Mamaison Hotel and residences

If you are looking for a weekend getaway in the New Year, consider staying at a Mamaison Hotel and Residences. With hotel rooms located in some of Europe’s most dynamic cities, such as Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Moscow, you will be guaranteed a hotel experience like none other. Hotel rooms are centrally located in each one of these cities, and you will be able to enjoy the best of what the local area has to offer, ideal for families, couples, and business travellers.


There are currently six Mamaison Hotels situated in Europe, with locations in Prague, Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Bratislava and Ostrava. Each of these hotels have friendly staff who will be able to provide you with tips on how to make the most out your city break, and will welcome you with open arms. The Mamaison website is easy to navigate, with all tools and menus clearly listed. You will be able to choose your hotel room and then receive an instant electronic receipt via email, with a unique booking reference at the dates of your stay at one of their hotels. You can save even more money if you have a promotional discount code. You will be prompted to enter the code prior to booking your room.

Luxury rooms

Each Mamaison Hotel has spacious rooms, with a contemporary design. The Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtuv Palace in Prague for example has 44 suites and 6 unique rooms, each with a distinct layout and stunning views over the city’s streets. There is 24 hour room service, valet parking, free WIFI, a fitness room with beauty treatments and massage, and a restaurant, with fine cuisine designed to suit every budget. The hotel is close to the world-famous Charles Bridge and welcomes travellers from all over the world. The Mamaison All Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka is considered one of the best hotels in Moscow, with 84 suites and an exclusive spa. Here you will find a sauna, indoor pool and Turkish baths, as well as hair salons and a beauty treatment area. Enjoy free WIFI throughout the hotel and take advantage of the hotel’s central location, which is within close proximity to Moscow’s many famous landmarks.

Special offers
Mamaison Special Offers & Packages let you save 20% on your hotel room with the Mamaison Hotel and Residences Winter Early Bird. You will need to book 30 days prior to your arrival, but you will be able to stay at a boutique hotel in the city of your choice after a long day shopping, dining and visiting local attractions. There’s also still time to book a hotel room for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. You can make a booking up until January 5th in order to qualify for a special reduced rate on your hotel room. Mamaison also offer a Beat The Clock special discount where you can get 10% off their best available rate if you book a room at least seven days prior to your arrival. Book a room 14 days ahead of arrival if you want to stay in Warsaw, 21 days ahead if you are staying in Prague, or only three days ahead if you are staying in Ostrava in order to qualify.

And be sure to check out the Mamaison Christmas Season Cookbook.

Luxurious Properties for a New Life Abroad

So, you have mulled over the idea of leaving the doom and gloom of Britain and have finally decided to move to sunnier shores. Why not? You are in the perfect position to make the move; you’re family are supportive and you can’t wait to start a new chapter in your life. This could be your chance to have a more relaxed lifestyle, be nearer family or friends, who have already taken the plunge, and find a new job in an environment that will make you happy and content.

Every year thousands of people flock to foreign countries to make a new start, but many of them make one very big mistake – they don’t uphold the dreams that made them move in the first place. Part of the lure of a new country is to live the life that we have always dreamed about, but instead of focusing on making the dream a reality, many people create the same lifestyle they had in the UK: They take on the same job, in the same sort of company, and live in a house almost identical to their UK residence.

So, what was the point in moving at all? The same feelings will just come screaming back, once you have settled into a routine that is no different to the previous one. Instead, those who take the massive step of moving abroad need to remember to change everything that made their lives seem so dull before. For instance, when looking for a new home abroad, you should contact a property agent who knows all about starting a new luxurious lifestyle, someone like

So what do you need to consider to make your dreams come true?

portugal Property

Obviously, you need to decide on the country you want to relocate too. Whether it’s sunshine you are lusting after or a more cultural location.. It also depends on just how far you want to move, with Australia being one of the most popular choices.

You might be looking to begin a new career or progress in a current one, either way you need to research the job market in the new country before you move – unless, of course, you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to take a little time out for a while. If your job was dragging you down back in the UK, then start afresh; employment is such an important factor in life and you need to be happy with what you do. You may even want to consider: New country, new career?

