5 Affordable Luxury Breaks for 2016

You have worked hard for your money and you would like to take a vacation steeped in luxury that won’t break your savings account. Luxury doesn’t always mean a five star hotel. There are plenty of websites that offer up really nice accommodations for rent by owners like villas, apartments, and guesthouses. Sometimes it could also mean an indulgence that elevates the ordinary to luxurious. Do a bit of research before you leave and find out the best luxury for your budget. These five destinations offer up some fantastic places that will allow you to relax in style without going over your budget.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has many luxury destinations that won’t break the bank. Ecotourism is big here and there are many places where you can get back to nature with all of the comforts of home. There are pristine beaches that offer luxury villas, lovely guesthouses in villages, treehouses in the middle of a forest, and many other options. Explore the tea plantations, wander through ancient Buddhist and Hindu monuments, explore a rainforest, work with elephants, or go on safari where you can see hundreds of different kinds of animals, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Meander through the ancient country of Greece. There economy is still recovering so foreign currency can go pretty far here right now. This country has hundreds of ruins and artifacts that you can visit. Make sure you see the Acropolis citadel, and the Parthenon temple. Be sure to visit at least one of the glorious beaches and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Consider renting a villa on a hillside, or an apartment in a city instead of staying in a hotel. Alternatively there are a number of cheap boutique hotels you can pick from. Enjoy yourself by taking advantage of the wonderful food and wine that this area has to offer.

Consider a luxury river cruise down the Rhine, a golfing vacation, or a bicycle tour that stays in charming bed and breakfasts or villas that are sure to please. You can also choose to sit back and let someone else do the driving and join a luxury bus tour. No matter what you decide on your journey through this historical country steeped in culture, beautiful scenery, wineries, you will find the luxury that your budget allows.

From the luxury tents of northern Rajasthan, to the affordable five star hotels of Delhi and Mumbai, to the luxury houseboats of Kerala in the southwest; India has many luxurious options for budget travellers. Explore the 5000 years of history that this country has to offer and soak up the cultural differences like architecture, food, religion, and language that vary from state to state.

There are so many things to do in France. Rent an apartment in Paris and take cooking lessons with world-renowned chefs. France is also a very accessible country due to great transport links, and great luxury holiday deals can be found to sweeten the deal. Make sure you visit The Louvre and see the many years of fantastic art all in one building. You can stay in a castle in the Champagne region, and sample the long-standing tradition of this sparkling nectar, or go on a ski trip and ski down some of the most famous runs in the world.

3 Incredible European Family Holidays to Try in 2016

The Christmas decorations have all been put away and the house is finally back to normal. The time has arrived to begin planning your family holidays for 2016. Make an escape to Europe this year and try out these three incredible family holidays.

Italy is a lovely place to experience with your family. It is full of some of the world’s most beautiful art by artists like by Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo da Vinci. It is also home to buildings built by some of the world’s most renowned architects. It offers some of the world’s best beaches and it is known worldwide for its fabulous food and wine. Experience Venice and take a gondola ride down one of its many famous canals. Stop in Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican City and then spend a day soaking up the sun on the beach. As a country, Italy is ideal for family holidays. Travel through the beautiful Tuscany Countryside and visit the olive gardens and sample the fine wines at the vineyards or stay on a farm and help harvest grapes or olives.

The Greek islands offer up some of the finest beaches in the world, unique heritage sites and ruins, and some of the finest food on the planet. Santorini, Mikonos, Rhodes, and Corfu Island are just a few of the places you can travel to on this 7500 km stretch of 6000 islands. Wake up each morning to the stunning coastline of the Aegean Sea, and spend your day enjoying water sports with your family like snorkeling, water skiing, and swimming. You can also just spend the day lying on one of the many sandy, pebble, or rock beaches in the sun or by the pool in one of the many beautiful villas. Spend a day or two chartering a boat and explore the coastline and some of its beautiful rock formations from the sea. Be sure to try out the unique foods that each area is known for and taste the freshly caught exquisitely prepared seafood.

