Five Activities for Your Vancouver, BC, Vacation

All who have booked a trip to Vancouver, BC, are in for a real treat. This beautiful West Coast Canadian city is filled with food, fun, and adventures to keep the family happy. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo, though, you’ll never run out of things to do.

From exploring the beautiful landscape, to wandering around museums, to shopping for the perfect souvenir, there is something for everyone. We have compiled a list of the top five activities for your Vancouver vacation to help with your trip planning.

Stanley Park

For active travelers, or those who just like to be outdoors, there are many parks to explore while in Vancouver. Although they all have advantages, we suggest Stanley Park. It’s over 1,000 acres and was inhabited by the indigenous people of the area for thousands of years before it was colonized by the British. If you want to see all the park has to offer, the entire loop of Stanley Park takes an hour or so to bike or 2 to 3 hours to walk.

Museum of Anthropology at UBC

One of our favorite museums is the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). It is known around the world for its large collection of First Nations people attractions. It’s also a research and teaching museum, so budding scientists will especially appreciate exploring the 500,000+ archeological objects it holds. Don’t be surprised if your kids don’t want to go home after a few hours of exploring this fun-filled museum.

The area around the museum is a great place to start your search for a hotel in Vancouver. It’s centrally located, with lots of good restaurants and shopping venues nearby. 

Whale Watching

During the right season, you can see a few of the 80 orca whales that call this region home. There are a plethora of tours available that will take you and your family out on to the water to search them out. Make sure you take your waterproof camera on in case a jumping whale splashes the boat!

Kitsilano Beach

Who knew that Vancouver had a beautiful beach? It’s called Kitsilano, and it’s a must-see destination. The outdoor saltwater Kitsilano Pool, open during the summer, is the longest swimming pool in the city. You can relax and soak up the rays or play some sand volleyball at this beach, just make sure to bring your sunscreen! For the best views of the waterfront, visit the BoatHouse restaurant overlooking the beach.

Robson Street

If you want to see and be seen by all of Vancouver, you should head to Robson Street. You’ll have a choice of over 200 shops, restaurants, and service businesses to choose from during your stay. You can pick up some souvenirs for those you left at home, or try on some beautiful and trendy clothing from the multitude of boutique shops in this area. Don’t worry if you buy too much—there are some baggage shops too!

Traveling Abroad – Rent Out Your Property Through Agents – Why?

Real estate agents in Mumbai or any other city of India can basically be divided in 3 categories. This includes:

– An individual or a sole owner who has a proprietorship firm
– Partnership company which has more than one owner
– Private limited company which operates as an entity

While the first 2 have been in operation for several years in the country, the entity model is just catching up. Having said this, authenticity is a big issue when it comes to dealing with real estate brokers in Mumbai and other metro cities and therefore in general people prefer to transact through trusted mediums such as This is because Housing not only features lakhs of properties within all budget range but also hosts only verified realty assets. This basically implies that its users do not have to worry or be nervous about the genuineness of the property, as this has already been taken care of by team. They only have to login to this site, search for some of the best properties in the market, shortlist, compare their features and proceed with the transaction. Even though the transaction is offline and there is no interference from, their teams of customer care executives, property experts, lawyers, etc. are always available for any kind of assistance that may be needed during the course of the transaction. Nevertheless, the agents have their own space in this competitive market and they can be of great help provided the right person/entity is hired. Here is how the property agents in Mumbai need to be paid for their services –

Property Agents

Lump sum

This means that there is an agreement between an individual and a broker for a fixed sum to be paid for the transaction. This could be anywhere from 5 to 100 thousand rupees or even more depending upon the magnitude of the deal. Lump sum is a win-win situation for both client as well as agent as the sum has been already agreed upon. However, this mode of payment has one visible drawback and that is there is a chance of the agent not putting in extra efforts from their end since the deal is not proportion based.