Finally, and quite possibly most importantly, you need to look at a new property.
If you buy a home that is similar to one you had in the UK you won’t feel like you have made a move and are trying to change your life.

No one said moving abroad is easy, but you need to make the most of it. You have made a huge decision, so why not embrace it and change every aspect of life and make sure you find the dream home you have always longed for.

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35

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A Guide To Sydney For Adventure Travelers

Sydney is a magnificent city at the best of times. The amazing Sydney Harbor, the Opera House, the ocean, and the waterways – it’s a city in which to linger for longer. And the adventures! Sydney sings a seductive siren song for those whose adrenaline levels are high – here’s more!

Jet Boat Ride
At Sydney’s Circular Quay, you can enjoy a fun-filled, exciting 30-minute jet boat ride on weekends. It’s the best way to experience the world’s most beautiful harbor. Experience the deliciously cool sea spray on your face as your boat hurtles through massive and awesome sideways slides, fish tails and power stops.

Defensive Driving Course
Head out to Western Sydney to learn some amazing on-road defensive driving skills. You’ll never be caught short on the freeways again, too scared to try a potentially risky maneuver! This training will finely hone your reaction speed and judgment on the road. And no, it’s not just a boring course – it’s an exciting way to explore your own abilities to face danger and come out singing!

Helicopter Scenic Shared Flight
If you’ve always been a land adventurer, do yourself a favor. Sign up for a 30 minute helicopter ride over the Sydney Harbor. The flight is offered by Adrenalin at Kingsford Smith Airport. Enjoy amazing views of the beaches and cliffs of Maroubra and Coogee and the world-famous Bondi beach. Do bring along a camera with telescopic lens. You will want to take pictures!

V8 Race Car Drive and Ride
Eastern Creek, Sydney has another treat in store for you. Drive a V8 supercar – Australia’s most powerful 450hp V8 race cars along with an instructor. Your instructor will likely be a professional race car driver – pick his or her brains, go ahead! Your V8 awaits you – with Bilstein suspension, racing gearbox handles, racing slicks, supercar 6-pot brakes and more!

Quad Biking
Go quad biking for 1.5 hours in Glenworth Valley at Peats Ridge in Sydney with provider Adrenalin. Explore challenging water crossings, bush trails, sand dunes and rough terrains. Then challenge yourself on the turns and long straights of a purpose-built quad biking circuit. You’ll be taught how to handle your All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) quad bike. If you’ve never been on a motorcycle, don’t worry. These ATVs have automatic gearboxes.

Extended Jet Pack Experience
When you’re in Sydney, don’t fail to check out the amazing jet pack experience on offer at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. Jet packing – Australia’s dazzling, most exciting new thrill. It sounds fierce, but we assure you, it’s perfectly safe. A jet pack is strapped on to your back while you’re harnessed to a speedboat by rope. As the boat moves, your jet pack unit will blast hundreds of liters of water, creating an anti-gravity thrust into the air. This is the closest you’ll ever come to being James Bond!

Learn To Fly!
For one full hour, you can enjoy what it feels like to pilot a Citabria or Piper Sport Camden, Sydney. If you already have a pilot’s license, the flight time will be logged on it. You’ll be accompanied by a fully-qualified pilot, of course. Enjoy some amazing views over the historic MacArthur region and over Sydney’s incredible skyline.

Flying from Newcastle? Check out these 3 great Airport Hotels

Flying from Newcastle at some ridiculous hour? Ensure a stress free journey by booking an airport hotel in advance. There are many hotels near Newcastle airport that offer great rates if you book in advance. Booking an airport hotel need not be a hassle. All you need to do is to visit a good online comparison site, search your departure airport and then book. Super easy, then you can relax the night before you fly safe in the knowledge that you are only a short journey from the airport – which means you can get an extra hour or more in bed!

Britannia Hotel in Newcastle
Situated within walking distance of Newcastle airport this hotel could not be more convenient for your flight. With 15 days car parking included and assistance to the airport if required and friendly staff at reception, you can be sure to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep before your adventures begin the next day. Rooms start at £79.00 per person with an en-suite bathroom, TV and Radio and 24 hour room service. The hotel restaurant offers a 3 course meal for a low-cost £17 per person, so you can be sure to start your holiday off in fun and stress-free surroundings.

