6 Reasons to be Thinking About a Trip to San Diego

Moving is a great way to get a fresh start. One of the best cities to visit or move to is San Diego, California. First, residents always brag about the weather. Believe it or not, it is 70 degrees year-round. The city is perfect for people who do not like cold weather. Likewise, no one has to worry about hot, humid weather. Try vacationing in San Diego to learn more about the area. Realtors say many tourists end up moving to San Diego after a visit. In addition, it does not rain a lot. Therefore, there are few mosquitoes and other pests.


Unlike other parts of the state, housing is affordable in San Diego. The area is desirable because everyone has a choice. Gorgeous oceanfront homes are available. On the other hand, there are remote, rural houses. Many older homes still reflect the original Spanish architecture. Additionally, San Diego has a diverse population with residents from all over the world. People who move can use San Diego storage units for a place to store belongings while getting settled in a new home. Many of the houses tend to be small. So storage comes in handy.


When you visit sunny San Diego, there is no problem getting around. Along with freeways, the city is known for excellent public transportation including:

– Buses

– Trolleys

– Commuter trains

Residents boast about the ease of riding the trolley to work.


People planning a trip to San Diego must visit the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the world. There are over 800 species of animals. Likewise, The San Diego Wild Animal Park is a must-see. The zoo sits in one of the biggest urban green spaces in the U.S. Balboa Park includes the zoo, museums, and the Rueben H. Fleet Space Center. Lovers of marine life need to visit La Jolla. Visitors can go kayaking in the bay. La Jolla cove is a part of the city’s Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. In fact, lucky visitors can see whales, dolphins and sea lions. In addition, the cove is known for beautiful cliffs and caves.


San Diego has 70 miles of coastline so there are beautiful beaches. Residents enjoy the beach life every day. In fact, many of the beaches have surf-quality waves. There are so many beaches that each one has an identity. Some beaches are family-oriented and perfect for a picnic. Others are surfer hangouts with bonfires at night. Many popular San Diego golf resorts are located close to the beautiful beaches and coastline.

A Brewing Attraction

Forbes magazine named San Diego an up-and-coming brewery city. It is number-3 on the list of best beer cities. Indeed, nearly every bar offers a variety of local beers. Of course, the area is also home to several beer festivals.

The Mexican Influence

San Diego is very close to Tijuana. That is one of the reasons the area has a Hispanic flavor. Residents say the area offers some of the best Mexican food in the world. Shuttles are available so residents and visitors can cross the border anytime. Natives say, “Tijuana is one of the happiest places on earth.”
San Diego has a lot to offer. If you want a change of pace, perhaps San Diego should be next on your list of vacation destinations.

Visit Goldfingers for a unique Prague experience

As well as being renowned for its amazing history, cool cafes, great food and inspiring galleries, Prague is also famous for its excellent gentlemen’s clubs. So why not make a visit to a gentleman’s club part of your schedule when you visit the capital of the Czech Republic? One prime example of a brilliant place to kick back and relax is Goldfingers, situated in the heart of the city. Here, we explain just what makes this club so unique.

Stag party packages in a unique atmosphere

Goldfingers specializes in packages for stag parties, with guests coming from all over the world to experience the unforgettable shows on offer at Goldfingers. Guests can enjoy private shows, or they can sit back and watch a stage show in the chilled out bar area, drink in hand. Many of the women at Goldfingers are professional dancers, and all of them are absolutely beautiful.

One of the best things about this club is its atmosphere. Set inside a kooky, spacious venue that evokes the glamor and artistry of the Prague of centuries past, this gentleman’s club is both relaxed and exciting. There are plenty of drinks on tap, welcoming women, and several specifically stag party oriented activities that you can engage in as a group if you like. If you require more information about these, then simply check out Goldfingers’ website: http://www.goldfingers.cz/gold-stag-show-package-post/?lang=en.

What do stags think of Goldfingers?

