Achieving the Most out of Nice on a Budget

One of the most popular tourist cities to visit in France is definitely the quaint city of Nice. With its amazing Mediterranean climate, beautiful old-fashioned buildings with amazing histories, sunny pebbled beaches and bright blue oceans, there is no question as to why this city is so loved. The problem with exploring France, the most romantic place on earth, is that many people feel that their wallets are not thick enough to experience the best that the land has to offer. This, however, is not the case. If one is able to travel smartly, having a clear understanding of the best places to stay, the cheapest ways to move around and pinpointing the most economical attractions to visit, you will be surprised to discover that you can achieve the full Nice experience, without your wallet having to suffer.


Nice may be known as having world-class hotels, although one tends to lose that cosy, warm feeling of a home when staying in a hotel, besides having to fork over large amounts of money for a bed and bathroom. Thankfully, Nice has a large number of beautiful self-catering or bed and breakfast villas and apartments that are cheaper, and allow you to achieve the true Nice housetrip experience.


Although Nice offers some great affordable public transportation, in the form of busses and trains, one of the best ways to view this romantic city is by bicycle. Along with many other progressive cities around the world, Nice has a top-class bike share system which provides an extremely cheap way to discover the city. The first 30 minutes are free, after which each additional hour costs one euro.

Exploring Museums

When it comes to learning about the rife history attached to France, and the lovely city of Nice, the best, and cheapest, places to do so is at the numerous museums spread around the city. These museums are completely free, making them the perfect attractions for a budget holiday. Nice is located in the area where some of the first evidence of human activity in Europe was discovered, and The Archaeological Museum in the Cimiez neighbourhood is the perfect place to discover more. For a more recent history though, the modern art museum MAMAC offers a collection of work from a massive number of artists. The museum’s roof terrace also offers visitors with some spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and buildings below, which are almost as beautiful as the works of art hanging on the walls inside.

Cruising around the Greek Islands

For the ultimate in relaxation, there’s nothing quite like renting a yacht and cruising around the Greek Islands. Most people choose to arrange a skippered yacht with crew to have a great sailing holiday in this beautiful part of the world. If you want to experience a Greek Island sailing holiday without having the pressure of looking after the boat yourself, then a crewed yacht charter in Greece is for you. An experienced skipper will arrange a suitable sailing route around the Ionian Islands giving you the freedom to do just what you want, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the many underwater caves.

Experienced yacht enthusiasts have the option to rent a bare-boat yacht, without a crew. This will give complete freedom of being able to choose where to go and how much time to spend off the shores of exotic Greek Islands such as Skorpios, Ithaca, Kefallonia or Kastos. Drop anchor in one of the many secluded bays to spend a day on land exploring local villages, towns and cities. Mykonos, one of the Cyclades Islands, is a great place to moor and spend the night. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and night life to enjoy with a party-like atmosphere during the peak summer months of May to September.

From May to September is the ideal time for sailing around the Greek Islands. The waters are calm and inviting, just what’s needed for a perfect vacation. The blue, turquoise waters with their beautiful colors lap the hot, soft, sandy beaches all around the coastline. Spend a few hours ashore and try the delicious Mediterranean Greek cuisine like salads or mezes which is usually served with flavored liqueurs for instance, home-made ouzo. Try dips served with bread loaf or pita bread while local yogurts make great desserts.

Many people choose to charter a yacht to discover historical ruins and Greek architecture. One of the most inviting groups of islands is Santorini in the Aegean Sea. It’s a sailing favorite in the summer with its award winning beaches, wineries, spectacular scenery and whitewashed villages of Akrotiri, Kamari, Mesaria and Vlichada. Check out the exciting capital of Fira and if you want to see a fantastic sunset, visit Ola. Have your camera ready on board your luxurious yacht so you can take photographs of Thira, a picturesque town perched on a cliff.

There’s a huge range of sailing boats to choose from as well as catamarans, motorboats and gulets. Share the cost with a group of friends or with your family for an unforgettable holiday experience. Charter a sailing vessel for a couple of weeks, a week, mid week break or a long weekend, it’s entirely up to you. During the low season, you can even rent a yacht for a day to get an idea of life on board a sailing vessel. When it comes to hiring a yacht charter in Greece, you’re sure to find a boat to suit your taste and budget.

