in the recently regenerated Manzanares region. Here, locals and visitors alike hang out on basketball courts and the beach area (which is actually more grassy than sandy), enjoying the laid back mañana vibe particular to Spain.

Get highbrow at the Museo del Prado, Europe’s largest art gallery and museum. Expect to be dazzled by dozen of paintings by the likes of Goya and Velåzquez amongst hundreds of others. You can’t truly say you’ve been to Spain until you’ve experienced its extraordinary contributions to art.

Share a meal with a local around their kitchen table. Mealsharing is a great way to permeate the skin of a country by dining with the residents, who happily cook up the best of Spanish cuisine. Get in on what and where Madriñelos do and go while making a few new friends along the way.

Best time to go

There’s really no need to plan a trip to Madrid around a particular date in the calendar: this city is alive 365 days of the year. However, temperatures soar during summer months to near on unbearable, and August is famously known as the month where urban Spain shuts up shop and heads out to the countryside and coast for reprieve. Equally, it can get pretty bitter during winter, so aim to visit Madrid either during springtime – March to May – or autumn, September to November.

Top 3 Hipster districts to visit

La Latina: Like the name suggests, Madrid’s Latin quarter makes up part of the city’s oldest districts. And despite its age, there’s no ignoring the young and energetic buzz to this area. Crammed full of cool shops as well as bars, vintage lovers will love La Latina: there are loads of vintage clothes shops that stay open until well into the night.

Malasaña: A firm good time go-to of Madrid, the Malasaña district is a long-standing favourite amongst the hip party set in the city. You’ll find a wealth of great bars, restaurants and hangouts here.

Chueca: For the trend-conscious foodie, this is the area for you. Chueca is known for its awesome food markets and coffee shops. With that comes a raft of eateries, so this is definitely the place for meet ups and catch-ups with friends.

Insider locations to dine and hangout

To be fair, dining and hanging out is something most of Spain does better than anyone else in the world. But for a few tips on the best places to do this, we’ve got a few tips…

Edificio Escuelas Pias (UNED), Calle Tribulete, 14, 4a Planta, 28012
+34 915 29 25 94
This rooftop hangout is super popular among Madriñelos and is possibly the number one spot to enjoy views of the setting sun over a beer. The contemporary Spanish menu is also a must.

Casa Gonzalez
Calle Leon, 12, 28014
+34 914 29 56 18
Made famous by Woody Allen, this superb tapas bar has been family owned and run since opening in 1931. Spanish cuisine at its most authentic.

Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005
+34 913 66 42 17
Dating back to the early 18th century, Botin is the world’s oldest restaurant. Its menu is hearty: try some of its famous whole oven cooked pig for the real deal.


Fatigas del Querer
Calle de la Cruz, 17, 28012
+34 915 23 21 31
If you can squeeze your way into this quintessentially Madrid bar, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with hundreds of locals. Always a good sign that the beer’s cold and the wine list extensive!

La Venencia
Calle de Echegaray, 7, 28014
+34 914 29 73 13
This was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bar in Madrid, and the preferred watering hole amongst the resistance during the civil war. A must for lovers of history.

La Taberna de Mister Pinkleton
Calle Chuchilleros, 7, 28005
+34 913 64 02 63
You’ll find traditional Flamenco here every night of the week, alongside one of Madrid’d longest wine lists.

Great things to do In Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and receives millions of guests from all corners of the planet. There is much more to this island than just its famous beach life, from numerous fascinating sites to ancient architectural wonders. Below, you will find some of the best things to do in Crete, Greece.

A visit to the Aquaworld Aquarium & reptile rescue centre

This lovely place located in Hersonissos is a complete delight. All the animals in this centre have been rescued from different difficult situations and are lovingly cared by the staff and the owners.
You will be able to see a wide range of interesting reptiles and marine. You can hold snakes and lizards and see giant tortoises and large iguanas. The Dmitri octopus (which opens a jar to get its lunch) and giant pythons roam freely around your feet.

The staff is lovely and very knowledgeable while the animals are amazing. If you check around the animals’ eating time, you will be assured of some great, unforgettable moments.

A drive to the Arkadi Monastery

It is a great drive up a very twisty road to get to one of Greece’s most important monasteries. In early 1866, thousands of Cretans were killed on this monastery by invading Turkish forces. Among the killed included Cretan resistance fighters and the monastery has become a symbol of Cretans’ struggle for independence.

