An Amsterdam Primer

Amsterdam (capital city of the Netherlands) might seem small for being a European capital; behind its size, however, lies a city of impressive architecture that has the unique quality of being able to cater to almost any type of traveller. Whether you like to spend your afternoons sightseeing in Amsterdam visiting the canals that cross the city or greet the dawn after partying all night long, Amsterdam has you covered. This time, we take a look at some of the options for those who want to relax and enjoy the city.

Take a relaxing canal cruise

Praised by both locals and long time visitors, canal cruises are one of those things you should make sure to experience in your first visit to Amsterdam. The canals are the city’s signature feature and, most people think, its most charming one. There are many types of canal cruise trips available in Amsterdam, so make sure to look around to get the theme and feel that suit you the most. Once you have decided, it is just a matter of relaxing to the rocking movements of the boat while you watch the vintage mansions, humpbacked bridges and quaint houseboats go by. Pay attention to sunset and night cruises as they tend to be particularly stunning and very romantic if you are together with your significant other.

Check out Amsterdam’s best museums

Ranking among the most popular attractions for tourists all year round, museums in Amsterdam are a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. Three of the many available are hailed as classics for any long time visitor to the city: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. While you can find other excellent venues, make sure to give these a visit. You will be able to find a wealth of historic artefacts as well as treasured works by famous Dutch artists.

Hour Long Museums

If you are on a tight schedule this list is for you. Here are three excellent museums that can be enjoyed in under one hour.

1. Anne Frank House: One of Amsterdam’s most treasured museums and also one you can easily see in under one hour.
2. The Rembrandt House Museum: Giving a quick peek at the life of the artist and letting you sample a lot of his work in just under 60 minutes.
3. Museum Van Loon: Former residence of the aristocracy, the grand mansion is now a beautiful museum.

Dive into the cafe culture

Sitting down at one of the many cafes as the sun starts to glow on the horizon is one of the most relaxing things you can do in the city. The cafe culture promotes a relaxed way to experience your holidays: just sit for a nice coffee, lunch or a few rounds of drinks and gaze at the people walking by, the boats quietly sailing the canals or just look up at the bright sky. The Cafe Culture is a big part of the Amsterdam experience and there is just so much variety on offer that you will never get tired of discovering yet another awesome place.

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