Awe-Inspiring African Adventures – Go on Safari!

If you are looking for an eye opening, life changing experience, look no further than an African safari. Get back to nature and head out into the wilderness – there really is nothing like it, anywhere else on the planet. There are so many options to choose from, however; how on Earth are you ever going to decide?

In a perfect world, you would just do them all, but sadly, money and time are both finite resources. If you’ve got to choose just one, we’ve rounded up some of the finest safari experiences, so if you’re craving that nature-inspired epiphany, just take your pick and pack your bags!

Duba, Botswana – The Lion Sleeps Tonight…


…but hunts by day! That’s not normally the case, but it is in Duba: the main prides here tend to go out on the hunt during the daylight hours, which means the lucky visitor (read: you) gets to see the action up close!

Honestly, the natural world may have nothing more exhilarating to offer up than the impressive set pieces fought between lion and buffalo. Sometimes taking up the whole afternoon, the thrilling chase and battle combo never fails to take breaths away. Visit to get the best advice on when and where to go.

Zambezi Valley, Zambia – Peace, Tranquility and Life


If you want the ultimate in sheer, stripped-back natural beauty, then heading to the Zambezi Valley is a must. Unspoilt, virginal beauty is what awaits you here. Take a hike through the lush forests, explore the stunning floodplains, or just sit back for an evening and soak up the almost infinite starlight; it’s a getaway in every sense of the word.

What do you want to get out of your safari? Big game? Check. Crocs? Check. Clouds of beautiful white butterflies during migration season? Huge check! (Seriously, this is amazing – if you have the chance, you should definitely take it!) Head over to for more.

Kruger, South Africa – The Big One (or Five)


Of all the places to see in South Africa, Kruger is almost definitely number one. If you can only do one safari in your lifetime, it should probably be this one – it’s the most beginner-friendly by far, and it offers perhaps the greatest chance of ticking off all of the Big Five (rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard) in one go.

You can also live the life of luxury in the southern section of the Park, sipping on a glass of fine red wine and eating the best in modern cuisine as you watch the sun set over the savannah. However, if you would prefer to rough it under the stars, you can do this too – just make sure you head to the northern sector! Here you will find the real bush, populated with a frankly ridiculous variety of birds. Well worth the trek! Use for the ultimate experience.

Will Wearable Technology Change How We Travel?

Today’s traveler knows that being on the go doesn’t mean being any less connected. Between mobile devices and wireless internet connections, staying entertained and in-the-know while traveling is simply an expectation. With new wearable technology, mobile accessibility and connectivity even simpler.

Beating the Battery Blues

Wearable Technology
[Image via Flickr by Janitors]

With wearable technology, like the iWatch, a longer battery life means more time to stay connected. The Samsung Galaxy Gear allows on-the-go travelers to check simple information, and its battery life beats that of most phones. This means that even a long day of traveling with no charge port in sight won’t keep you from getting flight delay notifications or looking up directions to your client meeting.

Staying Clued-In

[Image via Flickr by katerha]

Google Glass is probably the hottest piece of wearable technology, keeping its users clued in while on-the-go. The location-aware app Field Trip lets Google Glass give you insight on your surroundings, so even people who can’t navigate their way out of a paper bag always know where they are. The Heads Up Display allows you to check emails, take photos and learn more as you explore the world.

Wearable technology like Google Glass can also help travelers who have to deal with last-minute changes. For example, imagine you arrive at your hotel in Honolulu to find out there was a problem with your reservation. With wearable technology, for example, you could easily find another place to stay by looking up Honolulu hotels on Gogobot.

Watch the Google Glass video:

Less Fumbling

Imagine how much simpler checking your phone would be if you didn’t have to pull it out of your purse, pocket, bag or holster every time. With a smartwatch, the traveler possesses all the functions of the phone right on their wrist. Instead of possibly ruining your phone with an accidental splash in a street puddle or cracking the screen with a fumble to the hard tile floor of the airport terminal, your information is available secured to your wrist. For the savvy traveler, this wearable device means smoother sailing.

