Exploring Florida away from the main attractions

Most of the 100 million annual visitors to Florida head for the well-known destinations like Disney World, Kennedy Space Center and the Universal Studios. While these are essential attractions, especially for the first time visitor, there is more to Florida than just its top five destinations.

A trip to Florida should ideally be split between time spent at a base in Orlando and then Fort Lauderdale or Miami. You can then use day trips to explore both the well-known destinations and the hidden jewels in and around these cities. If you’re flying in to Florida, it’s best to rent a car for the duration of your visit.

Instead of expensive and impersonal hotels, consider the option of short-term vacation rentals, for that home away from home environment. WorldEscape offers a wide range of options from studio apartments in Fort Lauderdale, to four bedroom beachfront houses in Miami, and 75 cities around the world. All accommodations are located in friendly and safe neighborhoods and give you the opportunity to live with, and like, the locals.

Attractions around Orlando

Orlando is the home of both Disney and TNA wrestling. It is also your base to explore the Kennedy Center and Universal Studios, as well as some lesser known, but worth a visit, attractions.


A half an hour drive north on US 441 and west on 414, brings you to the languid town of Apopka. It’s one of those ordinary towns that have many attractions around it. The West Orange trail that originates here, is a 40-mile train ride through dense woods, historic towns and around lakes.

The Kelly Park and the Wekiwa River are ideal for canoeing and kayaking and offer unforgettable vistas as you paddle. Take a dip in the clear water and swim with the fishes, while surrounded by lush vegetation. Northwest of Apopka lies Mount Dora, a quaint lakeside community famous for its art galleries and shops selling antiques and curios.

Attractions around Miami

Miami is one of America’s original gateway cities for seafarers from Europe and South America. It’s a popular tourist destination with a strong Hispanic identity. Take a day to explore South Beach, Little Havana and the Art Deco District, to get a flavor of the city. A visit to the famous Cape Florida Lighthouse, located in the Bill Baggs Florida State Park, brings you close to nature.

Everglades City

Ninety minutes west on US 41 brings you to Everglades City, your gateway to the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands. Get on the water early to see the wildlife such as alligators, turtles, snakes, dolphins, and over two hundred species of birds, including the Bald Eagle. Airboat rides typically run from 4-6 hours and take you deep into this unique ecosystem.

The Florida Keys

The overseas highway, also called US Highway 1, connects the mainland with over 40 islands in the Florida Keys. It stretches 127 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, running from Key Largo to the outermost and most famous island, Key West. Make pit stops along the way to enjoy snorkeling, conch fritters and great photo opportunities.

Some of the best-kept secrets of the Sunshine State are off the beaten track, but well worth a visit. These destinations offer seclusion, a ton of outdoor activity options and amazing vistas. Enjoy your trip.

7 interesting facts about Armenia

Situated just at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, Armenia is a wonderful and ancient country that is really worth visiting. It will amaze its guests with а difficult but victorious history, a huge number of amazing attractions, picturesque mountainous landscapes, and of course, kind and hospitable locals. If got interested in Armenia as a tourist destination here are 7 interesting facts for you to know about this wonderful land.

1. Armenia was the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as state religion

Armenia was the first country in the world that adopted Christianity. It happened in 301 with the assistance of Gregory the Illuminator and Armenian king Trdat III. After this momentous event the first church in the world was constructed – Holy Echmiadzin Church. Now the monuments of Christianity can be found throughout the country: the ancient churches and monasteries, unique cross-stones covered with the finest carving, murals found in abandoned monasteries. So during your vacation in Armenia try to necessarily visit the most beautiful and majestic churches: Khor Virap, Noravank, Geghard, Tatev, Sevanavank, Sanahin, Aghpat, Echmiadzin Cathedral. If you want to get acquainted with unique Armenian cross- stones (khachkars) visit Noraduz village with its cemetery containing 900 khachkars of various styles and epochs.

2. Armenian capital, Yerevan, is 29 years older than Rome

Mt Ararat and Yerevan

Armenia has had many capitals that were established, flourished, then destroyed and deserted. Yerevan is the 12th capital of Armenia and Armenians hope that it will be the last one. The history of this wonderful city dates back to 2792 years, which shows that it is 29 years older than Rome. Nevertheless, Yerevan is a modern city with beautiful architecture, fashionable shops, well-designed restaurants and wonderful atmosphere. Explore it by yourself, visit its educational museums and sights, have a rest in its nice and cozy parks, order national dishes in its restaurants and you will definitely fall in love with this ancient and at the same time young hospitable city!

