3 Ways to Set Sail on an Amazing Holiday

Getting out on the water is a great way to take a break from your day-to-day life and leave all of your worries behind. The relaxing feel of the water beneath your feet as you move around the boat is therapeutic you will find yourself wishing you could spend more time sailing through life. Here are 3 ways to sail through your holiday this year.

Canal Boating in the UK

A great way to spend time on a boat is to give canal boating in the UK a try. You can rent a boat with friends or family and cruise through the more than three thousand miles of England’s canals, and rivers that are just waiting to be explored. You can also rent boats in Wales and Scotland and explore these areas to your heart’s content. There are many different styles of boats to choose from and you can decide whether you want to rent a sailboat, a cabin cruiser or take a barge that is steered by someone else.

It is a great way to see the surrounding sights and you can stop at small villages or cities whenever you feel like it. Some boat rentals allow you to bring dogs along with you so you won’t have to worry about any members of your family missing out on the vacation. If this is something you are interested in, but haven’t done it before, then get in touch with the team at Black Prince as they cater for beginners as well as the more experienced.

Sail down the French Riviera

A fabulous way to holiday is to charter a yacht on the French Riviera and see the wonderful sights of St Tropez, catch the film festival in Cannes, or watch the Grand Prix take place in Monaco. It is a fabulous way to join the world of the rich and famous and relax in the splendor of a private yacht.

If you are only interested in relaxing on the open water, or heading into a quiet port that is also an option that you can choose for your vacation. There are many yacht rental companies to choose from and many styles of yachts to choose from as well. The yachts can come fully staffed with people that will look after all of your needs as well as driving the yacht. Your yacht can also come equipped with a fine kitchen and a chef to prepare the food although you can have prepared food or fresh ingredients delivered to your yacht easily.

Relax on an Australian Cruise

A great way to relax and see some fabulous sights is to go on a cruise in Australia. Cruises leave from the major cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and they include excursions into the country, coastal adventures like the Great Barrier Reef, exploration of uninhabited islands, and trips to the pristine beaches that are scattered along Australia’s beautiful coastline.

You can also take cruises that head into Asia and see the exotic sights of countries like Hongkong, Vietnam, or Singapore. The South Pacific is also an option and you can head to Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia. For some cruise inspiration, visit Cruise Sale Finder.

3 Amazing Wildlife Destinations You Have to Try

This is a great time to choose something wild for your next vacation and what could be wilder than seeing animals in their natural habitats? This is a great way to forget about the stress of your day-to-day life and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are three amazing wildlife destinations that you have to try!


India is a great place to experience the thrill of nature. It has more wild tigers than anywhere else in the world and 39 tiger sanctuaries. You can take safaris through the jungle in the comfort of a four-wheel drive vehicle or on the back of an elephant. You will get to see fascinating creatures like tigers, elephants, deer and many more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the smaller creatures like snakes, insects, and amphibians, as there are hundreds of different kinds to see on your journey. Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India, is one of the best places to go on safari and there are many parks that you can access. Rajasthan is also a good area to see tigers and there are luxury accommodations that you can stay at like palaces and glamorous tents.


Become part of The Great Migration through the Serengeti in Tanzania. You will be at one with nature when you join a luxury safari to watch Zebras and Wildebeests on their annual migration in search of food, water, and breeding grounds. There are also thousands of predatory animals that join them like lions, hyenas, and leopards. The birds also follow the migration to get their food from the droppings of the animals; you can expect to see flamingoes, predatory birds and even scavengers like vultures that clean everything up. You will be absolutely amazed as you watch the cycle of life unfold right in front of your eyes. The dates of the migration vary each year but early spring is usually a safe bet for your trip. Visit Tanzania Odyssey for more information.

The Galapagos Islands

Just off the coast of Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands are famous for being the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. There are several varieties of plants and animals that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There are several ways to explore the diverse animals and their habitats on this archipelago of volcanic islands. You can join guided tours of the islands that include walking tours, diving tours, and cruises around the islands. Visit the giant tortoises that live on the islands that are over 100 years old and weigh close to 900 pounds. There are plenty of opportunities for bird watching as well and you can see birds like cormorants, albatross, or even a blue-footed booby. Be sure to visit Santa Cruz Island and go to the Charles Darwin Research Station and see how his work is still being continued today. The lava tubes are also located on Santa Cruz Island and these cave like structures are a fascinating sight for visitors. For tours and cruises of the Galapagos Islands visit Naturegalapagos.com.