Fixed percentage

This model even though costly, is most preferred. Here the amount of payment to be made to real estate dealers in Mumbai is directly proportional to the sale value of the property. In terms of percentage, the share is 2% to 4% of the selling cost. This model also compels the agents to sell the assets at higher cost since their fees is directly dependent on it. Nonetheless, this model too has one visible drawback and that is the agents try and square off the asset at the earliest possible in case they are also getting the brokerage money from the buyer. Therefore, it is important to hire an agent who is trustworthy, genuine and reliable. Thus, as far as possible an agent must always be hired from a credible source like that is renowned not only in India but also worldwide.

Top 3 Reasons a Couple’s Vacation Is Essential to a Healthy Relationship

Couple's Vacation

Whether it’s your first date, your first kiss, your first time meeting each other’s parents, you remember all the milestones of your relationship. But, how about your first vacation? Many people feel as if taking a vacation with their significant other isn’t really a milestone, or they tend to put it off out of fear. Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of folks because chances are if you really care about that person – a vacation together will only strengthen your relationship. In fact, here are the top 3 reasons why a couple’s vacation is essential to a healthy relationship.

Vacations Make People Happy

It’s easy to get stressed out over work or school, which more often than not may cause unnecessary stress on your relationship. People are more relaxed and at peace on vacation than they are in their regularly structured lives. This means that couples give each other the chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company without being influenced by things that can create stress. Try picking a destination that’s calm and creates an easy-going carefree attitude, such as next to a body of water like a lake, or even by an ocean such as the Ocean City Princess Bayside. Experiencing and cultivating this peaceful connection on vacation will make it much easier to hone in on that undivided attention when you do return to stressful circumstances and everyday responsibilities. Ben, owner at a busy sticker printing ecommerce shop said “Going to the beach just helps recharge my batteries, makes me a happier and more relaxed person so I can get back to handling the day to day more smoothly.”

Happy Couple

Vacations Are a White Noise Machine

When on vacation you don’t have to worry about remembering to feed the dog, or to take the trash out, or to clean up in time before your significant other comes over and realizes that you’re not the tidiest person in the world. Vacation is a time where you can focus your undivided attention on your significant other and really get to know them in a greater way. Creating new or deeper connections emotionally, spiritually and sexually can rekindle a flame that may have seemed to be burning out prior to the vacation. It also helps if you choose a destination that’s known for exclusively catering to couples.

Vacations Help You Grow – Individually and Together

Vacations open our minds up to things we may not have been exposed to before. Often times they challenge us to do something physically for the first time or teach us about subjects we knew little to nothing about. Sharing this intimate experience creates a bond that brings you and your significant other closer together. Specifically, it allows you to see their strengths and weaknesses in a new light and remind you both about the important fundamentals of your relationship.

A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation

A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be a little overwhelming, however, not planning one can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed with life. It’s important to take a break every once in a while and enjoy spending some quality time with your family. By following this simple guide, you can be well on your way to planning the perfect family vacation.

Location, location, location

Will you be driving, or flying? Doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the destination, of course. It’s important to find a destination that appeals to everyone in the family. Consider giving everyone a chance to throw out an idea and take a vote. If you end up being completely undecided, or your children are too young to have an input, consider a family resort. Family resorts, like the Princess Royale or the Big Horn Resort, have in-house activities that cater to both parents and children.

Plan an Itinerary

Now that you’ve picked your location, you can plan and organize your days accordingly. This not only saves you from hearing the kids say that they’re bored but also allows you to create and upkeep your vacation budget. Resorts usually offer a list of available activities on their website and sometimes they even have local events and hot spots within that area posted as well, such as the Ocean City Family Resort. Remember to call the resort directly if you have any questions or would like more details, prior to your vacation.

Plan an Itinerary

Pack Smart

If you can purchase it for an affordable price at a Wal-Mart or the local big box store, then chances are that it’s probably best to not pack it. One of the biggest struggles is over packing, especially if you have kids. Pack light and only what you know you’ll need – not for the scenarios that you think will occur, but probably won’t.

Enjoy Yourself

Maybe you don’t get to everything on your itinerary for the day, or maybe swimming with the dolphins doesn’t go exactly as planned. Not everything will go completely right, and that’s okay. The most important thing is that you keep an open mind and just enjoy whatever activities you do complete. Your family will have fun regardless and it will definitely be a vacation to remember.