Spain is a fantastic place to take your family to this year and there are so many things to do and see. You can relax to one of the many beach resorts, take a golf vacation, or play water sports. You can also visit one of the major cities and see the rich cultural heritage that Spain has to offer. Madrid is the capital city and it is a great place to start your journey through Spain. Make sure you walk around and check out some of the many outdoor sculptures and the beautiful parks. You can travel to Barcelona and visit the wonder architecture of Antoni Gaudi, or take in the paintings of Picasso at the Picasso Museum. Barcelona beach has been voted one of the top ten city beaches in the world and it is a great place to catch some rays and people watch. Make sure to try the world famous Paella (a rice and seafood dish) and sample some fine Spanish wine on your trip through this wonderful country.

The High Life: Guide to a Luxurious Life in the Skies

If you’re a regular flier, whether for business or for leisure, and you want to up your game, then perhaps a private jet is the way forward for you. Here is a guide to make figuring out which private jet you charter for your next trip simple and easy.

There are a number of different jet types available, and they are all suited to different circumstances. From very light jets such as the Phenom 100 that seat 4 people to Boeing 737s and Airbus320, there is a wide range to choose from. Of course, if you can afford a Boeing 737 that features private bedrooms, bathrooms and showers, media rooms and more than enough leg room, then money probably isn’t a limitation for you.

However, while it might seem that you could just get whatever you wanted, getting the right jet for your needs will impact your experience in a number of ways.

The Advantages of a Private Jet

One of the main advantages of a private jet is that you can get closer to your destination. There are 5,000 airports across Europe open to private aircraft, compared to just 500 airports open to commercial fliers, which means that you don’t have to get ground transfers to your destination when you land.

Similarly, private jet flights are much more flexible. You can arrive at a small terminal five minutes before the flight departs, define your own timescales and make changes at short notice.

If you go with a private jet provider, then you may be able to take advantage of added extras too. It could be anything from having exclusive performances from world famous artists, discount at fashion houses and VIP hospitality areas at sporting events. Deals with luxury hotels and resorts are common, and limousine transfers and on site butlers are all included.

Ownership or Membership

If you choose to go with a provider, such as VistaJet, you can probably save money on owning one outright. Providers offer membership that’s suited to your needs, so you don’t have to buy a plane, employ staff, employ a management company, etc, you simply let them do everything for you. You can buy a membership that guarantees a place on regular chartered flights, or if you plan on flying less frequently, you can experience the private jet on an ad-hoc basis.

The Top 10 Beaches In India You Should Not Miss!

The Top 10 Beaches In India You Should Not Miss!

The heavy traffic and daily ruckus of commercialized cities are a regular dozen of chickens at home, but what’s so tranquilizing about the other side? Out here, the other side describes an all new destination to hang around, to chill, party and suck up the opportunity to spend a relaxed vacation with friends, family and your adored bottle of beer which you would never give up on.

This experience of chilled breeze forcing cheeks to turn red and the nose to blossom pink, vanishing all issues related to work and an admiration on never retrieving them back is one which we cry for – beaches. And diverting minds, focusing on the Western and Eastern Ghats which resides alongside India is the major hub for the sands to freeze an atmosphere of paradise.

Hence, if you want to grab a accommodation to the top beaches in India, Oyo Rooms is the perfect website to offer you cost-effective fares, check out exclusive Oyo coupons available at GrabOn. Below are a few mentioned beaches which could relate to the vacation you are hunting for.

1- Baga beach, Goa – Visually connecting Calangute, Baga beach is one of the finest and the most crowded beaches of Goa. Annually, thousands of tourists visit this one, not just for the cool beer served there with an expression of cheap tips, but also because of the water sports dancing out of the midst of waves which the beach produces. Apart from this, mere commercialized merchandize such as tattoos, brades, photo frames and plastic for kid’s distribution takes stands. This blissful holiday can easily be planned by Yatra’s website as the site projects various vacation offers at discounts.

2- Radhanagar beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Radhanagar beach isn’t a huge one describing miles and miles, but just has a stretch of 2 kms which is an ordinary requirement for the general taste. But please let us inform you that, Radhanagar beach is also one of the quietest and most serene when it drives towards that of blissful smiles of Mother Nature, displaying an atmosphere of solace.

3- Varkala beach, Kerala – Known for its high ended cliffs that could thrill the breath away from you, Varkala beach is one of the early ones which made a huge difference between this and the others, the edgy dynamic hills over the years. Apart from this, massive greenery is sparkled from the beauty of Varkala.