They love it there! Many men have commented that they have spent the best night of their lives at Goldfingers, whilst others booked a second stay straight after their first! Talk to anyone who has been here and – though they will most probably not reveal everything that happened to make their night so special – you will quickly see that this is one of the best gentleman’s clubs not only in Prague but perhaps in all of Europe too. Men who frequent gentlemen’s clubs will nevertheless find the world of Goldfingers unique and enticing, whilst if this is your first ever time visiting a gentleman’s club, Goldfingers is the perfect place to start. So come and see what all of the fuss is about!

Planning a stag party?

Why not surprise the groom with a trip to Prague? Book a meal in a fancy restaurant, take a look at some of the cultural activities on offer in this great city (a boat ride down the river is highly recommended, and is especially good for lazy hungover days) and round everything off with a show at Goldfingers. The staff here make your enjoyment their priority, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them ahead of your visit to find out more about their stag party packages and to discuss any particular needs that you may have with them.

Hua Hin or Phuket – Where to go for a Golf Holiday in Thailand?

Golf Holiday in Thailand

The increasing numbers of people heading to Thailand to play golf, suggest they must be doing something right, in what is a famous holiday destination. The likes of Tiger Woods, Ernie Else and Colin Montgomerie have all played golf in Thailand and the development of new Thailand golf courses to attract golfers from all over the world seem all set to continue for the near future.

Two golf destinations in-particular, attract many golfers to Thailand and they are Phuket and Hua Hin, which both offer attractive options for golfers. However, when deciding where to go for a golf holiday in Thailand, which of them comes out on top?

The latter of the two, Hua Hin, is classed as being Thailand’s original beach resort, with a blend of city and sand, making it an attractive option for visitors. From the town itself, there are ten golf courses in Hua Hin, within a 30-minute drive, giving visitors plenty of choice and variety, without having to travel long distances every day.

However, it’s not as easy to reach Hua Hin as it is other destinations within Thailand, such as Phuket, which has an airport welcoming flights from Asia, America and Europe. For visitors looking to play golf in Hua Hin, there is little other choice than to arrive in to Bangkok and make the journey by road, which can take up to three hours or by train, which takes even longer. Therefore, if travel time is a concern, Phuket may be the best option. That being said, by arriving in to Thailand via Bangkok, it provides the opportunity to stay there for a few days and sample some of the golf courses in the Bangkok region. This makes for a more varied golfing holiday and sightseeing trip in general.

That being said, Phuket only has six golf courses to offer its visitors, in comparison to Hua Hin’s ten. A choice of six golf courses in Phuket may be more than enough for some visitors, in which case, for convenience alone, Phuket would be a good choice. The town is regarded as a somewhat more luxurious choice than Hua Hin, featuring some of Thailand’s more up-market hotels and restaurants. So, if style and comfort is of importance when booking a golfing holiday, Phuket certainly gets the nod.

Although Hua Hin has a larger selection of golf courses than Phuket, quantity does not always mean quality. Phuket’s Red Mountain Golf Course and Blue Canyon Golf Club are regarded as two of the best golf courses in Thailand, if not Asia and are definitely worth a visit. That being said, for those golfers on a budget, Hua Hin is the cheaper of the two destinations. The price of accommodation and playing golf is cheaper in Hua Hin and other potentially important factors, such as taxi rides, are also cheaper. So for those on a tight budget, Hua Hin would be the better choice. In addition, it’s worth noting the top golf courses in Phuket can get quite crowded, which is not so much of a problem on the courses of Hua Hin.

With a cheaper venue, comes cheaper golf courses but unfortunately, this can come at the detriment of quality. The golf courses in Hua Hin, generally, cannot compare to those in Phuket. Banyan Thailand, may be one exception, which was designed and constructed by GolfEAST, which are a group of local architects and engineers. There are some sensational views from the golf course and it’s easily ranked inside the top ten in the country. However, the best of the other golf courses in Hua Hin only really compare to standard courses one would find in Europe or USA, meaning they are certainly enjoyable to play but do not compare to those in Phuket. There are a couple of golf courses in Hua Hin, which probably fall below the standard of average courses in Europe and the USA, such as Sawang and Milford and these are perhaps best avoided, in favour of courses such as Banyan Thailand.