DoubleTree by Hilton Newcastle
This hotel is immediately adjacent to Newcastle airport. Just a few steps from the terminals and offers long-term parking, so you cannot go wrong with your overnight stay here. Rooms have 37” LCD TV, private bathrooms, wireless internet and soundproof windows for a great night’s sleep. Be sure to remember to have a bite of breakfast in Fratellos Restaurant before you head off to the airport.

Novotel Newcastle
Located only 5 minutes away from the airport via the Shuttle Service and only a short drive away from the city centre, the Novotel hotel has an indoor heated pool, a fitness centre and a sauna – perfect for relaxation and the fitness keen alike (also a perfect way to pamper yourself before you fly out!). Once the pampering is done, enjoy a spot of dinner and a drink in the Elements Restaurant. With an early bird breakfast offering from 3am, this hotel is great for a pre-flight day and night stay and a perfect start to your forthcoming holiday.

About the author: This article was written by Nishma Shah for FHR Airport Hotels and Parking

Roaming Through Rome: Discover A Taste Of History In Rome, Italy

It’s a city known for its ability to enchant. As the capital of Italy, Rome was founded more than 2,500 years ago, and in that time has witnessed the rise and fall of the world’s most powerful empires. The monuments erected by rulers of the past still stand, though many are in a state of disrepair. But the city is more than landmarks and ancient structures. It’s a place steeped in history and culture that leaves visitors with a feeling of awe.

A visit to Rome stays with you.

Memories are forged that last a lifetime.

The challenge is getting as much in as possible before it’s time to catch your return flight home.

There’s no way to do it all, even if you sacrifice sleep.

Below, we’ll take a quick tour through Rome, and point out the best places to visit. You’ll learn about hotels that are comfortable, conveniently located, and affordable. We’ll also highlight a few restaurants that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

Read on for a 5-minute guide to the magical city of Rome.

Things To Do And Places To Visit In Rome

If you’re traveling to Rome for the first time, visit the ancient monuments strewn throughout the city. Seeing them with your own eyes is a humbling experience. With that in mind, here are a few must-see sites to add to your list:

#1 – The Pantheon

It was built in 126 AD, and is today one of the best-preserved buildings from that era. Recognizable by its huge Corinthian columns and perfectly-constructed dome, the Pantheon served as a temple honoring the gods of Ancient Rome. Cost of entry: free.

#2 – St. Peter’s Basilica

This is considered to be one of the greatest monuments to Roman Catholicism. Found inside Vatican City, it is an enormous structure that showcases much of the art of the Renaissance era. The tomb of Saint Peter is located below the basilica. Cost of entry: free.

#3 – The Colosseum

This is where the gladiators of Rome fought their bloody battles. The Colosseum was built in 80 AD by the Roman Emperor Titus. In its heyday, it could seat 50,000 people, all well-positioned to overlook the field (and the carnage) below. Cost of entry: 12 euros, which covers the cost of entry to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

#4 – The Trevi Fountain

The fountain is located in the Trevi district. Construction informally began in 1629, but was not finished until 1762. It has since become an icon of the city, drawing thousands of travelers and locals each day. Cost of entry: free. (Bonus tip: visit the Trevi Fountain at night when it is illuminated by lights.)

Although it is important to visit the ancient structures of Rome to get an up-close-and-personal view of the city’s history, it is equally important to enjoy its culture. That means doing what the locals do. As the saying goes, “when in Rome…”

Pull up a chair at a sidewalk café on Via Veneto (a famous street in Rome). Take a morning bike ride to a local bakery to enjoy an early breakfast. Walk through the Piazza del Popolo as the sun sets. The point is to experience daily life in the city. Don’t merely stick to the most popular tourist attractions.

Where To Stay: A Room With A View

There are numerous hotels to match every taste and budget in Rome. 5-star facilities like the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese can be found in prestigious areas of the city. The Aldrovandi offers spacious rooms, a private park, swimming pool, and many other amenities. Rooms generally start at $400 a night.