4- Lighthouse beach, Kerala – As watched in movies, almost any shooting displaying a lighthouse over a beach is that of ‘The lighthouse beach’s’ lighthouse featuring massive jumbo lights. Apart from signaling the lost on water to guide them, the beach provides with a variety of services such as cottage stays, swimming pools and lot more.

5- Mandrem beache, Goa – Famous for its stone carves, Mandrem beach is a beautiful spot for some warm tourists to settle for a few hours as it has a few number of cottages to stay as well. Apart from the specialty of stone carvings, the beach has numerous waves hitting the shore so it could be a good weather for surfing.

6- Rishikonda beach, Andhra Pradesh – An aspiring beach which is only 8 kms from Vizag, featuring a bunch of literally everything that an enthusiastic traveler would seek during his vacation at a beach. Serene beauty, titanic cliffs, water sports, skiing, sky diving, accommodations and a lot more.

7- Tarkali beach, Malvan – Its located near a hint of Arabian sea and has a record of maintaining better clear waters from other beaches. Generally, waters adjacent to beaches get spoilt easily, but at Tarkali, waters as clean and pure where you could watch the 20ft downfall of depth during sunny weathers. Hence, a wonderful opportunity to swim.

8- Varca beach, Goa – Having a stretch shared with Benaulim, Varca has its wings showering around one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. The beach is a one for calm, composure and a total isolation from the loud city behavior.

9- Mandarmani beach, Kolkata – Hardly 16kms from the city of Kolkata, the beach is that of a sleep fishing area as the name resides. Also, it has the capacity to store large amounts of stretch, seeming it to be the one of the longest walk aways when Indian beaches are concerned. Apart from this, Mandarmani beach has been thoroughly unpolluted and is clean for tourists to visit by.

10- Puri beach, Odhisa – You sure might be missing on some culture related stuff alongside the beaches, right? For the same, Ive come up with a suggestion of Puri beach in Odhisa, which reminds of the same culture and heritage which was practiced squeezing aside long hours of time. The beach, apart from the heritage, features a flavor of crisp golden sunset with gold platted waters to look upon and is a complete treat to the eyes.

72 hours in Ireland with a car

[Ireland by Roberto Taddeo, on Flickr.]

Breathtaking landscape, cosmopolitan cities, and stunning coastlines are just some of the aspects of Ireland that keep tourists flocking to the emerald isle each year.

The best way to explore Ireland is by car as it gives you the freedom to get around and see as much of the beautiful landscape as you have time for. If travelling from the UK with your car, you can take the ferry which runs up to 7 crossings a day.

Day one

If you travel by ferry it will arrive into the small coastal town of Larne which is a short 30 minute drive to Northern Ireland’s buzzing capital of Belfast. The city has a fascinating history which can be explored at places such as the Ulster museum and the Titanic Belfast, or grab a ticket for one of the many hop-on-hop-off double-decker buses to get an overview of the city from a height. If you’re craving some decadence while in Belfast, a visit to The Merchant Hotel is a must. Here you will find art-deco furnishings and a smooth jazz soundtrack will accompany your brunch.

Out of the city, the coastal region heading east from Belfast to Bangor is home to many of the North’s wealthiest residents. Bangor is certainly worth the short drive out of the city to take a walk down the attractive North Down Coastal Path.

If you fancy a 2 hour drive through to the Republic of Ireland, you’ll find another capital city, Dublin! For dinner options the foodie district, named locally as the ‘Hipster Triangle’, is your best option. For those that aren’t doing the driving and are interested in a post-dinner drink, the city has a plethora of fantastic cocktail bars such as Bagots Hutton.

Having explored two cities in one day will most likely leave you feeling ready to hit the hay. A luxurious overnight stay at The Shelbourne Dublin will seem like a very good idea.

Day two

No visit to Dublin would be complete without a trip to the wonderful Guinness Storehouse, including a drive by the architecturally stunning Trinity College.

After exploring the city during the day continue your drive south to the Medieval town of Kilkenny which is only an hour and a half from Dublin. There are plenty of scenic detours to take through the stunning valley of the Wicklow mountains and Glendalough where picturesque views greet you at every turn. Stay overnight at the Kilkenny River Court Hotel on the banks of the River Nore and dine at the hotel’s award winning restaurant.

