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Top places to stay in South Beach, Miami

When looking for a luxury beach vacation it’s hard to go past South Beach Miami for its combination of beautiful beaches, warm climate, and things to do. South Beach is the southern end of Miami Beach, which is an island off mainland Maimi. South Beach is famous for its Art Deco architecture, and along Ocean […]

Why Bali Is Your Go-to Holiday Destination This Year

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, but Bali stands out most from all of them, being the favorite amongst the tourists. Surely everybody who visited Bali can barely stop talking about all the wonders this island has to offer. Whether you are in for the picture-perfect beaches, the hidden nature gems, o the cultural abundance, […]

How to Save Money on Vacations: Common Tips

You have probably heard stories about cheap trips around the world. Experienced travelers know well that flying far can cost 20-30 EUR. Sometimes you might have doubts about such stories, since buying tickets, as well as accommodation, are associated with significant expenses. We can confidently say that your vacation could cost several hundred EUR and […]

5 top things to do and see when travel to Tokyo

Tokyo is truly unique. One of the most exciting big cities on the planet, Japan’s capital offers almost everything you’d expect on a city break. From traditional Zen gardens to the most modern architecture, exploring Tokyo is a blast for your senses. As one of the most visually attractive cities, there’s not a better way […]