Travel Writing vs Freelance Essay Writing

Nowadays, more and more people look for the alternative part-time jobs that can provide them with the stable income. I am going to inform you about freelance and travel writing that are becoming more and more popular in the Internet. However, this job suits to the individuals who CAN write and LOVE writing. If you have poor writing skills, you will never succeed in this activity. You should actually enjoy it. Therefore, if you are a keen writer who enjoys creating various short stories and essays about everything, you are able to become a freelance or travel writer. Both occupations are engrossing, splendid and truly uncommon. When you spend your free time visiting extraordinary places of interest, you have solid chances to start your travel writing blog. If essay writing is a piece of cake for you, you can do this job helping others for money. In fact, it is difficult to say what kind of writing is better. Both travel and freelance writing are lucrative and amusing if you appreciate your job and do it originally.

What do you know about travel writing? If you ask this question, very few people will be able to answer it correctly. Nonetheless, the answer is simple. When you travel to various fascinating and unique places and write about your trips, you can be called a travel writer. It should be admitted that a modern travel writer writes for money. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to say that travel writing is an easy job. It is definitely not. You ought to have many interests and hobbies. You should read and know a lot. When you visit a specific place, you should know what you expect to see there. It is not smart to write about Coliseum when you travel to Rome. Everybody knows about it. You should discover something new in this ancient city. Something that will make your story newsworthy and magnificent. So, you need to broaden your outlook and read about the unknown but still gripping and imposing places. Your blog or article should teach and inform the reader about new places, traditions, peculiar features, etc.

I guess you know why travel writing is a debatable job. Yes, because of money. Every trip to any place costs money. Thus, traveling should be your hobby that can provide you with profit if you describe your trip successfully. You cannot travel just because you need to write a new article. It does not make sense. Bear in mind that your travel writing blog should be very popular if you expect to be paid for your upcoming trips. In simple words, you should be an inborn traveler who can write but not vice versa. To my mind, this factor is the crucial one regarding the issue of travel writing.

Secondly, it is difficult to find the right niche in travel writing. If you want to separate from the crowd, generate something really authentic and fresh. What is more, try to make your theme as narrow as possible. For instance, you can write about pubs in different parts of your country. What are their pluses and minuses? What are their original features? Then, you should be a real professional in the topic of your art. You should know different types of alcoholic drinks and differentiate one kind of beer from another. Finally, you ought to be communicative and sociable to talk with barmen and visitors. In brief, collect information and life-experience in many ways.

When you read the approximate description of the nature of travel writing, you can see that this job is for active and creative people. If you are a home-bird, freelance writing is just for you. On the other hand, you should be very smart and experienced if you plan to make money writing essays for others. When you decide to help a college student complete his literature essay, you should know about the requirements and norms of writing accepted in his college. Furthermore, you are supposed to be good at literature. If you are not, you will hardly compose a grand essay about William Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe. Secondly, it is vital to know grammar perfectly well in order to write the best customized essays. Next, a freelancer is expected to write revealing and illuminating essays of different genres. Remember that there are dozens of kinds of essay papers. Every type has its specific requirements, style and format of writing. You will not write a persuasive essay in the same way as you prepare an analytical essay. For that reason, you ought to learn about different styles and standards of essay writing if you want to earn money as a freelance essay writer.

In my humble opinion, travel writing and freelance writing are different in their objective. A travel writer should prepare a captive and spectacular story about his personal experience. A freelance writer has another duty. He has to make a grammatically and stylistically correct text written according to the general standards. Students, businessmen and public figures use his texts for their personal needs. A freelancer writes for somebody. While a travel writer completes his stories for himself.

Things To See in Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal is famous for its Fado music, ornate architecture and colonial history. There is much you can do when visiting this city with friendly local people and beautiful weather all-round the year. You will also enjoy the hotels in Lisbon, which are considerably better value than other capitals in western Europe.

Here are our picks of the best things to see while visiting Lisbon.

Praca do Comercio – It is a large and grand square that you will enjoy seeing while in Lisbon. The building was constructed as a demonstration of wealth and power of the Portuguese people. To enjoy the view the best way possible, you can get to Arco da Rua Augusta.

The Campo Pequeno – This stadium resembles the Moroccan castle which has red high walls made of bricks and giant domes structures at the top. While in there, you will be able to see less ruthless Portuguese bull fighting.

The Ponte 25 de Abril – You should see this bridge entrance to the city which spans the narrowest point of river Tejo and connects the Southern Alameda districts and north bank capital.