Furthermore, for those who are looking to make the most of their time away from the golf course, by visiting attractions and taking part in other activities, Phuket definitely has the edge. The beaches are fantastic and Phang-Nga Bayís limestone islands, make for an incredible day trip. There are also excellent snorkelling and diving trips to be taken from Phuket, to nearby islands, which is something not available in the close vicinity of Hua Hin.

Both Phuket and Hua Hin clearly have their pros and cons, when it comes to choosing which to use as a base for a golfing holiday.

Phuket is the more up-market of the two, with generally superior quality golf courses and a wider range of things to do away from the golf course. Not only that but itís easy to reach, thanks to the local airport. However, although Hua Hin requires a journey from Bangkok, this opens up the option of playing golf in two areas of the country, plus Hua Hin has the bigger choice of golf courses, at more competitive prices. These are the deciding factors, when choosing where to go for a golf holiday in Thailand.

5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations in India

5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon trips are unique and singular. A classic resort and beach destination, a cultural trip, safaris in search of wildlife and cruises to the northern lands, there are loads of options. Many couples seek a balance between excitement and relaxation. It is a journey with no limit on the budget, a once in life thing and that the couple will remember forever (for better and for worse). Relaxation or adventure, this trip is characterized by the purest romanticism there is and you need to pack aptly to ensure that you are having a memorable honeymoon!

Your honeymoon packing list will be determined as it were, by where you’re going for your special first in a lifetime trip. In case you’re going for a ski experience in the Alps, half of your baggage will has to ski gear. If you are looking for a honeymoon in a tropical resort , you won’t not require as much baggage as the itty bitty swimsuits and sundresses don’t take up about as much room.

So here is my list of the 5 unique honeymoon destinations in India that I recommend for a honeymoon:

1. The green landscapes of Kerala
Kerala is the most beautiful state in India. It is the preferred destination for newly married couples; there are couples on honeymoon who visit this beautiful state of India worldwide. There are many reasons why couples choose Kerala for their romantic honeymoon vacation. The state is endowed with a magnificent natural beauty, beaches, picturesque mountains, a rich culture and heritage, spa resorts and Ayurveda etc. Ayurveda Massages, Houseboat trips and hill station trekking are some of the unique things to do in Kerala. Surrounded by palm trees, the beaches of Kerala are exotically beautiful and offer a friendly atmosphere to celebrate a honeymoon in a romantic way. Couples can enjoy fun-filled water activities, swimming, boating, beach volleyball, fishing, etc. Beach resorts add an extra charm to the beaches that offer hot stimulation from the sea and sinfully amazing food. Couples can enjoy a romantic time enjoying the beauty of the beaches and it is one of the most enjoyable ways and romantic ways to spend your honeymoon.

2. Sikkim
If you want to enjoy your honeymoon away from the crowds in a peaceful environment, then travel to Sikkim. Sikkim is a state of peace and it is full of exceptional and extraordinary destinations that will please travelers, especially newlyweds. Before going for a honeymoon trip to Sikkim, know more about the honeymoon packages in Sikkim. It will help a lot. Sikkim packages make you enjoy pristine mountains, simple and friendly people of the village, butterflies flitting and chirping birds, and hills and vibrant orchids.

3. Rajasthan
Rajasthan is a state of rich heritage and culture. The area is full of historic forts and palaces, some of which are now heritage hotels, ideal for a romantic stay. Rajasthan has transport facilities, making it easy to get around the cities in northern India, including the capital, Delhi. Set amidst desert landscapes, Rajasthan – the jewel in the desert – is a perfect holiday destination and a tourist paradise not to be missed especially for newlyweds. This place definitely offers a definite romantic experience to cherish for a lifetime.