The Hotel Lord Byron is an ideal choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The hotel is known for its curving entrance steps and easygoing ambiance filtered through an air of opulence. Guests rave about the comfort and high style of the rooms, which can be reserved for approximately $300 a night.

For a tighter budget, the Hotel Columbia stands apart from the pack. Built in 1900 and completely renovated in 1997, the facility offers a mixture of sophisticated atmosphere, conservative furnishings, and practical lodgings. It is located near the Roman Forum and Colosseum, providing easy access to both sites. Rooms start at $175 a night.

One of the best hotel views of the city can be found at the Albergo Del Sole al Pantheon. Situated amid the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Trevi Fountain, you’ll be able to enjoy a view of some of Rome’s most celebrated structures. Even better, room prices are relatively low, starting at $225 a night.

Tasting The Culinary Treats Of Rome

Art and architecture are not the only treats the city has to offer. You’ll find countless restaurants serving delicious dishes within an atmosphere suitable for any mood you happen to be in.

If you’re a fan of trattoria, make your way to Ditirambo. It blends the old-fashioned with a hint of contemporary flair. The meals and desserts are made from fresh ingredients and can be paired easily with wines from the restaurant’s considerable wine list. One quick tip: make reservations.

For fish and other seafood dishes, visit Quinzi & Gabrieli. There, you’ll be able to enjoy a plate of swordfish, sea urchin, or steamed prawns and lobster. The restaurant’s signature dish is its Paccheri pasta with white fish, a meal sure to make any fish-lover salivate. Again, make reservations, especially if you want to enjoy the outdoor seating. Also, be aware that the prices are relatively high with main courses costing up to 40 Euro.

If you’re traveling with your spouse or significant other, and both of you enjoy specialty cuisine, make a reservation at La Terrazza. It can be found in the Hotel Eden. The restaurant is known for its formal service and high-end dishes with main courses priced up to 60 Euro. They also have a gourmet-based fixed-priced menu at 110 Euro (or 160 Euro for two people). The restaurant’s signature dish is a delectable tagliolini with lobster and peppers. When you call to make reservations, ask the person who answers the phone about the live entertainment.

Best Ways To Get Around The City

Walking is the easiest way to get around Rome. You can easily walk from site to site without worrying about hailing a taxi or taking the bus. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. That said, there will be a few places, such as the Vatican, that are best reached by taxi.

Rome has a very efficient underground metro system that allows you to bypass the horrendous traffic above ground (when you can’t easily walk to the places on your itinerary). Tickets are cheap at 1 Euro per trip. But make sure you keep an eye out for pickpockets and other thieves.

There may be times when taking a taxi or bus is more convenient that taking the metro or walking. Bus rides cost 1 Euro per trip. Taxis are more expensive, of course. If you must take a taxi, have your hotel call one for you to save you the hassle of hailing your own.

How Much Does Airfare To Rome Cost?

One of the great things about visiting Rome is that several flights leave from each of the major hubs across Canada each day. You won’t have trouble reserving a seat. Most of the flights (round trip) will cost approximately $900. The notable exception is if you’re departing from Montreal, where airfare tends to be more expensive. In that case, plan to pay at least $1,400. When planning your budget for your holiday, be sure to include the cost of travel insurance. You can easily and quickly compare travel insurance quotes online at, completely free of charge. If you are wondering about the importance of purchasing travel insurance, learn more about the basics of travel insurance and a quick introduction to travel health insurance in Canada.

As always, look for deals from the airlines. The savings are often substantial. For example, a recent promotion from AirTransat for a round trip ticket between Toronto and Rome was priced under $500.

Rome continues to be one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. When you arrive in the city, you’ll understand the reasons. The best advice we can offer is to carefully plan your itinerary before you board your flight. Use the suggestions above to get started.

