Hotels or Apartments?

Whenever you are visiting a city for work, a visit or a full-blown vacation you are going to be given several options regarding the type of accommodation that you can utilise. The main two types are hotels and short term apartments which both have their own distinctive advantages depending on your personal preference and budget. Short let apartments are a relatively modern invention, whereas hotels have a certain prestige and history that is focused in providing comfort and service.

Generally, renting a short term accommodation is overall a more cost effective choice than booking a hotel room, especially if you are staying for a prolonged amount of time. As hotels charge people by the day, the overall price can add up over time and become costly. The counterpoint to this is that you are receiving a lot more service for your money, as hotels focus on cleaning your room daily and will be able to react a lot quicker if you have an issue or have any special needs or requests.

Generally speaking, if you are utilising short term accommodation you are given a lot more flexibility in a lot of areas. As accommodation of this type is largely self-catered you will be responsible for your own meals, snacks and drinks which allows you to regulate your budget more effectively and not be tempted by the astronomic prices of hotel minibars. Unlike a hotel, you will be able to host groups of people in your apartment for small social gatherings and you can come and go at your convenience without the worry of disturbing other guests.

Levels of service
Depending on your personal preference, hotels and short term accommodation have different levels of service. In short term apartments, bed linen is unlikely to get changed on a daily basis and will be undertaken on a weekly basis. The same goes for the cleaning of the apartment so it is up to the occupant to keep the space clean. One of the allures of staying in a hotel is the escape from daily chores such as cleaning, tidying and preparing meals, so in this respect hotels have the advantage.

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