7 of the most breathtaking locations in the world

There are a great many wonders in the world – whether it’s the stunning joys of Mother Nature or the fabulous feats of man made ingenuity. Whatever your taste or passion in life there is a location that is bound to make your jaw drop. If you need a hand drawing up a bucket list of breathtaking locations, here are seven of the best to consider:

Burj Khalifa: Humans are often at their breathtaking best when ‘thinking big’ – and nowhere is this more evident than with the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. At 828 metres and 160 stories high, this stunning skyscraper will not fail to win you over. 900 residences are inside the building – a rare and attractive way to truly live the ‘high life’.

Beverly Hills: Nowhere quite matches Beverly Hills for the true lifestyle of a film star. Long tree-lined roads reach up towards the Santa Monica Mountains, offering increasingly jaw-dropping views over Los Angeles. The homes are pretty impressive and many have a story to tell. A quick glance at the FT Property Listings site will show that some of these homes have not just been occupied by stars of the silver screen – but have featured in them themselves.

Machu Picchu: Many people pick this preserved 15th century Incan city for a charity trek – and their good intentions and stamina along the Inca trail are clearly rewarded with a true treat for their eyes as a result. It’s busy and popular these days but no less stunning as a result of its popularity.

Golden Ring Russia: If you want to experience the true sights and sounds of Russia then go beyond Moscow and St Petersburg and concentrate on the Golden Ring – the home of gingerbread cottages, onion domed churches and cherry orchards. It’s a Russia untouched by industrialisation, with many of the towns (Sergiyev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir) seen as ‘open-air museums’.

‘Game of Thrones’ country, Northern Ireland: Gripped by the twists and turns of Game of Thrones? You’re certainly not alone. You can fill the gap before the next blockbuster season by exploring the wonders of Westeros – or at least the real life locations that bring the series to life – in Northern Ireland. Even non-fans will find much to savour in the beaches, cliffs, islands and caves of the country’s spectacular coastline.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria: While we’re thinking of breathtaking locations that inspire or represent fiction, perhaps none are as stunning as this 19th century palace in southern Germany. This proved the inspiration for the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle and, by providing architectural wonder in a jaw dropping setting, it is rightly one of Europe’s top attractions.

Red Beach, Panjin: To truly take your breath away a location must hit you with true beauty – and this site certainly delivers. China’s Red Beach is covered in seaweed which grows during April and May and then, after initially appearing green, turns orange, pink and then red for a sight to behold. The view is only possible from mid September to mid October and attracts Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls who obviously know an amazing site when they see one.

This magnificent seven should certainly whet your appetite, but they only scratch the surface when it comes to the best the world has to offer. Whether you’re after somewhere to live, work or visit, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

Why Having a Destination Wedding May Be the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

If you are newly engaged and beginning to think about the specifics of your wedding, one of the first things you need to decide, after when the wedding will be, is where it will take place. Tradition dictates it should be in the bride’s home town, but of course, tradition doesn’t always fit with our own dreams and there is really no good reason to follow it if it isn’t right for you! If you and your spouse-to-be are from different places, and your family and friends are spread far and wide, then the choice of where to host the wedding could be enough to cause family tension if some people have to travel and others do not, and the last thing you need when you are planning a wedding is to deal with that!
So, a solution many people choose, for a huge number of reasons, is to get married somewhere completely different to where they live or where either partner comes from.

Some of the Perks of a Destination Wedding

While it is usual for the couple to depart on a vacation of a lifetime right after the wedding, with a destination wedding you can combine the honeymoon and the wedding itself into one wonderful vacation. You can have no guests at all if you feel like getting married in a more intimate way, and just ask people at your destination to be witnesses, or you can invite along whoever you want without anybody bickering about who has to travel farthest – everybody who wants to come will have to travel, but they will be traveling somewhere beautiful.