Self managing your vacation rental property

If you own some vacation property and you often rent it out, you don’t need to have so many employees to do things like reservations; a property management software will get you sorted. offers you a software that will automate operations, making your work easier and more enjoyable. You will be able to concentrate on serving your customers and making their stay on your property comfortable and memorable. Here is why you need this awesome software:

Faster Feedback

Kigo offers an amazing reservation system. At a glance, you are able to tell what apartments are available, for instance. This helps you provide fast, immediate feedback to your clients. All you need to do is type a keyword and the particular type of apartment you need will show up, including their availability. If the guest had called, they will of course be pleased by the efficiency, increasing their likelihood of renting your property.


The reservation system allows you to carry out a number of operations, on one platform. The reservation manager helps you locate what reservations have been made, modify them, have the request form customized, and have a database of your client’s communication.

The Need to be in the Know

The reservation system allows for a storage of all reservation history. In the event that a customer has a complaint, you will access the whole process of reservation. This will avoid very many problems, and you will portray a high level of professionalism in your operations.


Kigo’s property management software is very specific. It caters for all the variables that rental property involves, for instance, it will cater for the deposits, different seasons, number of nights spent, and put into account any coupons or discounts that you offer your clients.

Online Payments

The software has partnered with over 15 payment companies, so your clients can easily pay for their reservations online. Just think about it, if your client intends to go for vacation and is currently half the world away, they can pay and later on enjoy the facility. Cool, isn’t it? The transactions are 100% safe. No cause for alarm. And of course, there is a database for all online transactions detailing the payer, and what reservation they have paid for.


This software not only makes your managing easier. It also has a channel manager that allows you to participate in advertising. You can participate as a portal partner where you promote your property among other portals on sites like, HomeAway, and London choice. Connecting via API to Kigo also helps you to maximally utilize the Channel Manager.

They also offer the offer of vacation rental website design, so if you don’t have your own site running that is not a problem.

High Level of Organisation

Your staff will have all their calendars synchronized with iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar. They will be able to have a breakdown of what to do when, and which places to clean first.

All in all, Kigo offers a somewhat complex software, but one whose efficiency is unbeatable. It has a free trial, after which purchasing will not be an option, but an obligation, as the many benefits will have left you in awe.

Puerto Vallarta: A Picture-Perfect Coastal Getaway Or Something Even More Exciting?

The blue, calming waters of Bahía de Banderas… the rolling peaks of the Sierra Madre… the warm light of the overhead sun… these are the delights that await the traveler in Puerto Vallarta. Nestled along the western coast of Jalisco, “PV” takes up just over 500 square miles and boasts a population of 255,000. The resort city is blessed with a climate that is described as luxurious during the late summer months, bringing thousands of visitors to its shores each year.

For Canadians making their inaugural trip, Puerto Vallarta will likely prove to be unforgettable. Make it a trip you won’t regret by getting travel insurance this summer. The people are warm and welcoming; the food is scrumptious; and the entire city seems designed to host fun activities and a relaxing atmosphere. It’s possible to have a great time without a plan. But with a little preparation, you can ensure your vacation in Puerto Vallarta lives up to your expectations.

We’ll get you started with a few recommendations below.

A Guide To Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

One of the first things you’ll notice as you drive along the coast is the scenery. Puerto Vallarta is filled with natural beauty. Spend some time enjoying the beaches, mountains, and gardens. Keep in mind, the city is also home to a number of art galleries, golf courses, shopping areas, and nightclubs. In short, you’ll have plenty to do in PV with little time to fit everything in. Here are four activities we suggest you put on your list.

#1 – Plan A Day Trip To Bahía de Banderas

Known as the “Bay of Flags,” this stretch of coastline is a great place to go whale-watching, snorkeling, diving, or simply lounging on the sand. The entire bay is more than 60 miles long and hosts stingrays, dolphins, and a network of underwater caves.

Cost of entry: free.

#2 – Visit Zona Romantica

The Romantic Zone is a quaint neighborhood in the south end of PV that offers numerous stores and restaurants, some of which are reputed to be among the best in the city. The area provides a casual glimpse at life in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll find an assortment of small shops, cafes, and other entrepreneurial ventures that add another vibrant tone to the city.

