Megabus wintersale – over 10,000 free seats available on English and Welsh routes

Megabus wintersale

Megabus wintersale – over 10,000 free seats available on English and Welsh routes

The megabus wintersale is back with over 10,000 FREE SEATS* available on English and Welsh routes covering over 60 great UK destinations.

Once again has released over 10,000 FREE SEATS! Search and see if you are able to nab one of the thousands of FREE SEATS. If you don’t manage to get a FREE SEAT this time you’ll still be able to pick up a bargain seat with prices from as little as £1 +50p booking fee.

*Travel from 14/1/13 – 28/2/13 Mon-Thu on English and Welsh routes only. 50p booking fee and further ts & cs apply.

For full terms and conditions of the sale please refer to

Travel Directory: Megabus

Win the trip of a lifetime from Hostelbookers

Win the trip of a lifetime from Hostelbookers

HostelBookers is offering one lucky winner £3,000 towards flights plus £1,000 spending money*. In return, we are asking for a few minutes of your time to tell us about your travel habits.

Remember, every survey completed helps us to offer you a better travel service year on year. This is your chance to have your say!

Closing date 30th September 2011

Win the trip of a lifetime from Hostelbookers

*Terms and conditions apply. See website for details.

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How to travel for free?

By Yuli Linssen Kaminitz, guest blogger from

Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies every person on earth share with each other. Who doesn’t love to go on holiday, see new places, meet new people and experience adventures you have never tried before? even if it’s just for a quick weekend getaway, it is still a great luxury to take some time off from your busy life and just have a rest for a couple of days. Unfortunately most of us cannot always afford travelling regardless of where we go and how many days we stay. Flights and trains, hotels, eating out, attractions, and many more factors, are just necessary things we will need to spend our money on, during our holiday.

Luckily there are few solutions for reducing your vacation costs to almost nothing. In order to be able to travel for free, you will need to have a lot of creativity, enthusiasm, drive and a good personality as well. If you feel like you carry one or more of the above characteristic, please check out our “How to travel for free?” list:

1. Write a blog

Believe it or not, many travel bloggers out there are able to afford their trips by money they make on their blog. If you are creative enough and willing to invest some time in writing interesting stories about your travelling experiences, people will be happy to sponsor your blog and even better, companies will offer you money in order for you to recommend their site. Bloggers are very popular these days; people find them honest, unbiased and most important, personal. That is why if you make sure to present your story well and show your audience your true face, they will read your blog, tell it to their friends and slowly but surely you will get more traffic to your blog. Once the traffic is there, the companies will quickly follow and when that happens, you’ll start earning your money to travel.

2. Fruits picking

This option might sounds funny to some of you but it is very popular for people who are travelling in New Zealand, Australia or other nature areas. There are many jobs you can find when aiming to work on a farm but the most known one is fruit picking.  Picking fruits like strawberries and bananas is a very important task farmers do few times a year. When the season is good for picking you will be able to find many jobs. The best thing about working in a farm is that fact that you stay for free in the farmer’s house, (or on a separate unit next to the main house) and you also eat there all your meals. Even though working in a farm means a lot of hard work and isolation in some way from the “real” world, the picking season last only for 2-3 months and after that you are free to go.

3. Selling Dead Sea cosmetics

Before all you guys get scared and just skip this part of the list, you need to understand one important thing: selling cosmetics means a lot of money to your pocket. If you ask around long-time travellers and especially backpackers they will all tell you: go do it! The cosmetic we talk about come from the Dead Sea in Israel and most of the chances your boss will be Israeli as well. Special soaps, Dead Sea facial mud, scrubs and other creams are all being sold in kiosks at different shopping malls around the world. The best time to go work at selling Dead Sea cosmetics is before Christmas time. The malls, (especially in the state) are packed with people, hungry for shopping and that’s why it is more likely they will buy a lot from you.

4. Sell oil painting from door to door

Selling oil painting can earn you a lot of money in a short time but it is very hard work and it will demand from you a lot of patient and will-power. The idea behind selling oil painting is to make your clients feel connected to you, comfortable with you and mainly to make them trust you. During 3 hours a day you will have to walk from door to door, carrying a heavy paintings portfolio and somehow convince random strangers to open you the door to their house and let you pitch them. Because you do sell them after all, art objects, you will need to make sure you know what you are talking about and also to have some passion in your eyes. Before start working, you will have to invest some time in learning the paintings and gain some knowledge about art. Once you are ready to go you will start making money, and a lot of it. Each one of these painting goes from 80 Euros till 400 and you will be able to keep 20% from your earnings.

As you can see, there are enough options that allow you to travel for free. All you need to do when arriving to a new place is to ask around local people and to be as nice and open minded as possible. For those of you who still prefer to go on a trip in the old- fashion way, make sure to book your hotel in advance. If you are smart enough to start looking for accommodation long before your departure, you will be able to get a lot of cheap hotel deals, with

Lonely Planet Offers Free iPhone City Guide Apps for Stranded North American Travelers

Lonely Planet Helps Stranded North American Travelers with Free iPhone City Guide Apps

With ice and snowstorms continuing to delay flights across the US and Canada, Lonely Planet is offering 14 of its iPhone City Guide apps free to stranded travelers for a limited time.

“We recognize that travelers are stuck all over the country due to these recent storms and will need access to our content”, said John Boris, Lonely Planet’s Managing Director. “Thus, we made all our US and Canadian iPhone City Guide apps free so that regardless of whether they are stuck in a blizzard or on the beach, they can easily download the practical information and recommendations we provide straight onto their phone”.

The 14 guides will be free in the iTunes App Store from 6pmPST on Tuesday, February 1st to 6pmPST Friday, February 4th 2011.

The cities available are:

· San Francisco
· New York City
· Boston
· Washington DC
· Chicago
· Seattle
· New Orleans
· Vancouver
· Las Vegas
· Miami
· Toronto
· Los Angeles
· Montreal
· Fort Myers and Sanibel

Travel Directory: Lonely Planet

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Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Travel Hacking Cartel is the frequent flyer membership program by travel hacking master Chris Guillebeau.

Join this program and you will be given alerts on how to accumulate frequent flyer points. So many points that he guarantees that you’ll get four flights a year.

Most frequent flyer miles are earned on the ground. When you become a travel hacker, you’ll start padding out your own mileage accounts, then you’ll redeem them for high-value trips.

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If you are still unsure there is a special offer where you can join for $1 and see for yourself.

14 Day $1 Trial

10,000 free seats from UK

10,000 free seats from UK

10,000 free seats available on English and Welsh megabus and megabusplus routes

You can always find tickets from as little as £1 + 50 pence booking fee so this time has gone one better and are offering free + 50 pence booking fee.

The seats are available to purchase immediately for travel taking place within the period 1st February- 3rd April – excluding travel between 14th – 20th February inclusively – (no free seats will be available when booking less than 7 days before travel).

Free seats are only available for travel on Mondays to Thursdays and the 50p booking fee will still apply to all orders in order to cover administration fees.

For all terms and conditions of the sale please refer to

Travel Directory: Megabus

Megabus – 10,000 free seats to celebrate Philly Hub

Megabus - 10,000 free seats to celebrate Philly Hub

Low cost bus service Megabus are offering 10,000 free seats to celebrate the Philly Hub.

Enter promocode LUVPHL (case sensitive) to search for the 10,000 free seats for travel July 21 and beyond.

The free seats will be available on departures to and from the nine Philadelphia expansion cities and Washington (subject to availability on select dates, routes).