Igreja de Sao Roque – Churches have great interior design and to see what Lisbon has to offer in that field, visit this bland façade to see the most decorative and exquisite churches in Portugal. The interior is white washed and features Jesuit sacred art.

Parque das nacoes – it is referred to as park of nations. Originally it was Expo 98 site but now it has undergone transformation to become a prominent ultra-modern traditional and historic Lisbon. You can visit the park during the day for family fun activities or during the night to eat, drink and party.

Torre de Belem – In other words this is the tower of Belem which is a pleasant wall that guarded River Tagus mouth and Lisbon. Its uniqueness is worth seeing. When Portuguese sailors were returning home in the 16th century this is the building they saw first.

Se de Lisboa Cathedral – This great cathedral is worth visiting when you are in Lisbon. It is intertwined in the history of the Portuguese since the very early founding of the country. This is a wonderful place and once you visit it you will understand why it is a preferred venue for royal events such as funerals, weddings and coronations.

The Castelo de sao Jorge – This is the Castle of Saint George which appears above the central part of Lisbon and has been the seat of power for four hundred years. From this battlements vantage point, you will enjoy wonderful views of central Lisbon.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos or Jeronimos Monastery – This is the best representation of extravagance in a religious building. Originally it was designed as a very modest church. You will enjoy the engineering and artistic designs of these church.

When thinking about visiting places in Lisbon, think of great museums such as Calouste Gulbenkian, National Coach Museum, naval Museum and Nacional de Arte Antiga. When visiting, you can use Roa Aurea to access the Santa Just elevator to have wonderful view of these city. When you are aware of the things to do and the hotels in Lisbon, you are able to decide and plan perfectly for your holiday in this great city.

3 Wonderful Casino Buildings to Visit in Europe

Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world, that’s without a doubt. But does it have the most beautiful casinos? Well, it depends on your tastes. The casino resorts of Las Vegas are surely amazing, with luxurious suites, a sparkling nightlife, and some of the best shows you can think of. But when it comes to casinos, Vegas has nothing over any online casino Australia has to offer. For a truly beautiful, luxurious gambling experience you’ll have to leave North America, and fly to the Old World. There you’ll have the chance to gamble in the buildings listed below, that have served this purpose for centuries.

Casinó di Venezia

The Venice Casino (Casinó di Venezia) functions to this day in a building finished over 400 years ago. Ca’ Vendramin Calergi was built in 1509 as a palazzo for a local noble family, it has served a multitude of purposes over the years before the city council decided to move the casino there in the mid-20th century.

Today the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi is an amazing mix of old and new, with its Renaissance style and modern casino games. It has over 600 slot machines for its players, and several gaming tables, all between its paintings, columns, and murals. It’s an attraction not just for gamblers, but for the enthusiasts of architecture and art, too.

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo Casino is perhaps the best known gambling house in the world. It has served as a meeting point for the European high society since the late 19th century, when it was built. When gambling was outlawed in most European countries, Monaco was the exception, which turned it into a veritable Mecca of gamblers. Built in a beautiful Beaux-Art style, it offers a luxurious and unique experience to its visitors – gamblers and tourists alike.

Casino Baden-Baden

There are several thermal baths around the German Black Forests, located in the South-West of the country, but none of them are as famous as the one in Baden-Baden. Known since the Roman times, the thermal springs of the area attracted visitors for centuries, and turned the city into a popular destination. During the years, this attention led to the building of a major spa resort, which includes hotels, banquet halls, gardens, and the most beautiful casino in the world.

The Kurhaus Casino Baden-Baden was not always a casino – initially it served as a home to a Marquis (a nobleman ranking above a count and below a duke). It has changed its function, but not its looks: its luxurious decor, its paintings, chandeliers, and murals are there to this day, offering gamblers a truly unique experience.

Travel Ideas for India

India, the land of Yoga and Ayurveda, offers so much to quench the thirst of a ravenous traveller. Globetrotters try hard to discover India’s eclectic beauty in its famous tourist destinations like Taj Mahal and Charminar completely unknown to the fact that India’s true beauty lies in its innumerable unexplored destinations. From scenic hill-side towns to beautiful lake cities, India’s true beauty lies in its unexplored gems. Here are some of the lesser known places in India that will undoubtedly appeal to the aesthetic sense of any traveller.