Smarter Staff

While the newest advances in wearable tech simplifies life for the traveler, it doesn’t have to be solely worn by the traveler to be a great help. In fact, when Virgin Atlantic decked out their staff members in Google Glass, staff members were alerted when VIP passengers arrived and could easily update arriving passengers on the most current flight information. Virgin Atlantic also noted that staff could figure out passenger’s dietary restrictions, refreshment preferences, translate foreign languages and look up the weather of their destinations.

Logging Your Travels

Life blogging is possible with Memoto, a wearable camera that snaps two pictures every minute to help you track your travels. The avid blogger can record their every move with a small camera that simply pins to the chest. While you might not want to keep every photo snapped during your trip, you can always delete them later. 

It is easy to see how looking at the weather forecast, searching for nearby deals or having an easy way to check out local points of interest would make your trip smoother. With wearable technology, those tasks are becoming ever easier. 

You Can Afford a Trip to Miami, here’s 4 Ideas to Help You do it

Do you want to take a trip to Miami without breaking the bank? It may seem dauting planning a vacation to one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, but it’s possible to enjoy the city without spending a lot of money. You just have avoid tourist traps and forge your own way.

Here are four ideas for how you can save money on a trip to Miami:

1) Getting there: Flying or Driving?

Besides lodging expenses, getting to Miami will probably be your biggest expense. There are advantages and disadvantages to both flying and driving.

Assuming you have a car, it’s important to remember that driving costs more than just gas. You’ll need food for the road, the cost of upkeep, and if you live more than twelve hours away, you’ll probably have to stop for the night, which will eat into any “savings” you thought you were getting by driving. On the other hand, road trips can be part of the experience, and when you get to Miami you’ll have transportation.

The trick to flying is knowing when to buy tickets, and it’s pretty simple: buy tickets well in advance (at least three weeks before your trip). When you factor in all the costs of driving, flying can actually be cheaper and less tiring. However, you’ll either need to take public transit or rent a car when you get to Miami. 

2) Where You’ll Stay

Hotel costs are often the bulk of the costs of any trip. However, don’t simply assume that you need a hotel. Camping is a great alternative, especially if you’re the outdoors type, and generally only costs $10 or so per night. Similarly, many schools rent out dorm rooms in the summer, giving you a cheap room and a shower.

3) What You’ll Eat

Eating out for every meal can get expensive quickly, especially in places like Miami, but eating out isn’t your only option.  Even though you may not have a kitchen in your hotel room, buying simple food from a grocery store, or better yet from a Farmers Market is cheaper than eating out all the time. You can even bring a cooler full of ice to store perishables like milk or jelly for PB&Js.

If you do decide to eat out, it is worth good money to hike a little ways from any tourist attraction to find a restaurant with reasonable prices.

4) What You’ll Do

In Miami you’re probably going to spend at least some time on the beach. As long as you bring your own food and sunblock, the beach is a wonderful budget-friendly choice.

However, don’t miss all the other great things Miami has to offer the money-conscious. For example, check out free museum days, local gardens, and local tours for a deeper flavor of the city. 

As you can see, you don’t have to pay a lot to of money to get a great vacation, you just have to pay attention.

How to Enjoy Short Breaks in the UK

It should be of no surprise that we could all use a little time to get away now and again. Why then wouldn’t we want to take some time for great little breaks somewhere that’s amazing. You have got your choice of where you go and where you stay when you go away, but for travel in and around the UK it’s a wise idea to consider the following.

City Breaks: There are so many places to stay in cities and so many of them are just average to really poor. When you are thinking of where you and your sweetheart or you and your family are going to lay down your head, you had best consider somewhere worthy of your time. Especially when you are in a metro area like York, Glasgow, Belfast or Cardiff; there is so much else to see and do that you don’t want to be worried about your flat. You probably have lots of other reasons for going there as well, why risk it with a shoddy stay? Whether it’s just sight seeing or you have some business to tend to or one of your mates is hosting an event, you want to be able to stay somewhere amazing. 