#3 – Go Snorkeling Or Scuba Diving

Although you can enjoy the waters of Puerto Vallarta from afar, it is another experience entirely to enjoy them from below the surface. There are several companies that arrange snorkeling and diving excursions on a near-daily basis. You’ll get a firsthand glimpse at an underwater world filled of tropical fish, colorful coral beds, and mysterious caves.

Cost of entry: plan to pay $40 for snorkeling and $80 for scuba diving. Both are worth the cost.

#4 – Enjoy The Rhythms Of The Night

This is an exciting show organized by Vallarta Adventures. Held in a private hideaway on the beach, the Rhythms Of The Night celebrates Mexico’s history through a dazzling performance of music and dance. Following the show, you’ll be treated to a delicious meal prepared and served under the stars.

Cost of entry: $93.

Where To Go For The Best Cuisine

The foods of Puerto Vallarta are one of the city’s many delights. You’ll find cuisines from around the world prepared by chefs trained in Germany, France, Argentina, and the U.S. With nearly 300 restaurants, there’s a dining experience that can accommodate your culinary cravings at a price that meets your budget.

Visit the Café des Artistes Bistro to enjoy a delicious meal in a romantic setting. Begin with the fried soft shell crab or octopus carpaccio and follow it up with baby lobster tail roasted with herbs. Fans of the Bistro rave about the chocolate fondant and milk caramel crème brûlée for dessert.

Expect to pay $100 or more for a full meal.

If you’re visiting Zona Romántica (see above), take a break from the sightseeing to enjoy an early dinner at the Vista Grill. It’s located in a spot that provides a captivating view of the city during sunset. Start with a roasted pear salad or sea bass and shrimp cakes. Then, move on to the serrano ham and chicken breast roulade or red snapped filet. A lot of people also enjoy the beef filet prepared bellini style. For dessert, try the chocolate sonata.

Plan to pay $60 for the entire experience.

For a quick meal that is easier on the checkbook or credit card, stop by La Taquiza. This is where the locals go for fast, mouth-watering food on a budget. It’s not a romantic setting; plastic chairs and Formica tables are set up in a hole in the wall setting. But the tacos and antojitos (a delicacy filled with grilled meat) are hard to beat for the price.

An entire meal can be enjoyed for $10.

Top-Rated Hotels Along The Coast

You’ll find large, upscale resorts in Puerto Vallarta alongside smaller hotels that offer a quieter atmosphere. You can also reserve a private villa to enjoy your stay with an added level of privacy.

One of the highest-rated hotels is the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. It’s located near the water and provides easy access to numerous hotspots in the area. Garza Blanca offers 3 restaurants, a full-service spa, and ocean views from the balconies of the guestrooms. An oceanfront room will cost approximately $240 a night at the start of summer (assuming you book your reservation early).

If you’re on a tighter budget, grab a room at the Marriott Casa Magna. It’s located a little further from the water, and offers a family-friendly environment. The resort provides a fitness center, full spa, and a clubhouse for the kids. The guestrooms are adorned with marble bathrooms, balconies, and all the amenities you would expect from a top-notch hotel. Prices range between $140 and $170 a night during June.

Another popular place to stay is the Villa La Estancia Beach Resort. This large resort provides a health club, full-service spa, and multiple restaurants. Each guestroom comes with a balcony. Some of the rooms look out onto the ocean while others look upon the gardens or pool. A single-room suite will cost approximately $340 a night during the summer.

On Foot, By Car, Or Bus: Getting Around Puerto Vallarta

Most people visiting Puerto Vallarta for the first time get around by taxi. It’s convenient because there are plenty of taxis throughout the city. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the drivers charge by the area, not by the distance or time clocked. You’ll notice the taxis lack meters. If you’re concerned about the fare, ask the driver how much it will cost to get to a certain destination (rides to the airport are approximately $10 to $12).

The best way to travel in the city is by bus. It’s a bit less convenient of course, but it’s also far less costly. Keep your ticket readily available at all times on the bus since you may be asked to present it on a moment’s notice. Also, be prepared for a bumpy ride.