The Western Ghats

If you are interested in witnessing India’s rich diversity of flora and fauna, a trip to the Western Ghats is highly recommended. The Western Ghats etch a beautiful scenery along the entire West Coast of India. These Ghats are home to some rare species of plants and animals. They also make one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and have been beautified with many man-made lakes and waterfalls.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

As a traveller and wildlife enthusiast, you may have come across many ferocious reptiles. However, it is quite unlikely that you must have ever come across a vegetarian crocodile. Don’t be surprised. India’s Ananthapura Lake Temple, which is located in the Kasargod district of Kerala, is home to a 150-year-old crocodile that eats only vegetarian food. Isn’t that amazing?

Mawlynnong Village

India is considered to be synonymous with noise and dirt. However, not every corner of India is like this. If you are in the mood to play rummy while enjoying a scenic sight, head to the Mawlynnong Village. Located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, the Mawylnnong Village is the cleanest village in the whole of Asia. This place becomes a haven for travellers especially during monsoons when the whole village becomes covered in green.

The Ghats of Varanasi

India is known for its cultural diversity. The country is the birthplace of one of the oldest religions of the world, Hinduism. To witness the spiritual side of India, head to the Ghats of Varanasi. Noisy, congested yet beautiful, these ghats are a sight to behold during morning and evening prayers when thousands of Indians gather around the river Ganges to offer prayers to their God.

Sandakphu, Darjeeling

If you are on an adventurous streak and are looking to get an adrenaline rush, head to Sandakphu which is the highest peak in Darjeeling. Sandakphu means the abode of the poison plants. The place is so called as it is home to a highly poisonous plant that grows near the peak. However, keep in mind that this place is not for the faint-hearted.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Each year, innumerable tourists head to Dharamsala which is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh to witness the Dalai Lama’s residence. However, not many people know that the Dalai Lama was born in Tawang, a small and beautiful city in Arunachal Pradesh. Located at a height of about 3048 metres, this city offers snow-clad views during winters and green scenes during spring. It is also home some of the most beautiful monasteries.

10 things about Dubai that you don’t know!

Middle East’s pride, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the city of future, we could go on and on about Dubai. A popular getaway for celebrities and a dream destination for vacationers, Dubai is rightly called ‘The City of Gold’. This emirate has built itself from scratch – literally. An incredible city when it comes to luxurious living and making news headlines, Dubai has left no stone unturned. From being a desert with only one big building and a couple of cars in the 1960s, the city has transformed itself into a futuristic metropolis and how!

The term ‘Living it like a King’ has received an altogether new connotation when it comes to this popular emirate of UAE. From creating the largest artificial island, to the mind-boggling rotating towers, and the largest shopping mall in the world apart from the only 7-star hotel in the world, Dubai has carved a niche for itself unlike anyplace else.

Here are a few unique facts about Dubai recommended by HolidayMe (EN|AR) that we bet will leave you spell bound:

1. Zero percent crime rate

Zero percent crime rate

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Thanks to strict Muslim laws imposed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crime rate here is so low; it is virtually zero percent. What’s more, even Dubai police have supercars! You can often spot police cars like Aston Martins, Bentleys, Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris on the boulevard of Dubai. Looks like the song ‘Nowhere to run, baby, nowhere to hide’ might be the favourite track of Dubai Police because when you have a fleet of coolest, fastest cars on the planet, no criminal can outrun the police anymore.

2. Gold ATMs

Okay, this one might be old now, but seriously, Dubai had the world’s first ever Gold ATMs! Does the ATM really discharge Gold? That would be the first question in your mind. And the answer is, yes, it indeed does. A Gold-to-go machine is the first-ever Gold vending machine found in Dubai which spits out gold in 320 different forms of gold bars and coins, to even wearable jewellery. Fascinating, huh?

3. World’s largest mall

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping centre with over 1,200 stores and a total area of 13 million square foot (equivalent in size to more than 50 football fields)! The mall has a parking facility to park 14,000 cars and it was the most visited shopping destination of 2013 with annual visitors of 75 million! What’s more, Dubai Mall Aquarium is credited to have be one of the world’s biggest indoor aquariums. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo holds the Guinness World Record for the largest acrylic panel, weighing more than 2, 45,000 kilograms.

4. Largest indoor skiing slope

Ski Dubai, located in another popular mall – the Mall of Emirates, is the largest indoor skiing slope in the world, with an area spanning 22,500 square meters. The place is covered with real snow all-round the year!