Weekend Breaks: There may be times when you are just interested in dodging off and seeing what you can find for a weekend event. Maybe you and some friends want to head down to London or Wales a weekend of partying and relaxation, You are going to need to have a place where you all can carouse around a single spot and a place to lay your head. If you are out traveling with your mates then maybe even over the fineries you may be in search of some supreme kind of value. These are times when you need to find places which have got no frills without sacrificing on the overall experience. Your weekend breaks can be a memorable occasion when you keep your sights set on the things you want and the things you need.

Short Breaks: Another time you may want to head out may be for a break to get away for a couple of days or longer. Maybe you are hoping to head out from the city and take holiday somewhere removed where you and your sweetie can get away and relax. When you are taking that added effort to get out and get away you need to be able to find some accommodations which won’t leave you out in the cold. Even if this is a situation where you’re taking a short break and you don’t know where you will stay only a few nights off, it still pays to try and find the very best accommodations when you are doing so. Partnering with a company who has got all your needs in mind makes the most sense. 

If you’re hoping to take some great little breaks why not go off with the company who shares the name? Great Little Breaks is a partner with all manner of amazing 2-5 star hotels in and around the UK. From the Highlands to the Channel Islands Great Little Breaks has got you covered. They can find you the highest quality accommodations which not just meet but totally exceed their customers expectations. Whether it’s an urban loft you are seeking or a vast country estate which fits your needs Great Little Breaks has got you covered. From top to bottom you can count on their more than 15 years experience in keeping pace with the ever changing luxury UK lodging marketplace. 

Experience the true Australia with Gagudju Dreaming

You haven’t explored the wonders of Australia unless you have experienced Kakadu National reserve. You may hear this name interchanges with the formal name of Gagudju. That is because Kakadu is the nickname for Gagudju region, that has become accepted as the real name of the reserve

This reserve is like no other, it incorporates all the parts of great Australia that make it a true adventure. The weather is hot and at times rainy, so be prepared for the true Australian outback experience.

The nature reserve spans nearly 20,000 square kilometres, and incorporates major landforms, hills and basins as well as floodplains, lowlands, tidal waves, stone country, estuaries and the famous outliers. The geography here also includes four major river systems: The South Alligator, East Alligator, West Alligator and the Wildman rivers (The names alone should say it all). The vast wildlife includes over 300 animal species and over 1000 different plant species.

This is why Gagudja is the ultimate Australian adventure- it has everything and Gagudju Dreaming helps you get the most of your Australian adventure.

There are a number of activities tours as well as accommodation for all types of adventures, including family tours,

The main tourist activities are the

· Yellow Water Cruises

The Yellow Water Billabong is one of the most exciting wetlands in Kakadu. It includes floodplains and those exciting backwater swamps wetlands and river channels. These tours will give you a detailed guide of the entire wetland-in a safe environment, of course. Let’s not forget that these wetlands are filled with crocodiles, snakes and other scary creatures. You will get to see all this exciting scenery and wildlife, in the comfort and safety of a tour boat, under the supervision of a professional.

· Yellow Water Fishing

When in Australia, you want that rough outback experience, you want to feel like crocodile Dundee. What better way than fishing for the well-known and popular Barramundi fish in the billabong. These fishing expeditions are 3 hours each and an professional fishing guide will teach you all the techniques you need to be that real outback survivor. What’s more, the tour provides all the gear you need-just bring yourself and a sense of adventure.

· Spirit of Kakadu Adventure Tours

This is by far one of the most beautiful off-road tours of Kakadu if you want to experience the true beauty of Australia. The swimming holes, escarpments and waterfalls of Kakadu are all included in this tour. You do have to be reasonably fit and healthy though. There will be a lot of climbing and walking, so make sure you’re good to go.

· Yellow Water Under the Stars Cruise

If you think Kakadu is beautiful during the day, you have to see it at night. This is a enchanting night cruise under the stars on a glistening waterway.

