Koh Samui, a splendid destination

Koh Samui is one of the most fabulous and popular islands in Thailand. A holiday on this idyllic island means white pristine beaches, emerald warm waters, world-class international cuisine, water sports, lush tropical forests, fascinating Buddha temples, luxurious spas and beach front villas. The island is a place where the most breath-taking natural wonders meet the opulence of a very modern tourism. It is perfect for enjoying an exotic holiday that mixes so beautifully the true Thai experience with the comfort and luxury of a 5 stars vacation.

Amazing Waterfalls

Koh Samui has some of the most impressive waterfalls hidden in its wild mountain interior, but two of these spectacular cascades can be easily accessed by tourists – Namuang and Hin Lad. The best time to visit them is from September to March, during or just after the rainy season. This is when there is enough water flow to make them look truly amazing.

The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is the most famous temple on Koh Samui. With a height of 12 meters, this gold statue of the Lord Buddha in a seated position is a must if you are visiting the island. Tourists from across the world come here to discover the peace and mystery which transcends from the Big Buddha, inviting us to contemplate, relax and meditate.


If you love sailing then you will definitely adore sailing on the serene warm waters that surround Koh Samui. You can opt for a sailing safari on your own catamaran accompanied by a safety vessel that will carry your supplies and luggage so you can stop overnight at some of the resorts located near the island.


Ang Thong National Marine Park is truly unique. This collection of pristine islands gravitates around Koh Samui and offers you the chance to enjoy a kayaking trip of two hours. Simply relax and feast yourself with some of the most spectacular sceneries you have ever seen.

Luxurious Beach Front Villas

Extravagant villas, modern amenities, infinity pools and spa treatments- these are just a few of the delightful temptations that Koh Samui uses for alluring its tourists. The island hosts more than 700 resorts and hotels, and thousands of bungalows and private beach front villas. There are many and very diverse choices for all types of budgets and tastes. But you can be certain of one thing – it will be the most luxurious holiday experience ever.


Koh Samui loves to celebrate and it would use any excuse for throwing a good party. And the festivals here are fascinating for travellers- vibrant, colorful, hypnotic and overwhelmingly joyful. The King’s Birthday is one of the greatest celebrations on the island and it marks his Majesty King Bhumibol‘s birthday, on the 5th of December.

Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in the Far East

While children gain a wealth of information in school, nothing replaces experiencing the cultures of far off places first hand. Luxury family holidays in the Far East offer a unique opportunity for visiting spectacular destinations where future memories last a lifetime. The Thai culture embraces youth and the people especially fawn over children from other countries. Being a family orientated culture, the country offers much in the way of activities. 


Thailand family holidays have something for everyone from youngsters to retired adults. The stunning beaches of Koh Samui draw guests from many international destinations. When looking for a place to spend a day of quality family time, guests hire a boat and venture to the Angthong National Marine Park. The location features an archipelago of more than 40 uninhabited islands boasting lush rainforests, soft sandy beaches and colourful coral reefs. Spend the day exploring an island filled with caves, rock formations and waterfalls. Discover the amazing world under the sea by snorkelling in the clear waters along the shore and float from one island to another on a kayak. 

Koh Samui

If planning to journey to Phuket, luxury family holidays may include unique nature safaris on the back of an elephant. These eco-friendly Thailand family holidays introduce members to the culture of the people living in the rainforest. Embark on a canoe ride to a local village and the location of an elephant camp. Learn about the conservation efforts, care and training these docile animals receive and the importance they play in the heritage of the people. Guests also have the rare chance to participate in the elephant feeding and bathing processes. Take a tour of the jungle while aboard one of these massive creatures and learn about the many animals and plants that reside here. 


Spending luxury family holidays close to Bangkok or other large cities almost guarantees plenty of activities appropriate for all ages. When tired of seeing museums and theme parks, Thailand family holidays might include a trip to the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectariums. The destination offers brightly coloured flowers and plants along with huge shade trees. Mazes, ponds and architectural features along with ornamental landscaping give one the impression of experiencing an enchanted wonderland. Walk or cycle through the environment designed to support a number of exotic insects that include various species of butterflies. A fascinating indoor display explains the life cycle of the butterfly and provides illustrations of the species found in the insectariums. Pack a lunch and beverages and spend a pleasant afternoon in search of some of the most beautiful outdoor creatures.

Thailand Beaches

The beaches of Thailand are the main reason why many people come here.

Although most of them pretty much have white sands, calm and warm water, there are still numerous beaches to choose from.

Wondering which one of them is the best to go to?

Well, it’s really a matter of taste, but rest assured that every single beach will leave you in awe from the spectacular beauty. From the tropical paradise of Ko Samet, only a few hours from Bangkok, to the luxurious resort developments on Phuket Island, you will certainly have the best vacation of your life.

The beach of Lipa Noi is one of the most beautiful place of the Island, where you can admire amazing sunsets. The white fine sandy beach for its lack of rocks and corals and for its low seabed – up to 50-100 meters from the seashore – is ideal for all the children who wants to play on the foreshore.

Escape the hustle of everyday life, and enjoy this heavenly place on earth.

Thailand is the best, most reasonably priced place for a seaside vacation. There are wide ranges of accommodations in all price categories, as well as a few more distractions once you leave the beach.

Thailand’s beaches and islands provide the precise combination of excitement, exotic locations, recreation, entertainment and leisure that you desire.

You’ll find lots of things to do at the beach. Activities of all kinds will keep you busy throughout the day. It should come as no surprise that the best beaches in the world are located in Thailand.

Imagine yourselves lying down, on pearl white sands, beneath the hot sunrays, tanning you from head to toe while sipping on a tropical cocktail. Now that’s a dream vacation. Most people agree that the beaches of Thailand have something very unique about them. Cuddle with your loved one beneath a towering palm tree, with only a few yards of snowy white sand between you and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

A golden-hued sunset viewed with your partner can be the romantic spark you’ve been looking for. You can almost feel your soul being soothed as the rolling waves bring to shore the salt-scented breeze from beyond. Come stay in one of the many gorgeous Thailand Luxury Villas, specially in Koh Samui Luxury Villas where you’ll get to unwind, relax and have the time of your lives!