4. Kashmir
The paradise on Earth, Kashmir, is another beautiful hill station and an ideal gateway for a honeymoon destination. Mother Nature has blessed this place with attractions that you will certainly fall in love with. Some of the must-see attractions of Kashmir are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens and much more. The natural scenic beauty of this place makes it an ideal for honeymooners.

5. Pondicherry
For couples on a honeymoon, Pondicherry is one of the best destinations for honeymooning in India. We all know that Pondicherry is a Union Territory and is in the state of Tamil Nadu. We can see the trail of French culture in India as the French ruled this territory for 300 long years. It is located on the Coromandel Coast which is about 160 km south of Chennai. This union territory is bound on three sides by the South Arcot district of Tamil Nadu in the and east by the Bay of Bengal. Without wasting time, book your honeymoon trip to Pondicherry and you are guaranteed to enjoy your honeymoon.

So, choose one of these 5 unique honeymoon destinations in India for your honeymoon and be prepared to have an unforgettable experience of your lives!

Five Steps to ‘Picture Perfect’ Photos

No holiday is ever complete without the photos capturing the memories of your trip. It has become an imperative for any traveller to take pictures when on the road, since these serve as proofs of how the adventure went on a first hand basis. Taking pictures has also become way easier these days thanks to smartphones and photo editing apps, so take advantage of these whenever you’re on vacation.

But not all travel photos look ‘picture perfect’. Some are mediocre while others are artsy, while there are those that really worth sharing on your Facebook and Instagram! Hence, if you are aiming to make the snapshots of your next adventure into a travelogue, then here are five steps to snap them right:

1. Pick a theme

To compose a great photograph, you need to have a solid concept. Think of the subject that you want to capture in a picture. Is it about the family time on the beach or the exhilaration of reaching the mountain peak? A sweet smile on your partner’s face or a lovely sunset? Photographs are not just mere illustrations but memories and evidence of times past. Even during photo-op (photo opportunity) sessions, a central theme is still needed to bring out the message the pictures want to say, no matter how informal the photography was conducted.

2. Know your props

Here’s the thing: the stunning travel photos you see on Instagram are not always candid. In fact, most of them were strategically positioned, from the angle of the camera to the way the background objects were placed. You should then learn to find objects that work well with each other, since these make the picture more alive. Using the right props enables your pictures to look, especially when you are at a pretty common destination.

Knowing your props also helps you in making your photos look more picturesque. There are instances when less is more, so you can do away with noisy backgrounds and rather focus on your subject using just a few adornments.

3. Find a good location

A good location works hand in hand with a central theme. It sets the mood of the shot and boosts of the message of the overall picture. A young lady standing on the streets of New York during rush hour depicts the busy life of yuppies, while a landscape shot of a guy on top of a mountain means adventure.

A good location doesn’t always have to be some place unique; indeed a lot of pictures have already been taken at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but by finding a specific spot to take pictures of the landmark, the more capable you are in producing shots that represent your own perspective.

4. Lighting

Anyone can get away with a good picture as long as there is good lighting. Lighting creates the “drama” in the photograph. Natural light during the day gives a more relaxed and spontaneous feel on photos, while the rays of the sunset add romance to the picture. As you are travelling, bright studio lights are out unless you don’t mind the extra baggage. Learn to make do with natural lighting.

5. Have an eye for detail

This is the most essential tool of all. Yes, a great camera is an investment but having “the eye” takes skill and talent. Not everyone is born with the talent of taking pictures, but it is a skill that can be learned. There were plenty of experiments wherein notable photographers are given basic cameras and yet they still capture amazing photos.

Hence, it is important to learn which angle works best and what elements work well. It’s all up to you how you’d practice it. So yes, if you want to flourish, go outside, explore and capture awesome moments!