3. Mount Ararat is the national symbol of Armenia

Khor Virap

Despite the fact that Mount Ararat is now located at the territory of Turkey, it still remains the national symbol of Armenia. Armenians honor this majestic Biblical Mount as for them Ararat is more than just a splendid marvel of nature. For the most magnificent view of Ararat climb the upper part of Cascade in Yerevan or visit the monastery of Khor Virap, which is famous for the magnificent view. There are no need to describe the emotions that will arise during your excursion to the monastery: the view is breathtaking! Just come and feel it yourself.

4. Armenian bread lavash is included into UNESCO heritage list


It is impossible to imagine Armenian table without lavash. It is a thin national bread prepared from wheat flour and water and it has completely Armenian origin. In this unique thin bread you can wrap anything you want! By the way, lavash can be kept during one year without turning bad, that’s why Armenian housewives bake it in bulk and then store. Lavash can be bought in any market, supermarket of Armenia and it is even exported abroad with the label «Armenian lavash». Some years ago it was included into UNESCO world heritage list.

5. Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world

About 4 years ago archaeologists made excavations in Areni village and found the remains of the winery that was proved to be the most ancient in the world. It’s about 6000 years old!

6. The longest rope way in the world was constructed in Armenia

The rings of Tatev

Have you ever flied over the picturesque canyon for more than 15 minutes? If not, you will have such an opportunity during your holiday in Armenia, as some years ago there was constructed the longest rope way in the world called “The Rings of Tatev”. It stretches to 5,7 km over the picturesque Vorotan canyon and leads to the masterpiece of Armenian medieval architecture – Tatev Monastery. The rope way is included into the Guinness Book of Records.

7. Armenian Lake Sevan is the largest in Caucasus

Lake Sevan

The gem of Armenian nature, Lake Sevan, is listed as the largest lake in Caucasus and the major fresh-water high-altitude lake in the world. The beauty of the lake is really impressing: its azure waters shine under the sky and the picture is completed by amazing mountainous landscapes surrounding the lake. Once in Armenia, try to necessarily visit this wonderful place, which is one of the most favorite natural attractions among tourists and is included in almost all tour packages to Armenia. The territory around Sevan is well-oragnized for a rest: you will find, hotels, cottages, restaurants here as well as will have an opportunity to take yachts, catamarans and even windsurf!

Alternative Ways To Finance Your Travels

Travel broadens the mind, enriches the soul and is a fantastic way to unwind and explore new surroundings. The downside to all of this is that travel can also be expensive.

Logbook loans
As those who wish to travel during school holiday time are only too well aware, the peak season acts like a green traffic signal to travel operators to increase their prices. If you can’t travel at any other time you may have to resort to a log book loan from Car Cash Point in order to book your flight and have some spending money to spare.

Recycle your electronics
We are always being encouraged to recycle unwanted goods, and by using certain websites you may actually be able to make some extra cash to put towards your travels. An article in The Daily Telegraph states that you can raise £45 by selling your old iPhone 4 to a specialist recycling company. Old CDs, games and DVDs can also bring in the extra bucks. If carry out this exercise on a regular basis you’ll have a pleasant pot of cash to take with you on your journey.

Boot sales
Tastes change and possessions that you adored several years ago might now look outdated. This is the time to find your nearest car boot sale. You will have to pay a site fee, but that’s it. The rest of the money that you raise from selling your goods can go towards your holiday fund. Just remember that the object of the exercise is to raise money; so don’t spend your precious profit on new goods to replace those you’ve just sold.

Rent posh frocks
If you enjoy dressing up but don’t want to spend all of your salary on a spectacular designer item, then consider renting your clothes. Go online and track down one of the many sites that offer this facility and you may be able to rent a beautiful posh frock for a mere £50.