Day three

Kilkenny Castle dates back to 12th century and is considered one of Ireland’s most treasured heritage sites- the Long Gallery is the focal point for many visitors. Spend the morning visiting this famous landmark and getting lost among the beautiful cobbled streets of Kilkenny.

Make sure you allow enough time for the drive back to Larne (roughly 3 hours), where you can hop on a late departure back to Cairnryan.

What to Expect when Booking a Luxurious Ski Chalet

There’s nothing more thrilling than going on a skiing holiday and as well as deciding where to go, you will also need to find somewhere suitable to stay and many avid winter sports fans will choose to rent a chalet. Ski chalets add a sense of character to a destination and they are often made from wood to ensure that they work seamlessly with their natural surroundings. The world’s most luxurious chalets boast amenities that range from indoor swimming pools and fully equipped games rooms through to outdoor hot tubs and heated driveways.

The cost of a luxurious chalet will depend on all of the following:

– The location
– The size
– The amenities and facilities on offer

Some of the largest chalets will sleep up to 40 people while more intimate ones will cater to smaller groups and couples of four or six people. Before you begin looking for a suitable chalet, you will first need to decide how many people will be going on the trip, so you know how many bedrooms it will need to have.

It is also important to set out a budget, as while some skiers will be able to drop tens of thousands of pounds a week on a chalet, others may only be able to budget for a few thousand. One of the easiest ways to find a chalet that suits your needs and your budget is to contact an exclusive travel company that will be able to provide you with a portfolio of chalets that match your requirements. Companies such as The Oxford Ski Company are able to handle all aspects of your holiday, from booking your accommodation to organising excursions and services for you during your stay.

Some of most popular ski chalets in the world not only feature a multitude of bedrooms but they also provide guests with the following amenities:

– Private gardens and balconies
– En-suite bedrooms
– Games rooms
– Satellite TVs and DVD players
– Wi-Fi on-site
– Ski in, ski out access directly from the chalet
– Ski room with boot warmers
– Wine cellars
– Indoor swimming pool
– Outdoor hot tub
– Steam room
– On-site staff

Staff can vary from housekeepers to chefs and concierge, and while some of them may stay on-site, others will come and go as required such as a driver.

When you book a luxurious ski chalet, you can expect to get good value for your money. There are so many chalets to choose from in popular ski destinations such as Charmonix that it is often far easier and quicker to simply contact a specialist travel company to find and book a chalet for you. An open fireplace is a common feature as they add a nice ambience to any sized chalet and there’s nothing cosier than spending an evening by a log fire after a long day on the slopes.

Massage rooms are a popular addition to some of the more luxurious chalets, as are spas and steam rooms as many avid skiers enjoy some pampering after spending a few hours tacking the outdoor runs.

Here are a few things to consider when booking a ski chalet:

– The views
– The location in terms of proximity to the slopes and town
– The facilities and amenities
– How many people it sleeps
– What staff are provided to the property

Many of the most popular ski chalets boast high windows that offer great views out to the surrounding area that are particularly enjoyable when fresh snow falls overnight and you wake up to enjoy breakfast with a wonderful view before heading out.

Skiing isn’t the only activity available in a ski resort and there are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy during a ski holiday such as snowboarding. If you have never been skiing before, then you can contact the travel company that you have booked your chalet through to organise a trainer for you or anyone in your group who is a novice skier. Most ski destinations have a variety of slopes suitable for anyone from complete beginners up to seasoned pros and it is common for large groups to split up into different groups when hitting the slopes, as everyone has different capabilities.

If you want to rent a chalet that is suitable for children, then this is something that you will need to discuss with the travel company you use. They will be able to find you a chalet that boasts amenities that will help to keep your little ones entertained après ski, such as a games room with computer consoles and table tennis tables.

Here are a few handy services that are often available in a luxury chalet for anyone travelling with children:

– Child minding with an on-site nanny
– Games rooms
– Computer consoles
– Pool tables
– Selection of toys
– Table tennis
– Children’s bedrooms with bunk beds

Kids are easy to entertain on a skiing holiday and if you are travelling with a large group, then it is common for some children to choose to stay in the chalet for the day while others head out onto the slopes. There are often kids clubs available if your children want to play with other kids while you ski and this is great if your child needs some lessons.