Are you all set for your next trip? If yes, then it’s best that you have a reliable travel insurance partner so you can roam around your chosen destination with no worries.

If you’re looking for the best value travel insurance in your next destination like Singapore then check out some travel insurance online. With various coverage packages for travellers of all types, you will definitely find an international travel insurance plan for your upcoming trip.

Things to see and do on Samosir Island in Sumatra, Indonesia

Samosir Island is a quiet and peaceful Island within Sumatra’s Lake Toba, Indonesia; the world’s largest volcanic lake in the world. Samosir island was formed by a cone of a new volcano pushing up through the Lake Toba’s volcanic craters. The island has some of the most spectacular views, fresh air, offers great relaxation, freshwater swimming and many thrilling adventure experiences.

Lake Toba

Apart from the allure of swimming in the pleasant, natural water, Samosir island is home to the fascinating ancient people known as Bataks. The Batak tribe is very friendly and they even have impromptu guitar jams and singing parties all around the island. Lets now take a look at some of the things to do and see on this amazing island;

1. Visit Lake Toba
As mentioned earlier, Lake Toba, also called Danau Toba, is the planet’s largest volcanic lake and measures at about 1,707 square feet. It was formed by a massive volcanic eruption about 70,000 years ago. With a serene and quiet beauty, it’s much loved by tourist as nice a place to relax and unwind. You can chill by the calm lakeside or even swim in the pleasant, mineral rich fresh waters. This is the best place to relax and enjoy great pristine scenery and the peaceful nature and culture of Lake Toba.

2. Tuk Tuk
You can go to Tuk Tuk, which is a rather popular place for tourists. Tuk Tuk offers picturesque views of the magnificent Lake Toba. You can also do your shopping here and buy books from the numerous bookshops available. Tuk Tuk is actually the center of Samosir’s Island tourism. It is a great place to explore by walking around and enjoying the fantastic views it has to offer.

Batak Houses

3. Tomok
Tomok is about 5km from Tuk Tuk and is a rather quite place which offers a variety of delicious Indonesian foods. You can also get to bask in its’ rich culture and check out the burial place for King Sidabutur. There are several stalls where you can find gorgeous souvenirs.

4. Ambarita Stone Chairs
Ambarita is famous for its’ stone chairs. The stone chairs are about 300 years old, and are said to be the remnants of a criminal court where criminals were beheaded and their bodies tossed into lake Toba. If you are okay exploring morbid parts of Samosir’s history, you can find a guide and get to explore and learn the chilling and shocking history.

5. Museum Huta Solon Simanindo
The museum is a must see for any tourist who wants to learn more about the interesting Batak tradition and culture. You will see great examples of the traditional Batak homes and you will also get to enjoy watching a Batak dancing performance; that is if you happen to go early in the afternoon.

7. Swim in the Waterfall and Relax in the Hot Springs
Just above Tuk Tuk, you will find a great waterfall where you can take a refreshing, rejuvenating swim. You can also enjoy relaxing by the hot springs which are on the western side of Samosir island. The water is pretty hot so you probably will not be able to swim, but you can just relax by the pool side.

Where To Stay
There are many guesthouses, hotels and restaurants in Samosir island, and one of the best accommodation options is Samosir Villa Resort. This magnificent resort offers uninterrupted gorgeous views of Lake Toba and has a wooded jungle as its’ backdrop. It is a truly beautiful, relaxing and welcoming resort.

Samosir Villa Resort

Best Time to Visit Samosir Island
The best time to visit Samosir Island is during the dry seasons; that is between May – September. May is probably the best time since that’s when Samosir Island’s weather is changing from cool to warm.

Smooth Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

Havre de Grace sailing Chesapeake Bay

Heritage, beauty, and a satisfied palate are just the results of a summer’s day on the Chesapeake Bay. Here in North America’s largest estuary, you can create a dream vacation with an Annapolis boat charter, exploring habitats both human and animal, spending days in quiet contemplation on serene waters, and enjoying fantastic food.