Visit the pawnbrokers
If you’ve spotted a travel bargain that’s really exceptional but you don’t have the necessary finds in your bank account, then why not try your local pawnbrokers for an emergency loan? Ask the broker what sum you’ll be able to raise on your old musical instruments, jewels etc and you may be pleasantly surprised. Do take interest rates into account when working out whether you can repay the amount on the required date. Once the deal is arranged you can leave the shop with the cash and be able to secure that wonderful travel bargain.

Become a mobile advertiser
The website The Money Charity suggests that if you have a car you can always sign up with an agency and use your car windows or the body of your vehicle to advertise a company’s goods and services. Remuneration comes in at £60 per month, and the logos can always be removed at a later date.

There are always ways to raise some extra cash, just use your imagination and ingenuity.

How to Do Ayia Napa on the Quiet

Ayia Napa has become somewhat synonymous for boozy holiday destinations – its reputation for free shots, fishbowl cocktails and all nighters precedes it these days – and while it is certainly a destination for the 24-hour party people, there’s a lot more to this ancient town than many think.

So here’s how to do a trip to Ayia Napa without troubling the local night spots, and without the local night spots bothering you…

How to Do Ayia Napa on the Quiet
[Source: Thulborn-Chapman Photography]

Choose Your Beach Resort Carefully

There are loads of beautiful beaches around Ayia Napa, and Nissi is the one most people head for, but it’s best avoided if you’re looking for a quiet time – the western part of the beach draws massive crowds during the summer thanks to high profile DJ sets, parties and other events.

Conversely, the nearby fine white sands and crystal waters of nearby Sandy Beach is a lot quieter and therefore popular with families and watersports enthusiasts. If you want a really quiet time though, Ammos Tou Kambouri is a small quiet sandy beach off the beaten track. You get there via an unsurfaced pathway near the Ayia Napa caves – with rock pools to explore along the way. Kermia and Limnara beach are also quieter resorts, located on a small bay on the edge of Cape Greco National Park.

Take a Boat Trip

Avoid the boozed-up party cruises of Ayia Napa and take a trip out to one of the nearby ports for a quiet boat trip around the island. For instance, Victory harbour at Protaras runs small boat rides to Cape Greco Point where the fabled Ayia Napa monster “Napy” is supposed to live.

The coastline around this part of Cyprus also has some excellent snorkelling and the Ayia Napa caves are great spots for swimming.

Become a Culture Vulture

If you take a daytime walk into Ayia Napa’s Platia Seferi – or the Square, the city’s notorious party district – and past a bar called ‘Teasers’, you’ll find a beautiful 15th century Venetian monastery, formed around an ancient chapel carved from a cave and set in an idyllic tree-lined courtyard. Just make sure you’re away from there before the revellers begin to pack the square again!

It’s also worth taking a trip to the Thalassa Museum of the Sea, a relatively new and vast museum chronicling the the impact and significance of the sea on the island, from as far back as paleontological times to the present day.

Particularly interesting artefacts include the fossilised remains of dwarf elephants and pygmy hippos that were found in 2002 and date back over 250,000 years, and the life-size replica of the Kyrenia II, a merchant ship built in 400BC salvaged from the seabed in the 60s.

Alion Beach Hotel
[Source: Alion Beach Hotel.]

Pick a Quiet Hotel

This is arguably the most important part of doing Ayia Napa on the quiet – get your hotel wrong and you could easily be up all night – so make sure you do your research and pick a hotel in one of the quieter areas. The Grecian Bay hotel, for instance, is in a quiet location right on the beach and in easy walking distance of the harbour, or the Alion Beach Hotel has its own private beach and is far enough away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to stroll into town.

Top Museums to Visit in London

London is filled with thousands of years of history, and the best way to explore some of this is by visiting a few of the museums the city offers. From the traditional types such as the Natural History Museums, to the atypical such as the London Transport Museum, there is something for every type of traveler. We have gathered a list of the top museums you should visit to help planning your trip to London much easier.

Natural History Museum

For those who love dinosaurs, creepy crawly specimens, massive trees which are bigger than people, extinct elephant birds, and more, the Natural History Museum is a great choice to keep all types of travelers entertained. There are million upon millions of artifacts housed in this museum, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get to see all of them.

The Natural History Museum is centrally located and a good place to start your search for some of the best hotels in London.