Ensure you don’t miss on the Ossuary, where the bones and skulls of those killed during the massacre are preserved. There is also a small museum on the monastery that houses some historic items, including the sacred banner. The roofless Gunpower magazine on the end of the courtyard is where this historic holocaust took place. The Venetian Church is other great feature that somehow managed to survive the attack of the Turks despite the fact that it was set on fire.

A visit to the Agios Nikolas

Agios Nikolas is the prettiest and most popular town in Crete. This is so as it is amazingly located on the Mirabello gulf, still retains some of its earliest mansion buildings, has a spectacular fishing harbor and an inner harbor which is a lake: Lake Voulismeni. All these attractions make the town one the busiest places on the island.

The harbor is lined with bars, cafes, tavernas and shops. At the end of the western marina is the church of Panagia Vrefotrofou that dates back to the 11th century. Lake Voulismeni, which acts as the inner harbor, is also known as the bottomless lake because it is very deep. The Great Archeological museum has a number of Minoan sites to call on.

A day in Milia

There are some great deals in Milia (like this one from Holiday Hypermarket) that makes a visit to Crete incomplete without a day or two in the place.

The Milia beach with its crystal clear waters and fine, white sand is considered the finest beach in Crete. Quad bikes are fun and offer a great way to explore the numerous amazing sites of Milia. The jeep adventures is the best way to make your holiday very exciting as they give you an opportunity to visit cafes, explore the Cretan mountains and experience first hand local life with brand new land rover jeeps.
The Milia palace is the third largest palace in Milia. It was first built in 1900BC but was later destroyed by an earthquake only to be rebuilt in 1650 BC. It is less crowded and offer an amazing opportunity to wander through the ruins.

Visit the World’s First Venice

The Jewish Ghetto is a small island in the Cannaregio section of Venice, located among the maze of canals and waterways that crisscross Venice and just a short walk from the main train station and the famous Grand Canal. There are lots of nearby hotels within walking distance, such as the popular Hotel Antiche Figure.

Today Venice has a small Jewish population of about 500 people, and only a few dozen still live in ghetto, but it remains the religious and spiritual center of Jewish life in Venice. Remarkably, this tiny area is home to five synagogues, a museum, a yeshiva, a kosher restaurant, and a handful of shops, art galleries, and businesses. Tours of the unique synagogues are available through the museum.

The Jewish Museum of Venice provides a compelling overview of the ghetto’s history and offers guided tours of the synagogues and other significant buildings. The museum, founded in 1953, offers visitors a multifaceted perspective on the history of the city’s Jewish Community. Displays range from everyday objects of daily life to centuries-old books and manuscripts.

One section of the museum focuses on religion, and includes a collection of historic items used for religious purposes. Another section chronicles the history of Venetian Jews with images and historic objects. The museum also has an eclectic gift shop.

Another important site is the Renato Maestro Library and Archives, which houses more than 8,000 books. The collection also includes an archive of more than 2,500 rare Hebrew books, some dating back to the 16th century. The library can be visited by appointment, so plan in advance if you want to visit.

The most important site in the main square, on both sides of the Casa di Riposa home for the aged, is a Holocaust memorial. The memorial, designed by sculptor Arbit Blatas, underscores the Nazi brutality that topped off centuries of persecution. Two of the walls enclosing the square are topped with barbed wire and adorned with haunting bronze sculptures that bear witness to the horror. One is a bronze wall panel depicting the Last Train, and the other features bronze reliefs depicting the death of Venetian Jews at the hands of the Nazis. An Italian army guardhouse, which protects what is left of the Jewish Ghetto, is also part of an almost surreal scene.

Check out more options for Venice hotels.

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Hipmunk City Love: A Perfect Day in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, the capital of California, is about an hour-and-a-half drive from San Francisco, making it a perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

9 AM – Start your day at Sacramento’s Certified Farmers Market


Image via Trover by Alexandra Chang

Out of the 40 Certified Farmers Markets in California, the Sacramento region is home to the largest. A visit to the Farmers Market in Sacramento is a great way to experience the flavors of the region, so head over to the market bright and early. If you are visiting on Saturday, Davis Farmers Market, located just 20 minutes by train from Downtown Sacramento, is a popular spot for a breakfast picnic, complete with music and food booths.

11AM – Admire the Architecture and Peek Inside the California State Capitol


Image via Trover by Stephanie

A visit to the California State Capitol is free, so walk in and explore at your own pace. Tours of the Capitol offer visitors an insider’s look and are available between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Leave some time to stroll through the Capitol grounds and admire the beautiful trees, roses, and monuments in the park.