You can also rent a car to get around. This is another convenient option, but the convenience comes at a price. Rentals are costly, largely because of insurance. It’s also worth noting that it can be difficult to find parking in many places throughout Puerto Vallarta. So, if you intend to rent a car, do so with the right expectations.

Booking Your Flight To Puerto Vallarta On A Budget

Many travelers who have been to Puerto Vallarta recommend visiting the city between April and June. The weather is gorgeous and the tourist season hasn’t yet gained momentum at that time of year (June is the best month for travelling, in case you are wondering). The good news is that most of the major hubs in Canada host daily flights to the city. That means fares tend to be lower than they are for off-the-beaten-path travel destinations.

Round trip flights from Toronto will cost between $600 and $900. Fares are similar from Vancouver ($650 to $900) and slightly higher from Montreal ($700 to $1,000). Look for special promotions from select airlines to take advantage of reduced rates during certain times of the year.

Most people think of Puerto Vallarta as a mere coastal town that draws lazy travelers looking for sun-soaked days spent on the beach. But the city offers much more. Amidst its mesmerizing, natural beauty, you’ll find an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Make Your Dream Move to Australia a Reality

Almost everyday you hear about somebody’s plan to move to another country in order to live their dreams. More often than not the popular place of choice is Australia. Thinking of following in their footsteps, but scared of where to start? Keep reading and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Australia has an incredible amount to offer. Beautiful beaches, wonderful weather and thousands of miles of perfection, so it’s no wonder people want to leave the old of England, for this fresh exotic new start.

When these kind of big decisions enter our minds, we usually fight them with negative responses and try to make them seem like an impossible achievement. Yes there is a lot to sort, but many are doing it on a regular basis, and they’re managing okay, aren’t they? With services like Sydney Translation you can make your dream move a simple reality. With editors, interpreters and many other employees, they are able to translate everything so you can fit into the Australian lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Services range from translating birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports and many other forms of documentation. You can simply upload your documents online, and have a quick reply with a cost and time estimate. This modern approach allows you to avoid complications that people previously faced with their driving licence, and other documents when they first moved to Australia.

You can take your qualifications and everything that you’ve built in your current country and translate them, so you have the best possible life in Australia. So there is no longer any excuses, with services as great as these you’re able to save time, money and hassle, and enjoy your experience of a lifetime.

A fresh start can be scary, but with the right advice in place you can make it a very pleasant experience. To enjoy a life changing experience like this you have to prepare. Once the dust is settled you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits you have dreamed of for so long.

If a dream move to Australia is what you really desire, remember it is possible, and Sydney Translation will make it easier than you ever imagined. Although it will seem like there’s a lack of help at times, there are plenty of things that can help you with every aspect of the move, you will still have to get used to their gigantic spiders on your own.

A Place in the Sun: Buying Property in Florida

Whether you’re buying a second property so that you’ve got somewhere to rent out for a bit of extra cash in your pocket, or somewhere to go and live on a permanent basis – or even just for a short period in the year to escape the harsh winter weather for somewhere a bit warmer – you want to make sure you’re choosing somewhere that is worth the investment.

There are a number of locations all over the world that have people flocking over year after year, or marking them on their list of “must visit” locations, and one of these is the Sunshine State itself, Florida. Different areas of the state offer a number of different positives and negatives, as you would expect, and for that reason you’re better off buying from an expert in the area such as rather than going it alone. After all, you don’t want to end up in the retirement haven that is the south-west of the state when you’d rather be in the popular, more urban south-east.

Buying Property in Florida

You also need to make sure that you sit down and take the time to work out your budget, how much you have to spend on the property and all other associated costs. There are a number of factors that are often forgotten or overlooked when buying property; namely legal fees and repair costs.

It’s been estimated that it would cost around $50,000, (although it can be more or less depending on what you take and where you go), to move out to America, once you’ve factored in the shipping of your possessions, flights, any temporary accommodation you need to stay in to try and break up the trip so you’re not stressed and flustered when you arrive, getting utilities such as electricity and water switched on and then you have things you haven’t taken from home, such as furniture and cars.