Science Museum

If you are traveling with kids or you enjoy science, make sure you schedule time to visit the Science Museum in London. There are seven floors of educational and interactive exhibit for visitors to play in. Space and flight lovers will enjoy the Apollo 10 command module and flight simulator and might have them questioning what career path they have chosen. Those who want to bring home a souvenir should stop at the museum shop and look at their wacky toys for sale.

National Maritime Museum

England has explored the world for centuries in the pursuit of better trade. The maritime history has been preserved and can be explored at the National Maritime Museum. Don’t be surprised if you get pulled back in time as you explore the wreckage of a Zeppelin from the early 1900s. The Time Galleries will give you a glimpse back to the time before people understood what “time” was.

London Transport Museum

The many floors of the London Transport Museum will keep you busy for hours, exploring all they have to offer. The first underground engine can be walked through, along with a wooden Metropolitan Railway coach. There are even old transport posters from the likes of Abram Games, Graham Sutherland, and more. The original tube map is even up for display.

If you want to take this experience outdoors, book a tour on the London Vintage Open Bus to explore the city like they used to decades ago.

Imperial War Museum

War history buffs will have to be dragged away from this massive museum dedicated to the imperial wars. There are World War I and World War II galleries filled with major artifacts, from guns, to tanks, to aircrafts. The third floor of the museum is filled with the Holocaust Exhibition, a place not recommended for kids under 14 years old. No matter how much of the museum you explore, you’ll walk away with a better understanding and appreciation for the struggle England has been through during the war.

5 Not to Miss Locations in Italy and Things to Do there

[Florence – one of the many highlights of Italy.]

If you are planning a trip to Italy, for instance through Tauck Tours, then there are a number of locations that you shouldn’t miss. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see them all in a single visit, but that just means you will have to go to Italy more often!

Go Shopping in the Sorrentine Peninsula

People think Milan is all about the shopping, but the Sorrentine Peninsula is way better. Some of the great things you can find there include pottery and ceramics, which have been made with local natural clay since the 13th century. You will also be able to find amazing tiles and dishware. The peninsula is about 50 km long, running along the side of the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Of course, you may have no interest in ceramics and pottery, but the sheer history of this place is absolutely fascinating as well. Plus, the food is amazing.

Go Eating in Modena

The Modena Province is found in the Emilia-Romanga region of the country and if you love food, this is where you need to be. It has both cultural highlights and culinary delights, meaning it is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. You will find local delicacies in each of the little villages of this area. Naturally, pasta and pizza are available in abundance as well, but there is much more than that, not to mention the sweets. And, Italy being Italy, you can wash everything down with some gorgeous wines as well.

Become Artistic in Florence

Florence is where the Italian Renaissance started and it will forever be a place of art. Whether you want to look at art, watch it being made or try your hands at making art yourself, you are in the right place. While the major museums are fantastic, the small local galleries are also not to be missed.

Love Fashion in Mantua

Milan is usually credited not just with shopping but also with fashion. However, if you want to see some truly beautiful and unusual fashion, then Mantua is the place to go, in the Lombardy region. Fashion here is cutting edge and the existing fashion as well as the amazing views in the region have been the inspiration for many of the world’s largest fashion houses.

Enjoy Nature in Umbria

Umbria is known as the ‘Green Heart of Italy’ and for good reason. Everybody should visit this part of the country at least once in their life. It is filled with beautiful wineries, acres of olive grove farms and landscapes that are like straight from a postcard. If you love wine and nature, you are guaranteed to lose your heart in Umbria.

These are just some of the not to be missed places in Italy. Once you experience the country, it is likely that you will return again and again. Its beauty, its people, its food, its art – each more intoxicating than the other.

The Best Parks of San Francisco

San Francisco is a vibrant city, filled with attractions, restaurants, parks, and more to keep any visitor busy for his or her entire stay. While visiting the famous landmarks is a great time, you should also schedule a few hours to explore some of the many beautiful parks the city has to offer. Golden Gate Park is the most famous, but there are a plethora more that have various offerings to keep you busy. Here is a list of our top picks for San Francisco parks to help lower your planning time.