Some of the most popular non-skiing activities available in ski destinations all over the world that are also usually kid-friendly include:

– Dog sledding
– Tobogganing
– Cable car rides
– Mountain biking and hiking
– Helicopter rides
– Cinema
– Ice skating
– Geocaching
– Ice climbing
– Shopping

Again, any of the above activities can be easily organised through the same travel company that organises your chalet booking. Some of these activities may need to be booked in advance, while others can be organised as and when you want to go and do them. The world’s top ski destinations are home to many luxurious ski chalets, making it easy to find one that suits your requirements whether you need a private helipad or a well-equipped games room.

Road Trip Around New Zealand; Places to Visit by Car

Road Trip Around New Zealand; Places to Visit by Car

The best thing about driving through New Zealand is that it offers you a chance to get off the beaten path and discover unspoilt treasures. In addition, New Zealand is filled with stunning scenery and breathtaking landscapes which you wouldn’t want to miss taking a flight, so take your time as you drive from one place to another to drink in the view and enjoy local delicacies. Find some interesting driving tips for New Zealand here and check out a few must see places in this scenic country.

Milford Sound

Voted one of the world’s top tourist destination, a drive to Milford Sound passing through Te Anau is definitely worth your while. Milford Sound is uncontaminated by civilization. Given the considerable distance from Queenstown (307 kilometres), travelers to Milford Sound are however advised to depart very early in the morning to avoid having to rush, getting caught up in slight traffic and missing out on the scenic views. Alternatively, to get the most out of your visit, you can drive to Te Anau (121 kilometers from Milford Sound) and spend the night there before proceeding with the drive the next day. The route from Te Anau has been voted one of the most photographic drives in the world.

Coromandel – Hot Water Beach

Throw a spade and bucket in your trunk and head out to Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to take some time out from sightseeing to just relax and soak in the pools of hot water. Once you dig a hole, hot water will come from the surface from underground fissures, almost like constructing your own Jacuzzi. The beach also offers an exhilarating experience for adrenaline junkies and surfers. 

Middle Earth is waiting

Want to journey through time? Drive through middle earth and discover the breathtaking real locations where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot, from the Waikato farmland that is more widely known as the Shire, the Kawarau River also known as the Anduin River location of the Argonath to the Misty Mountains. Most of these sights are located around Queenstown and Milford Sounds. It is possible to organize a self-drive tour that will lead you through most of the most memorable sites of middle earth.

The French were here

Akaroa is a quaint township only one and a half hours drive from Christchurch. It stands out as New Zealand’s first (and only French) settlement down to its architecture, street names. The road to Akaroa is lined with constantly changing landscapes as well as cultural and natural features including the Te Waihora lagoon, the village of little river and a panoramic view of the harbor from atop a hill.

Enjoy a glass of wine

Take a drive between Picton and Christchurch to enjoy the scenic Marlborough wine country, home to the finest sauvignon blanc wines in the world and very welcoming locals. Stop by a few wineries to sample some spectacular wines and purchase a bottle or two for the designated driver to enjoy later. For those particularly interested in enjoying seascapes the Queen Charlotte Drive with its lovely bays and beaches is quite a treat alternatively you could take the equally scenic drive through the Awatere Valley heading to the coast where you can revel in complete opposites standing side by side as you drive down the coast with the majestic mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. 

Remember to pack your camera, allow enough time as you drive around, embrace spontaneity and interact with the friendly people of New Zealand.

Amsterdam: where history and modern day collide

Travel, and international travel in particular, is perhaps more popular and widely available today than it has ever been. A combination of factors, such as the ability to find the best deals online and the rise in popularity of budget airlines, means that we have travel opportunities available to us today that would have been unthinkable just a generation or two ago.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that so many of us now have a ‘bucket list’ of must-see places. One option that may not spring immediately to mind when considering such places, but is high on the list of travelers in the know, is the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Why so popular?

Amsterdam is famously tolerant. It has a thriving gay scene, a relatively relaxed attitude to drugs, and a generally laid-back outlook on life in general, which is both surprising and refreshing for many travelers. Even the red-light district with its sex shops and brothels has become something of a tourist attraction in itself. In these increasingly politically correct and health-conscious times, it can be something of a genuine culture shock to find oneself in such a laid-back place. For example, the city is one of the few places left in Europe that has such a tolerant attitude towards smoking, with smoker-friendly hotels in Amsterdam a common feature.