Where would YOU want to live?
When searching for a property, whether it’s somewhere you want to live permanently or just for a few months in the year, you want it to be in the best possible condition – after all, it’s your property. You might think that you’re getting an absolute bargain property leaving you with plenty of cash left over to do a couple of minor repairs, only to discover that it’s a never-ending repair project that ends up costing more than your original budget. Due to this, it’s important that you do plenty of research and get surveys done on the property before you commit to buying in order to save your money and get your dream home in the sun.

If you’re buying the property as somewhere to rent out, you need to think slightly differently. If you’ve got people staying in the condo or house, depending on the property you choose, then you’re going to be making money, you just need to stay ahead of the exchange rate to ensure that you’re not making less than previously. However, if you’ve not got people staying, you’re making nothing at all and the property is lying empty, (just something to bear in mind).

Location, Location, Location.
If your property is in a relatively “unpopular” area of the state that doesn’t attract the large numbers in terms of people looking for somewhere to stay in Florida, then you might want to consider looking into a different, more popular location to ensure that your property isn’t sitting empty and your bank account is being regularly replenished by rental fees.

Just for reference, as it was touched upon earlier, it’s worth mentioning the other locations on the list of “must see” cities and states around the world. Based on Forbes research, from the tenth most popular to the first, they are: 10. Barcelona, 9. Hong Kong, 8. Kuala Lumpur, 7. Dubai, 6. Istanbul, 5. New York, 4. Singapore, 3. Paris, 2. London, 1. Bangkok.

Must-Visit Destinations in South Africa

With a rich cultural heritage and spectacular landscapes, sun drenched South Africa is an exciting destination for laidback sightseeing and adventurous thrill-seeking alike. Aside from the major urban attractions of Cape Town and Johannesburg, you won’t want to miss the following key destinations.

Before You Go:

Whether you’re interested in viewing native wildlife on a Safari, experiencing the vibrant art scene of Cape Town, or catching some epic waves along the country’s sandy beaches, you’ll find plenty to see and do. You might want to leave the cell phone at home, as friends and family can place low cost calls to South Africa using Skype or calling cards. Leaving these reminders of the daily grind behind can really free you up to enjoy the natural side of South Africa.

Top Destinations:

Table Mountain

Enjoy panoramic views of Cape Town with a refreshing hike to the top of Table Mountain. The top is flat, as the name suggests, giving you a breezy outlook on the natural landscapes. For those travelling with small children or short on time, a cable car can make short work of the journey. Explore the surrounding Cape Peninsula for a chance to see Southern Right Wales on their annual migration, or even colonies of African penguins.

The Cradle of Humankind

Located approximately 50 km away from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind is a group of ornate and ancient limestone caves. Researchers have found fossils dating back to humankind’s origins, including a 2.1 million year old skull named “Mr. Ples” and a skeleton dating back 3 million years. Guided day trips depart from Johannesburg regularly.

Robben Island

Take a closer look at South Africa’s political past by visiting Cape Town’s Robben Island, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nelson Mandela and other activists were imprisoned here, as were many of the tour guides. This provides visitors with a unique chance to hear first-person stories about what it was truly like to be imprisoned at Robben Island. Before its use during Apartheid, the island was used to house soldiers, mental patients, and even a leper colony.


If you’re looking for a laid-back destination to soak in the sun and surf culture of South Africa, the city of Durban is a golden opportunity. This relaxed and friendly city attracts surfers from around the world to its “Golden Mile” of beaches, which are notable for being shark-free. Further attractions include an extensive aquarium and world-class restaurants.

Safety Tips for Travel in South Africa:

As you travel around the country, it’s important to be aware of the current political issues and crime statistics in South Africa. By keeping your wits about you and following a few basic safety rules, you can lessen your chances of getting robbed. Like many other destinations, travellers to South Africa will want to avoid displaying flashy jewellery or expensive mobile phones. You can place low cost calls to Australia or wherever you call home using an international calling card or SIM card instead. Keep car doors locked when driving, avoid hitchhiking, and check with hotel staff or police before you travel to remote areas to find out whether they are safe. With a bit of common sense, you can enjoy all the natural beauty of South Africa without worry.