Need Something Sent Abroad In An Emergency? – International Courier Services Can Save Your Bacon!

Whether you’re travelling or living abroad, there will be – no doubt – situations where you end up in a bit of a pickle and need an item of whatever description sending from back home.

An international courier service is a brilliant way of delivering and receiving important items around the world. In fact, many people rely on worldwide delivery services everyday for a wide variety of reasons and in many cases it can be a life saver for those who depend on it. Here are just some of the ways a courier service can help you while travelling or moving abroad:


It seems almost everyone is likely to, at some point, forget an important item or document when travelling abroad.
Thousands of travellers believing they have fully prepared for their trip will not even realise something is even missing until they have settled into their distant location. A prime example of this would be someone forgetting their tickets for a train-ride, event, show or some kind of attraction. Occasionally, families have even jetted off for a fun-packed holiday to a theme park before realising they’ve left their tickets back home on the kitchen counter (not the rollercoaster ride they were expecting)!

Given a way to access any important items left at home, International couriers can be used to pick up these items before delivering them quickly and safely overseas to the front door of your villa or hotel, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your holiday in peace.

Often, courier services have even been called upon by airlines to safely deliver lost luggage (should it fail to make the right flight) to ensure they’re delivered promptly to the owner.


Emigrating for a life in a new country is nothing new, with Briton experiencing the greatest exodus of people in recent history. On average over 200,000 British citizens per year decide to pack up sticks and move elsewhere, with popular destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Spain and France. Inevitably, the majority of those moving away will forget to pack certain bits and pieces such as personal records, jewellery or even particular items of clothing! – all of which can be shipped over via a courier to save the hassle of flying all the way back home to pick them up..

If you have family or close friends living abroad or perhaps if you’re enjoying a year out to travel yourself, remember that international courier services are a great way to safely deliver packages to the far reaches of the world.

Shaun Pelling is Marketing Executive at, a parcel delivery website where users can quote, book and track UK and international deliveries online with the world’s leading couriers.

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  1. Aurora says:

    If you can avoid it do not trust couriers with important or valuable items. We have had a few insights from UPS employees telling us about the regular chaos and loss of packets. The so called “tracking system”, which is supposedly what you are paying for, is a whole lot of rubbish unfortunately. They only physically scan a small percentage of the packets and the others are by default assumed to have arrived. When they dispatch the packets in the morning they don’t even track in which vehicle it goes so they are unable to help if the packet goes missing. Employees told us that they quite happily declare a box damaged if it’s full of chocolates, wine or any other exciting goodies! I don’t blame them, they don’t get paid a lot compared to what the company gets. Anyway I personally use Royal Mail, at least you know it arrives eventually.
    In any case if you are faced with a situation where you really need an important sent to you then I suppose you will just have to give it a go and pray the letter will arrive!