5. Wild animals as pets

Having pets at home may be the norm, but this isn’t the case when it comes to the high and mighty of Dubai. Driving around with pets maybe a common thing, but have you ever heard of people driving around with wild pets? This can be spotted in Dubai. Some reports suggest that almost 3000 people keep exotic animals like lions, tigers and cheetahs as pets in their home, though it is not legal.

6. No income tax

Dubai certainly seems to be the city of dreams. Its residents are not expected to pay taxes from their personal incomes. Result? The income tax is totally 0%. No wonder people from all over the world would die to live here. The city is the perfect opportunity to earn money and get rich!

7. Air-conditioned bus stops

Air-conditioned bus stops

Luxury much? Dubai once again, is the first ever city in the world to have air-conditioned bus-stops equipped with ATMs for bus passengers. Given the sweltering heat its residents would suffer from otherwise; we certainly have no complaints about this one!

8. Super cars, everywhere!

Everyone gets irked while stuck in traffic! But, you wouldn’t mind if you are gridlocked by supercars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugatti’s, Porsches and Aston Martins around you, right? Car lovers, Dubai is one city just made for you.

9. Camel Polo with robots

No Kidding! Some would find camel polo hilarious, but it is a serious sport in Dubai, and a very popular one too. They reinvented polo with a different style instead of the normal game with a horse, herein camels being the real hero. Earlier, only children could participate in the races, given the camels’ size. This became a problem but trust Dubai to come up with an awesome solution! The sport now uses child-sized robots to run the race. These robots cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000.

10. Building a city within a city

Always on a quest to outdo itself, Dubai is now in the process of building a climate-controlled city within itself, whose walkways will be fully air-conditioned so that visitors can go from street to street comfortably. This city is yet to be named, but it will apparently be 2.25 times the size of Monaco!

Go to Tel Aviv for Your Summer Vacation – Your Kids Won’t Stop Thanking You

Tel Aviv is a great choice as a summer holiday destination if you are in the process of planning where to take your family. Tourists who have safely landed from their Tel Aviv flights at the Ben Gurion International Airport can easily find transport to the hotels. Afterwards, you can use the public transport such as bus, train and taxi to explore the city. There are lots of family friendly attractions that you can explore in Tel Aviv.

One of the main attractions in Tel Aviv is the miles of sandy beaches. The average temperature of the water at the beaches will be about 30 degree Celsius, which is perfect for going swimming. The sands at the Tel Aviv beaches are suitable for your kids in to have some fun time building sand castles. There are lots of places for you to park your car nearby the beaches so there should not be any problem In finding a parking space. Restaurants and cafes can be found nearby the beach as well so you and your friendly can go have some refreshments at anytime.

There are a few waterparks in Tel Aviv and the most popular waterpark is the 24 acre Shefayim waterpark that has been in business since 1984. The waterpark is ideal for kids from 0 – 16 years old of age. The waterpark is well maintained and clean. There are plenty of water activities you can do in this park. It has 3 complexes, 4 swimming pools and 7 big water slides. If you are hungry, there are some restaurants where you can buy your meals.

The Meymadion waterpark has smaller slides. Unlike Shefayim waterpark, adults are permitted to ride on the small slides. So, you can come to this park if you are afraid of the big waterslides. Another waterpark is Luna Gal waterpark that is situated on the east side of the Kinneret shore. Luna Gal waterpark has a lot of waterparks and it is suitable for both children and adults.

You can also bring your kids to visit some of the zoos in Tel Aviv. The biggest zoo in Tel Aviv is the Ramat Gan Safari Park, a 250 acre safari that house more than 1,600 types of animals. In this zoo, you will get to watch various kinds of mammals such as chimpanzee, orangutan, and lions. The zoo also houses many different species of birds and reptiles.

There are also some national parks you and your family can visit during holiday in Tel Aviv including Apollonia National Park and Yarkon and Tel Afeq National Park. Apollonia National Park is situated within 20 minutes distance from Tel Aviv. There are lots of small cliffs and jogging trails in this park. You can complete the trail within 1 hour and there is no canopy provided for the trails. Yarkon and Tel Afeq National Park is another national park worth to visit. This national park houses an old fortress that was built 3000 years ago. There are many trails and streams where you can go swimming.

6 Reasons to be Thinking About a Trip to San Diego

Moving is a great way to get a fresh start. One of the best cities to visit or move to is San Diego, California. First, residents always brag about the weather. Believe it or not, it is 70 degrees year-round. The city is perfect for people who do not like cold weather. Likewise, no one has to worry about hot, humid weather. Try vacationing in San Diego to learn more about the area. Realtors say many tourists end up moving to San Diego after a visit. In addition, it does not rain a lot. Therefore, there are few mosquitoes and other pests.