1PM – Immerse yourself in history at Sutter’s Fort


Image via Trover by TD Brat

A short bike ride or a leisurely stroll from the Capitol is Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, which captures the spirit of families who arrived in wagon trains in the early years of the California Gold Rush. You can walk around the interior of the fort and imagine what life was really like back in the mid-1800s.

3PM – Continue a Walk Down Memory Lane in Old Sacramento


Image via Trover by Carlos Castillo

Old Sacramento is a historical entertainment district, home to restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, shops, and hotels, but walking around Old Sacramento will undoubtedly remind you of the history that took place on these streets. Here you will find railroad excursions, horse carriages, and bike treks reminiscent of  the 1850s. Grab a bite to eat at one of the local cafes, like the Rio City Cafe, which offers riverfront seating with beautiful views of Old Sacramento.

5PM – Catch a Free Outdoor Concert in the Park


Image via

If you are visiting in the summer, catch a free outdoor concert from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday nights at Cesar Chavez Park. The city’s longest-running outdoor music festival, which has been around for over 20 years, attracts over 5,000 fans for a night of local bands, artists, and DJs.

7pm – Cheer on the Sacramento Kings  


Image via Trover by The Traveling Two

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings play basketball from October through April at the Sleep Train Arena, formerly known as the ARCO Arena. The Kings have grown in popularity over the years, and today attract over 16,000 spectators each game.

If you are vising in the summer, head over to Raley Field and spend a perfect summer evening at a River Cats baseball game. Be prepared for a night of beer, hot dogs, and popcorn, with a view of the golden Tower Bridge and the city’s skyline across the Sacramento River.

10pm – Finish off the night at one of Sacramento’s late night joints


Image via

INK Eats & Drinks is a midtown cultured American bistro that’s been a locals’ favorite late-night stop since 2003. INK offers well-portioned meals and specialty cocktails, like Blueberry Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie Martinis, both rimmed with a graham cracker crust. Open until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, INK is a perfect way to end your day in Sacramento.

Must Eat: Explore Sacramento’s Food Tours


Image via Local Roots Food Tours

Local Roots Food Tours are popular food tours running daily in Sacramento and featuring Northern California’s best restaurants and specialty food stores. The 3.5 hour guided tour will take you through the historic tree-lined streets of Sacramento and allow you to sample the creations of the talented chefs of the city’s off-the-beaten-path eateries.

Popular Hotels in Sacramento


Image via JDV Hotels

There are many great hotels in Sacramento from $47. The Citizen Hotel, a Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel in downtown Sacramento is considered one of the best options for its price, location, and rating, starting at around $209 a night. For more basic options, there are the Good Nite Inn SacramentoRodeway Inn Capitol or Motel 6 Sacramento West all with rates below $100 per night. Hostels and Airbnb options are also popular with savvy travelers.

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London’s Best Restaurants With a View

Like a silky bottle of wine, one of the perfect accompaniments to a great meal in London is a great view. Since there isn’t a glut of skyscrapers in London and even fewer restaurants situated in them, getting a table in one of the better high-flying restaurants can be a tall order. Of all the coveted tables, these are the best restaurants in London with views.

Angler – Angler is one of the finest seafood restaurants in the capital, situated on the seventh floor of the South Place Hotel with excellent vistas out onto Tower 42 and The Heron Tower. Tony Fleming’s Michelin-starred cuisine is nothing short of excellent.


Aqua Hutong – Stave off hunger with smouldering northern Chinese cuisine at Hutong, perched on the 33rd level of The Shard. If the Red Lantern, a crisp soft-shell crab immersed in a basket of eye-poppingly cerise Sichuan chillies, doesn’t put fire in your belly, you may want to check your pulse.


Babylon at The Roof Gardens – The West comes up short when it comes to skyscrapers, but Babylon at The Roof Gardens, a High Street Kensington stalwart, has attracted attractive groups of diners and dancers for over a decade. Nestled one hundred feet up in a verdant urban oasis, it does its name justice.


City Social – For an eclectic grill menu a cut above the rest, head to Jason Atherton’s restaurant on the 24th floor of the NatWest Tower. The dining room has been given a classic art deco treatment that would instantly put Don Draper at ease. The food, which earned a Michelin star, has Atherton’s special brand of perfectionism written all over it.