Old and new

Having said all that, a huge part of Amsterdam’s unique appeal comes from the way it provides a charming and sometimes quite striking blend of the old and new. There are very few places that can match it for such a remarkable mixture, and this is reflected in the answers you will invariably receive when you ask the locals about the best places to visit, and things to do while you are there.

Make sure you check out the following:

The Rijksmuseum. No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to this world-famous art gallery. Almost a mile of walkways house around 7500 masterpieces from the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer. The Golden Age works, where Rembrandt’s Night Watch takes center stage, are particularly spectacular. Not surprisingly, it gets busy, so try to book tickets online in advance and bag yourself fast-track entry to beat the crowds. If money is tight, you can stroll around the sculpture garden for free.

De Pijp. A short and pleasant one-mile walk to the south of the city center, this neighborhood has been referred to as Amsterdam’s Latin Quarter, and as soon as you see the striking architecture and mish-mash of different cultures, it is easy to see why. The district is home to the world-famous Albert Cuyp Market, as well as some of Amsterdam’s best ethnic cuisine. Best of all, it is free to visit!

Anne Frank’s House. The home of the fifteen-year-old girl who hid from the Nazis with her family and kept a diary of how they lived has been turned into a museum in her honor. She was eventually found and taken to a concentration camp, and while her story is a harrowing one, a visit to her house is a powerful and even inspiring experience. The house attracts a huge number of visitors, so it is a good idea to try and plan your visit towards either the beginning or the end of the day in order to avoid the worst of the queues.

The Heineken Experience. Truly embodying the sense of both the old and the new, a trip to the old Heineken Brewery will satisfy both those with a thirst for history and those with a thirst for beer. This is no ordinary factory tour. In fact, it is surely one of the few places in the world where visitors can enjoy a virtual reality ride in a hundred-year-old building. You even get some insight into how the famous beverage is made, and yes, there are many opportunities for tastings.

Travel and accommodation

Getting to Amsterdam is easy, with numerous flights entering Schiphol airport, which is only around ten miles from the city center. The city itself has numerous hotels, with everything from budget backpacking options all the way through to five-star luxury. The weather is temperate, though changes according to the season, and while day-to-day spending costs are on the expensive side, with this being a capital city (the currency is the Euro) there are also budget options to be found.

So there you have it – a historic, lively, friendly, unique and genuinely surprising city. There are countless reasons why you should go, so the question now is surely just a case of when?

5 reasons to visit Benidorm, all of them a must!

Holidays in Benidorm

Benidorm goes by the name of the most fun and versatile resort in Spain that money can buy and people can visit! Host to two amazing long white sand beaches right by its shores, Benidorm is a definite favourite for holidays all year round. Whether you visit with family or friends, for partying or relaxing, follow our guide and you will get a taste of the reasons why you should visit if you haven’t already!

Sun sun sun
Oh but of course no holiday in Benidorm goes without sunshine! The warm and friendly Mediterranean weather along with the almost constant sunshine from spring till autumn is certainly inviting and a perfect way to work on your tan naturally!

Family fun
If you decide to bring your family along during your holidays in Benidorm you certainly won’t be disappointed as there’s lots of fun under the sun for the everyone! Visit the local waterparks and watch the animal creature shows at Mundomar while keeping your children and partner happy. The beaches are friendly and well equipped and they offer lots of potential for family fun!

From avid club-goers to regular tourists who want to enjoy a night out and get a taste of the local nightlife, Benidorm caters for everyone! There’s a wide variety of bars and clubs to choose from throughout the town and its lively nature keeps them open and vibrant all year round. Pick your spot and party sun up till sun down or chillax with a refreshing daiquiri on hand and enjoy the local vibe, after all it’s up to you!

Fancy scuba diving or kayaking? Is jet-skiing your thing or maybe you prefer parasailing? The beaches of Benidorm have a vast variety of watersports on offer to satisfy even the most demanding fans! Make the most out of your holidays in Benidorm and try something new that will get your adrenaline rushing and your heart pumping full of excitement!