When you’re done with the outdoor adventures, why not soak in some culture with the Warradjan Cultural Centre, and learn about ancient Aboriginal culture, through artwork and Aboriginal traditional land owners telling their stories.

There is plenty of accommodation in Kakadu, for all sorts of visits, be it families, retirees, adventure groups, and couples.

Some great lodges include the:

· Kakadu Crocodile Hotel,

· Cooinda Lodge

· Yellow Water Camping – if you brave enough to rough it, then camping will just wrap up that true Australian adventure

So don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone and explore the magic, adventure and outdoor spirit of Kakadu with Gagudju Dreaming.

4 of New York City’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Hotels in New York City have to know how to serve everyone from broke students to foreign royalty. That diverse market creates a huge gap between hotels. When you want to find truly luxurious accommodations, you can rely on these hotels to exceed your expectations.

The St. Regis New York

The St. Regis New York is a beautiful hotel with a great location near 5th Avenue’s shopping district. The chandeliers, opulent furniture, and well-dressed staff only hint at the hotel’s most important feature: guest services. The St. Regis New York is so luxurious that guests have access to 24-hour on call butlers. If a guest wants someone to draw a bath at 3 AM, the butler will come to perform the service happily. It’s like vacationing in a mansion. It’s definitely a top contender for being one of the coolest and most extravagant hotels in the Big Apple.

Gramercy Park Hotel

[gramercy park hotel lighting by coco+kelley on Flickr.]

Gramercy Park Hotel offers the kind of luxury that sensitive people will appreciate. It has a rich history that adds character to every room. Humphrey Bogart and his first wife were married at the hotel. Members of the Kennedy family stayed at the hotel for several months. Several famous writers and performers have lived in the hotel. Travelers who want that sense of history will flock to Gramercy Park Hotel, which still offers the exceptional services that attracted so many of the rich and famous during the 20th century.

Gramercy Park hotel currently offers some of the city’s nicest accommodations in an area that gives guests a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan streets.

The Plaza

Every list of luxurious New York City hotels must include the Plaza. It’s an institution that defines luxury accommodations and services. After receiving a $400-million renovation in 2008, the Plaza is nicer than ever. The Plaza is an exclusive hotel, but that exclusivity means that guests can take advantage of services like a private Rolls Royce, 24-hour room service, and a 24-hour butler. This hotel was made for people who expect a higher level of luxury. It’s hard to imagine that anyone ever feels underwhelmed by the Plaza.

Mandarin Oriental, New York

The Mandarin Oriental has one of the best locations of any hotel in New York City. Its address on Columbus Circle puts it right across the street from Central Park. Guests can easily walk to some of the city’s best features, including the Lincoln Performance Center and the Museum of Modern Art.

Guests who want to relax have access to one of the city’s best spas. The spa’s long menu of à la carte and package services including facials, manicures, pedicures, and full body massages. The spa even has bento box lunches for guests who want snacks after hours of pampered service.

Have you ever stayed at one of these luxurious New York City hotels? What features impressed you most?

The Essential Fishing Equipment For Every Traveler

The great outdoors is rich with wonder and majesty, and it calls to every outdoors-man (and woman!) Many people enjoy traveling to be able to see the wild across the world – coniferous forests, jungle havens, surging rivers and so much more. And as they travel, these people use skills learned for the outdoors – skills such as tracking, foraging and, of course, fishing.

Of course, like all things worth doing right, fishing requires preparation. To get the most out of your angling experience, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right gear for the job. Here’s a list of essential fishing equipment that every traveler should have when they take to the water and cast their lines.

– Clothing for the trip. You’ve heard it said that you should dress for the job you want, and this applies to being an angler. The first thing you need in this regard is a hat, since you’ll be exposed to both rain and sun while on the water. Speaking of water, have an extra pair of socks and shoes in case your current pair gets wet. Insects also tend to frequent bodies of water, so wear long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from any biting pests.

– A reliable rod. Most of the time, it will be very hard to catch fish without one. Bring a quality rod that you can trust – it may involve paying a little extra, but you get what you pay for and you don’t want your rod to break while trying to land a big one. As a matter of fact, bring a spare rod with you as well, just to be on the safe side.