Galvin at Windows – Galvin at Windows offers Michelin-starred French cuisine in its dining room high above Park Lane, overlooking Hyde Park. It has been one of the most popular Mayfair dining destinations since it opened.

Searcys at The Gherkin – It’s hard to believe that the Gherkin was only completed a decade ago. The building was the harbinger on what was to come, with a thicket of viable high-rise options springing up around it. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the convex arc of glass at the 30 St Mary Axe’s peak, enjoying a flute of champagne and watching the world go by hundreds of feet below.

Sushisamba– Sushisamba has been known to throw one of the wildest rooftop parties in the capital, complete with samba dancers and drummers. Revellers can expect lashings of champagne and South American cocktails alongside their signature Peruvian/Brazilian/Japanese fusion cuisine.

Ting – The Hong Kong based Shangri-La Group scored an ace with its eponymous hotel, perched on the apex levels of The Shard. Diners will be treated to Modern British fare with Cantonese undertones and an overall experience that is deeply redolent of luxury.


If you’re looking to impress someone with views but don’t want to get saddled with a mediocre dinner, all of these restaurants will offer fine fare, if at a relatively steep price. You’ll need to book ahead to secure yourself a table, otherwise consider hiring a concierge service that can secure you late notice bookings with some of the best seats in the room.

How To Pack Light For Any Trip, Anywhere

No one would prefer lugging four suitcases through the airport over picking up a backpack and whistling past the baggage claim. But that doesn’t mean packing light is an easy feat. Develop a strategy for packing light, and you’re much more likely to actually do it in spite of anxieties.

Whether your goal is to pack for a multi-week vacation in a carry-on or you’re just looking to lighten the load and develop better packing habits, here’s how to pack light for any trip.

Embrace multi-functionalism

Why pack two (or more) items when it’s possible to pack one item that accomplishes everything the others would. Think two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, smartphones (they’re a camera, flashlight, GPS, and phone all in one), a small bundle of strong, flexible rope (use it to tie things to a pack, string it up as a clothesline, or tie the bag to the roof of a bus), or a tablet that can be converted into a laptop. While packing, consider all the ways (conventional or not) that each item could be used. Pack as many multi-functional items as possible, and don’t double up—if one item could serve a particular function in a pinch, that’ll do.

Follow the “rule of three”

When it comes to clothing, three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, and three shirts should take care of the basics. That way you can wear one, wash one, and dry one all at the same time. Because pants and shorts get smelly less quickly, two pairs will probably do it. Choose clothing in neutral shades so that any of the items can be paired with the others, and opt for fabrics that aren’t prone to wrinkling.

Think light

Evaluate everything on a packing list to see if there are light-weight versions of any items. For example, consider packing a Camelbak bladder instead of a stainless steel water bottle. And instead of packing a heavy winter coat for a cold climate, pack light-weight thermals and thin sweaters (One exception: If you’re staying in an ice hotel, bring the heaviest coat you’ve got). You’ll stay warm either way but the latter will take up way less room in a suitcase. Opt for the lighter version whenever possible.

Be willing to wash

Committing to washing your clothes while traveling will save a ton of weight, because you won’t need to pack fresh outfits for every day of the trip. A sink plug and a little soap is generally all it takes to get clothes clean on the road.

Make a “don’t-pack” list

When it comes to packing light, what you don’t pack is just as important as what you do. Leave behind jewelry and other valuables, items that can be purchased at a destination, multiple guidebooks (or multiple books in general), unnecessary electronics, excess toiletries, and most of the items you feel inclined to stuff into the bag in a last-minute panic. Also be sure to adhere to any regulations for liquids, etc., in order to spend less time in airport security.

Pack several days in advance

This affords time to assess everything you’ve planned to pack. A day or two after laying out all your gear, re-evaluate whether each item is essential. If you’re justifying taking an item with the phrase “what if…” that may be a sign that it’s not actually necessary. Packing in advance will also leave time to pack in an organized way, with heavier items toward the bottom of the pack, clothing rolled instead of folded, and the gear you’ll need most often in accessible places.

Packing light is a skill made better with practice, and it gets easier every time it’s done (especially after a few trips prove that things don’t fall to pieces without all those “what if” items). Put these tactics into practice every time you pack for a trip, and pretty soon you’ll be a pro at packing light.