Cost Benefits

Weddings are of course, very expensive, however if you go for a destination wedding you can decrease costs very significantly, even when you take into account your flights and accommodation. Many companies offer destination wedding packages that mean everything for the ceremony itself is included, along with premium accommodation and some nice extras to help you celebrate. You can find some great Costa Rica destination weddings here, for example. Also, because your wedding is likely to be much smaller than it would be at home, you don’t have to worry about paying for food and drinks for hundreds of friends and relatives – only those closest to you will be there. You can have all of the additional things you want from a more traditional wedding, like the wedding dress you’ve always wanted and a beautiful cake, but the venue and catering costs will be a fraction of what you’d normally expect.

A Memorable Day

The point of a wedding is that it is to be remembered for a lifetime, and this is so easy to achieve when you marry in a beautiful, exotic location where everything is new and interesting. You are almost guaranteed perfect weather if you choose a Caribbean or South Pacific destination, and once the ceremony is over you can enjoy everything else your destination has to offer!

Many couples who opt for a destination wedding believe it was the best decision they ever made – is it something that could be right for you?

Moving in NYC

Although rents are rising, especially during summertime, moving in NYC is always very popular activity, due to a constant flux of people. In such busy cities, there are a lot of changes in each aspect of life and most of the people, especially native New Yorkers are welcoming those changes, which are inseparable part of everyday life, while the newcomers are getting used to them. 

At certain point anyone might decide to move out from the current apartment in NYC for various reasons – because of the rising rents, bad conditions, dissatisfaction, desire to share the expenses, cohabitation with a boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend. Whichever reason is, the fact is that moving could be anything but simple. However, having lived in NYC previously, you have gained a lot of experience that could be useful when it comes to real expectations. The person who has moved in NYC at least once knows how difficult and frustrating it can be, especially when you have some financial limitations.

So, in light of that, avoid moving during summer or early fall if possible, because the moving companies are overbooked then and consequently charge more. If do-it -yourself is more financially appealing, plan every step of the move, including the tasks you need to achieve beforehand. Moving itself is a whole project and you have to be detail-oriented and well-informed about securing your items, packing, unpacking, loading, transporting, unloading. They say that DIY moving is cheaper than hiring professional moving company. However, pay attention to hidden moving costs. Take into consideration all types of insurance you need in order to protect your goods, costs of renting a moving truck or van, fuel costs… Sometimes this way is not necessarily the cheaper way, due to some unexpected costs. 

In case you opt for a professional assistance and decide to hire movers, you should also have an extensive knowledge about them. Luckily,  by using all available online resources you can find out everything about the movers and get both positive and negative feedback. The best moving companies will stand out thanks to positive comments of satisfied customers. On the other hand, people tend to share bad experiences in order to prevent others from making the same mistake, so you will read about the rogue movers as well. Rogue movers seem like legitimate moving company when you do your online research, but they usually don’t provide explicit contact information or the information provided is very vague and suspicious. Unfortunately, if you by any chance deal with them, your belongings might be held as hostage or they can just disappear. 

Get thoroughly informed, and choose what’s more convenient for you. In terms of price-quality relationship, very smart choice could be Dumbo Moving and Storage from NYC
However, there’s no need to rush. All moving companies are one click or one phone call away from you. They are available and open for all your questions and concerns. Also, do not hesitate to pay them a visit. Face-to-face contact may reassure you about their seriousness. It’s rather recommended if you have some doubts. When contacting them in person or online, request an estimate of moving costs in writing. Each moving company is legally obliged to provide you with one, and in that case you get the chance to compare their offers and choose the most convenient. So, in order to perform the move successfully, find out as much details as you can about the moving companies’ background. It’s up to you to choose wisely the persons you are letting in your own house and trusting with all your belongings. 

Either you are hiring professional movers or performing the move on your own, try to cut down the load by giving away or selling unnecessary items. Among all your possessions there are probably many things that you haven’t been using for a while, neither you have an intention to use them. So, be generous and give those items to the charity, because someone out there would be very grateful for your gesture. Alternatively, you can organize a garage sale and even earn some money which could cover a small part of your overall moving expenses. 

Moving to another apartment might cause a shock for you, which is even bigger if you are changing the borough, not just the neighborhood. Even that close Manhattan and Brooklyn, people have different attitudes regarding them. Manhattan is known to be the most attractive NYC borough, so moving to a different one could be very crushing experience. However, being financially restricted, you may opt for some more affordable real estate solutions for example on Long Island. 