We all know that nothing can top a traditional and well-made Mediterranean dish. For those of us lucky enough to try tapas and other Spanish delicacies in their natural habitat however, standards tend to change. Take some time off your resort during your holidays in Benidorm and explore the local tapas bars and restaurants for some tastes to remember! We are certain that your local Spanish style restaurant will never taste the same after this flavourful experience!


7 Absurdly Expensive Places You Need to Visit

7 Absurdly Expensive Places You Need to Visit

Most of us infected with the travel bug aren’t what most people would call well-off. We invest an inordinate percentage of income in items with little monetary return, like plane tickets, hotel rooms, and fancy cameras, and as a result, we usually choose places to visit that aren’t particularly hard on the wallet, like South America or Southeast Asia.

However, what most budget travelers fail to recognize is that while we applaud ourselves for our financially savvy traveling strategy, we are actually missing out on some of the most outstanding world travel opportunities — just for the sake of our bank accounts. To prove my point, here are seven of the highest-priced travel destinations on Earth and why you absolutely cannot miss them due to their expense.

First, Some Big-Ticket Travel Tips

Budget travelers aren’t accustomed to spending thousands of dollars on one-way plane tickets and hundreds of dollars on hostel beds, so many have never learned some important lessons about saving money on expensive travel, like these:

Season. Obviously, the tourist high season will be most expensive, but off-seasons are also pricey. The best deals occur during shoulder periods, usually in early spring and fall.

Credit cards. Rewards cards can save you more than airfare; with the right combination of cards, you can go places for virtually no expense whatsoever.

Friends. More bodies mean more opportunities to split the check, so the more people you travel with, the cheaper your trip will be.

Discounts. Many of the most expensive places contain must-see attractions with costly tickets, and you can save by purchasing group fares at hotels or tourism offices.

The truth is that travel anywhere can be expensive, but with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to cost as much as we usually spend. Thus, without further ado, here are the places it pays to visit — even if you pay quite a bit to get there.

1. Norway
For 10 years, Norway has held the top spot among expensive travel destinations. For many travelers, this might come as a shock: The Scandinavian country seems to offer few world-famous landmarks or natural wonders to attract tourists. The truth is Norway is a well-kept secret, containing some of the most gorgeous sights in the world.

2. Switzerland
Alternatively, as one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland is barely surprising as an expensive destination, with the average hotel room costing roughly $224 per night. Worse still, the cities and countryside rarely offer discounts, as Switzerland is just as popular in snowy winter as in balmy summer. Still, the Alpine skiing alone should be enough to bring you to the Swiss.

3. United Kingdom
The Pound and the Dollar have always struggled for supremacy, but for the past decade or so, it has steadily become outrageously expensive for Americans to tour the United Kingdom. Still, few Americans can resist the pull of England, Ireland, and Scotland, which serve as mother countries to many in our melting pot. Filled to bursting with historical sites, including several hundred in London alone, the U.K. is worthy of a long stay — if you can afford it.

4. Italy
It is the extraordinary combination of stunning natural scenery, beautiful climate, delicious cuisine, and historical significance that makes Italy a must for tourists. Fortunately, many of the larger cities aren’t especially hard on traveling wallets, but the drive to see the wealth of Italy’s geography — especially wine country to the north — that can increase costs to nearly $4,000 per week.


5. Australia
A Western destination near the Far East, an exotic island whose inhabitants speak English, Australia is full of intriguing contradictions. However, in just five years, the land down under has jumped from 38th to seventh in the list of most expensive countries, making it difficult not only for travelers to reach — considering its position at the edge of the world — but also for travelers to afford.

6. France
The top destination for light and love — not to mention outstanding cuisine — France builds its budget around its average annual $87.4 million in international tourism. In cities and the countryside, France’s reputation tends toward luxury and sophistication, which doesn’t come cheap. Still, there is no sight more welcome to tourists than the iconic Eiffel Tower, a common symbol of world travel.

7. Israel
A desirable destination for millennia, Israel continues to attract religious pilgrims, adventure seekers, and world travelers. The average visitor to the Holy Land spends nearly $2,000 for the privilege of staying and seeing age-old cultural sites. Yet, most travelers cannot resist the allure of a land that has been so contentious for so long.