Golden Gate Park

The most visited park in the city, Golden Gate Park has much offer visitors who venture here. Over 1,000 acres in size, this large park is filled with trails for those who like to walk, run, or bike. The botanical garden inside Golden Gate Park is a perfect place to capture a few photographs for those budding photographers traveling with you. There is even a bison paddock; who would have thought they’d see bison in a Californian city?

If you want a different view of this park, you should consider booking a tour on a bay cruise boat.

Marina Green

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a view of some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, Marina Green is where you should head. You can get some great photos of Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz Island, and even parts of Marin County. On windy days, you’d be smart to bring a kite here and join in with all the others who know about this hidden gem.

Marina Green Park is surrounded by some of the best hotels in San Francisco. It would be a good idea to start your accommodation search here.

Twin Peaks

Who knew there were mountains in the city? Well, not exactly mountains, but Twin Peaks are some of the tallest points in the area. Head to this park if you want to get a bit of exercise in by summiting one or both of them. Don’t forget to bring a jacket, as it can get a bit windy as you head up the hills.

Glen Canyon Park

San Francisco is filled with hidden gems, and Glen Canyon Park is one you should carve out some time to explore. If you want a more traditional park experience, you can relax on the grass. Climbing enthusiasts will love the canyon in the middle of the park, which provides some of the best bouldering in the city. There’s even a ropes course for those who want to test their endurance. No matter what you are looking for, Glen Canyon Park is a good choice for almost all types of travelers.

TPC Harding Park

Golf lovers can’t miss a visit to this park, as it is home to one of the PGA Tour’s Tournament Player Club courses. Call to see if you can snag a tee time and walk in the footsteps of many of the current golfing legends. Or just enjoy the beautiful landscape the park has to offer.

Fun Activities for a Family Getaway to San Diego

If you’ve booked a family trip to San Diego, you must know you are in for a good time. Known for its sandy beaches, beautiful parks, and warm weather, this Southern California city is guaranteed to be a blast to explore.

From visiting the animals at the San Diego Zoo to catching a live baseball game to watching creatures play at SeaWorld, you’ll never run out of things to do while in this city. We’ve compiled a list of some fun activities to do while in San Diego to make your vacation planning easier.

San Diego Zoo

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy a few hours walking around a zoo and watching all the animals in their daily lives. As you’re exploring, you’ll be entertained by manic monkeys, flitting birds, swimming polar bears, massive elephants, majestic gorillas, Tasmanian devils, and many more strange creatures. Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes, as the San Diego Zoo complex is 100 acres and has almost 4,000 animals to see.

Catch a Game

There are many live sporting events that happen in the city, and catching a game is always a fun option for families. The warm weather in San Diego means you’ll be able to book some tickets with the knowledge the outdoor stadium will most likely be smiled upon by the sun all day. It would be a smart idea to practice “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for the seventh inning stretch.

Get Some Vitamin D at the Beach

Since San Diego is known for its beaches, it would be silly to skip visiting them. During the summer, your family will love a day spent playing in the sand and water. Be ready to come away feeling relaxed while your kids come away exhausted from all the fun they have. There are many of the best hotels in San Diego along the water and within walking distance of the beach should you wish to have an ocean view hotel room.

SeaWorld Shenanigans

Those looking for fun and adventure in one can’t miss a trip to SeaWorld San Diego. The plethora of animals will keep your children entertained for days, especially if you take time to watch one of the shows the animals have been trained to give. Adrenaline lovers and kids will appreciate the many rides that will turn, flip, zip, and hurdle you through your family vacation to San Diego.

Explore History at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Kids may be adverse to learning while on vacation, but a visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum will feel like anything but school. From ancient Egyptian exhibits of King Tut to fossils and replicas of dinosaurs to old Mayan artifacts, kids and adults will be hard pressed to be bored while exploring the thousands of specimens this building holds.

The San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Zoo, and many other attractions are all located in Balboa park. This huge oasis is in the middle of the city and has a ton of activities for you and your family to explore. You may even want to schedule a whole day just to play around the park.

Make the most of your travels: Learn to play the local way

[By henribergius.]

It doesn’t matter where in the world you travel, there are some things that everybody, everywhere has in common. Food and drink, music and dance, the celebration of childhood innocence and the love of sport and games are the sort of universal touchpoints that people from all four corners of the earth come together to celebrate and enjoy.