No matter how hopeless and desperate you feel while searching for the right apartment and moving, know that once it’s all over you have all the time in the world to decorate your new house the way you like, to enjoy your new environment and to treasure the change.

How to Enjoy a Fabulous Vacation on the Cheap

Vacations can be a no expense spared dream trip or a backpacking excursion undertaken on a strict budget. Obviously it’s fantastic if you can afford to travel first class and stay in luxury 5* hotels everywhere you go, but realistically this is probably not going to happen and if you only have a tiny budget, here are some useful tips to help your cash stretch that little bit further.

Look for Budget Accommodation

If you can’t bear the thought of staying in a vermin infested hostel fully of party mad teens, look for five-star bargains on coupon websites or And if you are willing to wait until the eleventh hour, you might be able to secure some great deals because hotels usually sell off their empty rooms at a heavily discounted price rather than have them sitting empty.

Airbnb is another good place to find top quality accommodation at a discounted price, but beware of handing over money to scammers advertising the best luxury villa in the world, only to discover it doesn’t exist. Alternatively, look at property swap websites if you live somewhere scenic and don’t mind letting strangers stay in your home for a week or two.

Find Cheap Flights

Flights can be really expensive, especially if you want to fly to a long haul destination, so it pays to shop around for a better deal. A recent study on airfares found that the best time to book a flight was 53 days before you want to travel. However, the optimum date varies according to where you want to travel to, so keep a close eye on fares and be willing to switch to a cheaper date.

It is also worth looking at code share flights. Often airlines code share with other carriers, so check to see if there are any price differences between the different carriers – you may be able to save a bit of money. Alternatively, save up frequent flier points and book a free flight.

Live Like Locals

Instead of booking an expensive all-inclusive stay in a luxury resort hotel, try staying off the beaten track and living like a local. Cheap accommodation isn’t difficult to find as we have already mentioned, and if you are willing to eat out in local places where the natives hang out, the food quality will be higher and the prices lower.

Buy Travel Accessories in Advance

Don’t be stung by rip-off prices at the airport – buy your travel plugs and neck pillows from discount stores and supermarkets before you fly.

Buy Travel Money in Advance

Buying currency at airports and seaports is tantamount to throwing your vacation money away. These places offer the worst possible exchange rates. You will enjoy a much better deal if you order foreign currency in advance, so shop around and check who has the best rates; then you will be able to spend more whilst abroad.

Being a savvy traveler means you can travel on the cheap – and have a lot more fun as a result.

Four reasons to visit France

France is one of the world’s most popular destinations and there are many reasons why travellers choose to holiday in the country. One of the best adverts for France is that 80% of the French people who leave home for their holidays actually choose to holiday elsewhere in the nation, rather than going to another country. You can’t get a better advert for a country than the bulk of its population not wanting to holiday anywhere else!

So why does France attract so many visitors? Here are just a few good reasons.

Land of history and heritage

France is packed with amazing cathedrals and chateaux, as well as beautiful sites such as Mont St Michel. Where France can let the visitor down, though, is the way in which sites of special historical interest are sometimes presented. Some of the guided tours around magnificent buildings such as the Palais de Versailles can be dull, so make sure to read some Trip Advisor reviews before booking a particular tour. You may have more fun just paying for the entry and going round by yourself.

The great outdoors

There’s a wealth of different landscapes to enjoy in France and, in many of them, you can cycle, bike and hike your way through beautiful territories. A great example would be the wine route in areas such as the Route des Grands Crus in the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy, where the fields are covered in hectares and hectares of vines, dotted with beautiful villages. For the more adventurous, there’s canyoning to be done – whether you choose the Verdon Gorge in the South East, the Chamonix Valley or around Mont-Blanc or the French Riviera. Canyoning is a mix of different sports, including abseiling down waterfalls, caving, climbing and rafting and it is a great way to get an adrenalin rush in beautiful and dramatic scenery.

