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Geological Wonders and Adventures of Iceland

Iceland is a country of northern lights and geothermal pools. The country was built by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes for more than 20 million years ago because of the Eurasian and American plates that were drifting apart. Iceland is composed of volcanoes and glaciers and is a very prosperous nation with breathtaking islands and fascinating […]

Everything you need to know to have a memorable trip to Norway

If you have come to this article, you are either day dreaming about planning a trip to Norway one day, or you already have a booked a trip and you want to know about all the things there are to know regarding Norway apart from it being the most gorgeous Scandinavian country, and also a […]

Why You Should Get A Prepaid SIM Card for Canada

Traveling in Canada is a phenomenal experience! The diversity of the landscape which includes mountains, deserts, rainforest and tundras as well the classy yet extremely culturally diverse cities all around the country. Ohh and let’s not forget the people – Generally known as one of the friendliest in the world! From the frosty tundra of […]

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Many travelers are concerned about staying healthy and fit while traveling, and this is a very valid concern. If, at home, you have a good routine going that involves eating healthy and exercising regularly, the last thing you want to do is fall off the wagon during your trip. It’s common for many travelers to […]

Why Pattaya is an Excellent Destination for an Economical Getaway

Traveling is by far the most rejuvenating experiences for any individual. Most of us have incredibly difficult routines and we do need our own breaks. For young couples and solo backpackers budget is often a problem since the exotic destinations are often quite expensive or do not have much to offer. Not everyone can afford […]


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