When you’re travelling, if you are prepared to share with the locals what each of those universal feel-good activities mean to them, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your trip. Of course, if you don’t speak the local language – or if the locals don’t use English – then that can be easier said than done.

Bridging the language barrier

But that language barrier is precisely what a shared love of music, sport or games can help you overcome. There are giant chess sets throughout Europe’s parks where complete strangers will simply smile and nod and play against each other for hours without a word needing to be said.

There are countless bars and cafes around the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa where a game of backgammon is always on the go. If you want to make friends with the locals, taking your turn and proving your prowess is the most uncomplicated way to forge a bond with someone. And there are games of bingo, card games and ball games galore across the rest of the world. Anyone taking a trip to France simply has to play a game of boules at some point – that’s what all those boulevards are for after all!

[By Steve C.]

Learning how the locals roll

It’s always worth checking out what the locals like to play before you travel and swatting up on your gaming knowledge. It goes without saying that there are bingo sites and backgammon sites and gambling sites galore that will tell you everything you’ll need to know about how those ancient games take on their own local accents in different parts of the world.

It’s worth recognising early that wherever you go there will be people who take their playtime seriously. For all play is one of the great human recreations, that is not to say you should simply assume that a mere enthusiasm alone will be enough to make a good impression. Playing badly or failing to recognise local variations of a game may be just as likely to see you shunned as to win you new friends. The competitive aspect of sports in particular can easily scale up into something that is just the wrong side of the line.

As a visitor and – as we’d always like to assume – a guest in a foreign land, there is an onus on us to be respectful of what we find on our travels. The friendship of strangers in a strange land is not something we should ever take for granted. But taking the time to learn the way they roll – in all senses – and to being able to join them in their leisure, and to be able to play on their terms is the sort of marker of respect that is the basis for a positive coming together – who knows where such enjoyable beginnings may lead to?

Best Amusement Parks in Orlando

Orlando is known for its ride-filled, adrenaline-pumping, and fun-inducing amusement parks. There’s the classic Disney World, which has shared its magic with families for decades, Universal Studios, which will make you feel like a character in your favorite movie, Holy Land Experience, which is a Christian theme park, and many more options for all types of families and travelers. With so many to choose from, it is overwhelming to plan your trip. Here’s a list of our choices to help make your life easier.

Experience the Magic of Walt Disney’s World Resort

This iconic amusement park is one of the worlds most visited for a reason. The Magic Kingdom’s towering castle is the material many children’s dreams are made of, and walking through the gates will fulfill those dreams. There are four different theme parks within the resort, which means you could spend your whole time exploring the land of Disney and never get bored.

There are many of the best hotels in Orlando right around these amusement parks. Start your search in this area to make your life, and transportation, easier.

Step Into a Movie at Universal Studios

Many have dreams of becoming an actor and being on the big screen. While not everyone will meet this career goal, you can put yourself in your favorite actors’ shoes when visiting Universal Studios. You can battle evil space aliens alongside Will Smith and Rip Torn, dodge tornadoes with Helen Hunt, save the world with Optimus Prime, and relive many other cinematic masterpieces while playing at Universal Studios.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the more recent attractions at Universal Studios and should not be missed.

Combine Adventure and Animals at SeaWorld

If you enjoy seeing animals and riding rides, you can’t find a better place than SeaWorld. This marine animal-filled park is home to sharks, sea lions, dolphins, flamingos, orca whales, and many more sea creatures. Some rides at SeaWorld are animal related, like the Shamu Express while others, such as Journey to Atlantis, are for pumping the adrenaline.

Science and Fun at WonderWorks

An indoor amusement park with 100+ hands-on science exhibits: Does it get any better than that? From physical challenges that include laying on a bed of nails to becoming an astronaut to expanding your mind in the imagination lab, you’ll be hard pressed to get bored while wandering around WonderWorks. There is even a ropes course and laser tag if you want to be a bit more physical during your time in Orlando.

Explore Christianity at the Holy Land Experience

If you’re looking for a non-traditional amusement park experience, consider the Holy Land Experience. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you explore this Christian theme park, which recreates the ancient city of Jerusalem. There are old markets to explore, cafes with authentic food to try, replicas of the desert caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and many more attractions to keep you entertained for hours on end.