– Fishing license. The long arm of the law stretches into the great outdoors, and you don’t want to end your trip with fines or worse. Be sure you have the right one for the area you’ll be fishing in – different places have different laws and regulations.

– Waterproof bag or container. You will likely want to have your valuables, such as your cellphone and wallet, close to you at all times. Being out on the water, it will be a good idea to keep them in a bag or holder of some sort that will keep them inside and water outside. Nothing ruins a fishing trip like a soaked cellphone.

– First aid supplies. Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime, and being out away from others can make them a little scarier. Keep a first aid kit handy for anything such as cuts, bites, stings or other injuries. Better safe than sorry!

– A cooler. When you catch fish, you’ll need something to keep them fresh and cool. Keep a cooler on hand, and your catches will keep as long as you need them to.

– Toilet paper. It’s not a glamorous concept, but we all have to go at some point. Having something to keep yourself clean with is a prudent idea, even if you have access to a restroom.

– A working boat motor. Unless you’re paddling, you won’t get anywhere without one of these. If you’re using a motor-propelled craft, it should have an operational and reliable engine. To be on the safe side, check around for electronic boat motors if you feel you need a fresh one.

– A camera. Yes, it seems frivolous – but when you pull in that huge bass, it won’t hurt to have photo proof of your accomplishment.

A lot can happen on your fishing trip, so be sure you’ve got all the essentials to make it successful and enjoyable!

Windy City Blowhards: 4 Stand-Up Destinations in Chicago

Comedy wouldn’t be what it is today without Chicago’s contribution. For one, the city is the birthplace of sketch comedy, producing the legendary Second City troupe in the 1950s. Chicago is also where SNL scouts for fresh talent when it needs to replenish its cast. In fact, the Windy City is where powerhouse comedic duo Amy Poehler and Tina Fey originally met. From this rich comedic history, Chicago has cultivated a world-class stand-up scene with a dizzying array of acts. If you’re in the city and ready for gut-busting, knee-slapping laughter, don’t miss these four stand-up destinations.

The Second City Mainstage
Specializing in sketch and improv comedy, The Second City launched the careers of comedians like Steve Carell, Tina Fey, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Joan Rivers, and Chris Farley. The group launched its 102nd revue this month, with shows every night of the week except Monday on the Mainstage. The club offers cocktails and food throughout the shows. While The Second City’s Wells Street location focuses mostly on sketch comedy, its new 300-seat UP Comedy Club on North Ave features stand-up regularly.

Chicago Underground Comedy
Chicago Underground Comedy
[Image via Flickr by -Tripp-]
According to the venue’s site, this is not the place to come if you want to hear a weary bit about stereotyped differences between men and women. But if you want local up-and-coming comedians’ fresh takes on things like working as a barista and getting a drunk-driving charge on a bike, Chicago Underground Comedy is the place for you. This spot is ideal for young-and-broke people who want a good laugh—admission is usually $5, and the average beer costs $4.

The Comedy Bar
Three nights a week, Entourage nightclub becomes River North’s The Comedy Bar, which is essentially a stage and 160 chairs set up on a dance floor. Expect to see standup veterans as headliners, with special events hosted by co-owner Jim Belushi. Ticket prices are around $10, the decor is über chic, and there is no drink minimum. The venue is near The Magnificent Mile, which is a great place for visitors to stay for easy access to comedy clubs.

This club is unique in that it offers family-friendly comedy for all ages with shows ranging in price from $10 to $22. ComedySportz’s main show begins with two teams in jerseys facing off in an improv competition in which players receive penalties for swearing or using sexual innuendo. During the show, the players engage in a variety of short-form improv games, and the audience largely decides the victor. The founder of the ensemble first did improv with the people who went on to create Airplane! and The Naked Gun.

Finding a place with hilarious stand-up in Chicago is not exactly a challenge. With venues like these, the real problem will be trying to pick just one. Each destination has its own comedic niche, from alt-comedy to all-ages comedy, so choose the venue that offers your kind of jokes in your ideal environment.