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Ways To Make Money Before Going Away On A Big Trip

If you are planning on travelling for a long period of time it is always a good idea to make sure you have enough money to support you financially. There are many ways you can make some extra pocket money with some being harder than others. Nonetheless any way of making money is going to help you. Here are some ways to make money before going on a big trip.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash. There are many websites on the internet which allow you to write content for a variety of clients. Some websites allow you to state your own rate of pay and others let you bid for articles. There are also many people who will contact you privately and ask you to create content for them. They might want you to edit article for them or even participate in ghost writing. If you are a really talented writer you could even make a living from writing full time, or do it while you are on the road. Some clients pay exceptionally well for decent high quality content. You will likely have to prove yourself but it is worth checking out freelance websites such as UpWork to get started. The best thing about freelance writing is you can work whenever you want and as many hours as you want. There is also nobody above you bossing you about.

Create Youtube Videos

Youtube has made many people incredibly rich since it launched. Popular youtubers are known to make thousands and some even make millions. You don’t need to be one of the best out there to make a little extra money though. Even if you are getting a few thousand views per video you will be making a decent amount of cash through advertising. Youtube will pay you for the adverts at the start of each video you upload. Anyone can do this, you just need to monetize your videos.

Online Casinos

Although this isn’t a guaranteed way of winning money, it is certainly a good way to get some extra cash before going on a long trip. There are many strategies you can try in the casino playing roulette or blackjack and hopefully you will achieve a lucky streak. There are many good casinos you can join online, but you need to make sure you join a trusted and respected company. Mansion Casino is a fantastic choice as they offer some great bonuses to get you started. Click here If you are willing to take a bit of a risk then it is worth heading to Mansion Casino. Hopefully you will strike it big giving you a decent amount of cash for your trip. However don’t risk too much and remember to gamble responsibly.

There are many more ways to make some extra money before going on a long trip, however these are particularly efficient methods. Gambling can provide a huge payout so if you are heading over to Mansion Casino for a go on the roulette wheel, good luck!

Things to see and do in San Antonio

Due to tough economic times being experienced in various parts of the country; many people are looking for a way out. So if you are one of the people having unpaid utility bills, or looking for some cash for a vacation in San Antonio then title loans San Antonio can be of great help.

With your financial crisis settled, you might be asking yourself what are the things to see and do in San Antonio.

San Antonio is at the moment 7th largest city in the US and ranked as one of the best cities to visit. There is no shortage of wonderful attractions in the city, from the famous river walk to the missions, SeaWorld, Tower of the Americas, the newer Tobin’s Performing Arts Center and even the new Pearl Brewery.

Some of San Antonio’s most unique features include:

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio is home to exciting destinations, beautiful sights and spectacular food. Still, it can be said that the locals are very proud and have the most passion when it comes to San Antonio Spurs, their professional basketball team. Spurs’ fans are passionate and dedicated to their team. Many visitors to the city time their holiday to coincide with the Spurs’ game.


Fiesta began more than 120 years ago, with horse-drawn carriages adorned with flowers. Honoring the Battle of San Jacinto and the heroes of the Alamo, the march was referred to as the Battle of Flowers parade. It is the most celebrated part of Fiesta and is the only parade in the United States organized by women volunteers. Nowadays, there are 11 parades and 11 days of scheduled events. It hosts more than 100 official events hosted by military units or non-profit organizations. Visitors choose from concerts, festivals, contests, parades and more.

River Walk

San Antonio River Walk can be described as the greatest vacation destination in the US. The River Walk is a multi-cultural combination of experiences. Tourists can take a river taxi or stroll along the river banks. Tex-Mex, Irish, Italian and other great restaurants line the watersides. Tourists and locals alike swallow cold margaritas in the sunshine. Tourists enjoy musical performances at historic Arneson Theatre. Also during the city’s 11 day Fiesta festival, the yearly floating Fiesta Flambeau Parade is always a thrilling event. The Tower of Americas and the Alamo attract millions of tourists yearly and are within walking distance. With a wide stretch of restaurants, shops, sight and sound, walking along this place will make anytime magical.

Family Friendly Destinations

San Antonio boasts of 8 different theme parks. The largest marine life park in the world, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio are the two largest. Apart from the modern day attractions, San Antonio is home to Kiddie Park, and this is the country’s oldest amusement park. Tourists normally rent tubes and float on the Guadalupe River. A tourist can experience a very important part of the city’s history and see the Alamo, or visit the River Walk, play miniature golf, see the San Antonio Zoo, enjoy local museums or even take in an outdoor concert. San Antonio offers a wide range of free or less expensive options.