Unlike other parts of the state, housing is affordable in San Diego. The area is desirable because everyone has a choice. Gorgeous oceanfront homes are available. On the other hand, there are remote, rural houses. Many older homes still reflect the original Spanish architecture. Additionally, San Diego has a diverse population with residents from all over the world. People who move can use San Diego storage units for a place to store belongings while getting settled in a new home. Many of the houses tend to be small. So storage comes in handy.


When you visit sunny San Diego, there is no problem getting around. Along with freeways, the city is known for excellent public transportation including:

– Buses

– Trolleys

– Commuter trains

Residents boast about the ease of riding the trolley to work.


People planning a trip to San Diego must visit the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of the best in the world. There are over 800 species of animals. Likewise, The San Diego Wild Animal Park is a must-see. The zoo sits in one of the biggest urban green spaces in the U.S. Balboa Park includes the zoo, museums, and the Rueben H. Fleet Space Center. Lovers of marine life need to visit La Jolla. Visitors can go kayaking in the bay. La Jolla cove is a part of the city’s Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. In fact, lucky visitors can see whales, dolphins and sea lions. In addition, the cove is known for beautiful cliffs and caves.


San Diego has 70 miles of coastline so there are beautiful beaches. Residents enjoy the beach life every day. In fact, many of the beaches have surf-quality waves. There are so many beaches that each one has an identity. Some beaches are family-oriented and perfect for a picnic. Others are surfer hangouts with bonfires at night. Many popular San Diego golf resorts are located close to the beautiful beaches and coastline.

A Brewing Attraction

Forbes magazine named San Diego an up-and-coming brewery city. It is number-3 on the list of best beer cities. Indeed, nearly every bar offers a variety of local beers. Of course, the area is also home to several beer festivals.

The Mexican Influence

San Diego is very close to Tijuana. That is one of the reasons the area has a Hispanic flavor. Residents say the area offers some of the best Mexican food in the world. Shuttles are available so residents and visitors can cross the border anytime. Natives say, “Tijuana is one of the happiest places on earth.”
San Diego has a lot to offer. If you want a change of pace, perhaps San Diego should be next on your list of vacation destinations.

Visit Goldfingers for a unique Prague experience

As well as being renowned for its amazing history, cool cafes, great food and inspiring galleries, Prague is also famous for its excellent gentlemen’s clubs. So why not make a visit to a gentleman’s club part of your schedule when you visit the capital of the Czech Republic? One prime example of a brilliant place to kick back and relax is Goldfingers, situated in the heart of the city. Here, we explain just what makes this club so unique.

Stag party packages in a unique atmosphere

Goldfingers specializes in packages for stag parties, with guests coming from all over the world to experience the unforgettable shows on offer at Goldfingers. Guests can enjoy private shows, or they can sit back and watch a stage show in the chilled out bar area, drink in hand. Many of the women at Goldfingers are professional dancers, and all of them are absolutely beautiful.

One of the best things about this club is its atmosphere. Set inside a kooky, spacious venue that evokes the glamor and artistry of the Prague of centuries past, this gentleman’s club is both relaxed and exciting. There are plenty of drinks on tap, welcoming women, and several specifically stag party oriented activities that you can engage in as a group if you like. If you require more information about these, then simply check out Goldfingers’ website: http://www.goldfingers.cz/gold-stag-show-package-post/?lang=en.

What do stags think of Goldfingers?

They love it there! Many men have commented that they have spent the best night of their lives at Goldfingers, whilst others booked a second stay straight after their first! Talk to anyone who has been here and – though they will most probably not reveal everything that happened to make their night so special – you will quickly see that this is one of the best gentleman’s clubs not only in Prague but perhaps in all of Europe too. Men who frequent gentlemen’s clubs will nevertheless find the world of Goldfingers unique and enticing, whilst if this is your first ever time visiting a gentleman’s club, Goldfingers is the perfect place to start. So come and see what all of the fuss is about!

Planning a stag party?

Why not surprise the groom with a trip to Prague? Book a meal in a fancy restaurant, take a look at some of the cultural activities on offer in this great city (a boat ride down the river is highly recommended, and is especially good for lazy hungover days) and round everything off with a show at Goldfingers. The staff here make your enjoyment their priority, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them ahead of your visit to find out more about their stag party packages and to discuss any particular needs that you may have with them.