Sampling the different wines of Burgundy is all part of the fun
[By Philip Larson]

Be a part of something big

You can always tie in your French trip with a big sporting event. Every year, the Tour de France weaves a different route across the length and breadth of France, and it can be great to stay somewhere near the route so you can stand by the roadside and cheer on the cyclists. In the build-up to the leaders and the peloton passing through, there’s also the lively atmosphere of the caravan – a stream of different merchandising vehicles that travel the route ahead of the cyclists. Though the cyclists will pass in a blur of helmets and lycra, it’s a great spectacle.

Next year sees a massive sporting event being hosted in France, when the finals of Euro 2016 take place in June and July. Nine cities, including Marseille, across France will host different matches, with the opening game and the final taking place at the Stade de France in Paris. The French are hosting the event for the third time and international football betting odds at the time of writing have the host country at around 4/1 to win the tournament, behind the 2014 World Cup winners Germany. Even if you don’t get tickets to any of the games, the atmosphere is sure to be lively while Euro 2016 is on in la belle France.


Notre Dame on the Seine in Paris
[By  dalbera]

Need we say more! Paris is a city that seems to be on most people’s travel bucket lists. The city is one that has always been linked with romance, beauty, art and history, and always will be. Paris is easy to navigate on foot, or using the public transport systems, and the different quarters all have their own appealing features. Few would visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower (even if they don’t go up it), taking a trip along the River Seine and visiting museums such as The Louvre and churches such as Notre-Dame.

Whatever the main reasons for wanting to visit France, few people will be disappointed. As well as all the amazing places to visit and see in France, part of the fun of a French holiday is soaking up the culture – things like the croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast, and the wonderful food you’ll be served in all types of restaurant. Then there are everyday things such as watching (or joining in) a game of boules with the old guys in the village square, settling into the slow pace of life in the countryside where you might have rented a gite, or people-watching on the beaches.
With generally clement summer weather, French holidays have a magical ambience to them. It’s no wonder people return again and again to this beautiful country.

A brief guide to Madrid

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Spain and this reputation is so for various reasons. Whether you are visiting Spains capital city for ten days or two, there are a number of things to see, do and desire in the area. From culture to cuisine, architectural majesty to collections, art and sports, fashion, lifestyle and more, Madrid is a definite destination for anyone who has never been there. There is simply too much to behold and it may be a little overwhelming to decide what to engage in and which places to visit. However, you should not worry about that as here are a few things to start with.

Start with the cuisine on your walk along Plaza Mayor

The best way to experience culture and lifestyle of a place is simply to walk around the streets and get a bite of some native or national delicacies known for the area. The popular advice tourists get when they visit Madrid is to buy and eat a squid roll while walking around. There are many restaurants and shops that offer this renowned Spanish delicacy. The Plaza mayor area is a good place to walk along and just experience the life and energy within this street. Many restaurants and bars there also offer you a squid roll to keep your happy nerves on.

Visit the museums
Everyone who has been to Madrid knows the majesty of the architecture. It is a city befitting a capital at the seat of an empire. The museums offer the best proof of this and there are a number to visit. Some of the most acclaimed include Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and Museo Sorolla among others. What’s amazing is that each has a different style ranging from traditional and classic to contemporary. They are also filled with awe-inspiring collections (permanent ones to be precise). Check the websites of these museums for more information on what your eyes will behold.

Visit Templo de Debod
This Egyptian temple was gifted to Spain back in 1968 and provides some amazing views for you to take shots of and keep lasting memories. You can see Palacio Real, Cathedral de la Almudena and Casa Del Campo as well as the incredible mountain views. It also offers relaxing picnics and strolls.

Where to stay
If you are looking for something luxurious then the five star hotel Hesperia Madrid is a great place to stay. There are different types of accommodation plans all designed and arranged in the highest of standards. The food is excellent and the hotel’s location allows you to visit the the most popular places in the city.

There are many other places to visit including the Royal Palace, the Retiro boat ride, Attocha Train Station and Puerta Del Sol among others. If your first time here you may under-estimate how much there is to see here. Just accept that you won’t be able to see everything and enjoy your time here.