In 1608, Captain John Smith set out from what is now the historic Jamestowne fort, looking for a route to the Pacific. He hardly found that, but he did encounter thriving indigenous communities and one of the world’s richest sources of marine life. For centuries the wealth of oysters, crab, and fish meant the region was a major supplier of seafood. Today, the waterman’s way of life on the Chesapeake has ebbed but can still be seen in many places.

Annapolis makes the best starting point. This gracefully designed city is the site of one of the earliest English settlements. By the time of the whites’ arrival in 1649, at a point south of the current city, the native Algonquin community had moved to avoid Susquehanna raids. By the late 1600s, Annapolis already had 25,000 residents; having grown to only about 39,000 residents now, it has retained loads of charm. St. Anne’s Cathedral is a focal point of the city, and while the area along the waterfront has a lot of typical touristy shops and such, a wander back from the water will reward you with some pleasant walks.

Sailing around Annapolis Bay can get crowded in the summer, and you’ll surely want to find a little quietude. Fortunately, that’s easy to do. Cruise out from Annapolis and head north toward Havre de Grace. One of the advantages of sailing the Chesapeake is that you’ll never lack for delicious options for any meal. You can easily provision your boat to eat mostly on board, but don’t just stay there – you’d be missing out on regional specialties. Havre de Grace is home to a lovely waterfront park and town and boasts the Laurrapin Grille, a highly regarded restaurant with a focus on sustainably sourced local ingredients.

Continuing around this corner of the bay, you’ll come upon many small towns built on the watermen’s way of life. Rock Hall is a favorite for its picturesque looks, but because it is still a working marina; it isn’t just a tourist attraction. Deep waters and sheltered anchorages make it a great stop on your itinerary. If you’re longing to be even closer to the water, rent a kayak and commune with the birds and the trees for a day. Then treat yourself to dinner at Waterman’s Crab House, where you can admire the beautiful views while indulging in a classic Chesapeake crab meal.

This is just a taste of the exploration to be had sailing the Chesapeake Bay. A boat charter from Annapolis will launch you on a summer’s dream.

Sustainability and Luxury Travel: The Next Big Trend?

Sustainability and Luxury Travel: The Next Big Trend?

For a long time, luxury travel has been defined by overt indulgence. High-end hotels distinguish themselves by providing the most exclusive and luxurious experiences possible, sometimes using conspicuous consumption as their unique selling point. This isn’t something that’s likely to change any time soon, but travel providers are increasingly having to adapt to changing attitudes. As a new focus on authentic experience grows, and concern over the environment becomes a major consideration for some luxury travellers, sustainability is beginning to cement itself as a mainstay of the luxury travel industry.

Sustainable luxury can feel like something of an oxymoron. This is especially true as the most expensive hotels import white sand, own private jets and cater to their visitors every whim, relying on extravagance to set themselves apart. However, those with large amounts of expendable wealth are getting ever younger, and have different priorities and tastes to the generations that came before them. Four billion dollars was spent on adventure travel by America’s wealthy in 2013, and high net worth individuals are becoming ever more interested in exciting, novel and “real” experiences.

Inside many luxury hotels customers would be hard-pressed to say which part of the world they were in. This is something that may well start to work against them. People now want to try local food, get to know the community and be involved in something more authentic. With this desire for authenticity has come a heightened awareness of social responsibility, where travellers want to know that their enjoyment isn’t coming at the expense of the local community, or the stunning environment that drew them to an area.

This shift in tastes means that the luxury travel industry has had to find more creative ways to engage its potential customers. This is evident in how the industry has diversified, for example in the emergence of property investment funds that provide luxury house sharing. The travel industry in the past has focused on second home ownership, but large and poorly planned developments of second homes have had a negative impact on beautiful and sensitive areas. Now wealthy people have the option of using property which isn’t wastefully left empty for much of the year.

With the world facing mounting environmental issues, many of the wealthy want to know that their travel provider is taking action on sustainability. Many care about people, wildlife and conservation, and feel that contributing to the care of these things is part of the enjoyment they derive from travel. The travel industry has also recognised that sustainability can open the doors to creating unique and innovative experiences, such as the planned Beijing hotel that will house a rainforest, and private resorts where you can stay in woodland cabins.

By promising “luxury that treads lightly”, savvy travel providers are outdoing the traditional industry methods in both both inventiveness and upscale living. Consumer demands will always drive theindustry, and as people increasingly choose the “green tourism” option they will further push luxury travel into being more environmentally aware. As wealthy consumers reject irresponsible and damaging customs within the travel industry, and what’s seen as “eco-tourism” transforms into generalised good practise, the future of luxury travel may just be a sustainable one.

Test your Aussie knowledge with the Austravel Austrivia Quiz

Austravel Austrivia Quiz

If you’re thinking about visiting Australia for the first time or dreaming of a return visit, see how much you know about the Land Down Under with the Austrivia Quiz. Austravel are the leading experts in travel to Australia (as well as New Zealand and South Pacific) from the UK, so they know a thing or two about Australia.

This quiz covers geography, wildlife, and funny facts, and are in multiple choice format. They start off easy enough but there are some tough ones in there too.

Take a 5 minute break and see if you’re an Aussie expert!

Top 5 Sights To See In Australia

Planning a trip to the Land Down Under, but don’t have a clue as where to go? Try these top 5 sights in Australia:

1. Sydney Opera House

Just the mere mention of Sydney brings the image of the great and iconic Opera House, with its huge, billowing sail-like structures and grand, sprawling magnificence into the minds of many. This epic architectural icon has been hailed as one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, and the location is absolutely stunning to say the least. Visitors can roam around and marvel at the beauty of it all, or dine in at one of the restaurants dotting the landscape. Afterwards, they can sit back and watch a spectacular performance played within the building.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

How about seeing one of the seven wonders of the natural world? The Great Barrier Reef stands among the best ecosystems in the world, housing more than three thousand coral reefs, inshore mangrove islands, three hundred coral cays and about six hundred continental islands. The massive reef stretches out to about 2,300 kilometers along Queensland and on the East Coast. Visitors can experience the Great Barrier Reef by snorkeling and seeing the various sea life pass them by- turtles, dolphins, rays, tropical fish, sharks, and more!

3. Ayers Rock in Uluru

Head on over to the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and you’ll catch a glimpse of the world-famous Ayers Rock, a massive monolith that has a peculiar behavior you’ll need to witness with your own two eyes!

The sandstone formation has a height of approximately 340 meters and the rock changes its colors when the sunset comes. It changes from terra cotta, to blue, then violet and finally to a shade of red as the last sunlight leaves its surface. Visitors can record the miracle using their mobile phones and take a guided tour by the aboriginal tribes called the Anangu, who sees the site as something very sacred.

4. Bondi Beach

Who doesn’t love to laze around on beaches, drinking cool beverages while their bodies get warmed up by the sun? While you’re in Sydney, it’s best to set a day for visiting Bondi Beach. Visitors can pack an outdoor picnic or take a stroll on the soft sandy beach. They may also visit the numerous cafes and shops that dot the street along the coast. Of course, you may also settle for a dip in the inviting waters, but make sure to stay within the flags to be safe.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne is considered Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, with its grand Victorian-era architecture reminiscent of cities in Europe. There’s a lot parks and gardens here as well, and shops and restaurants that cater to every taste. See the spectacle of Australian Rules Football at Australia’s largest stadium, go shopping at the Royal Arcade, or go to the National Gallery or the Royal Botanical Gardens for a refreshing change of pace.

Worried about missing your favorite TV show while seeing the sights around Australia? You can be close to civilization and get netflix while still enjoying what this remarkable country has to offer.