Vaccinations: Which do I need and where can I get them?

Vaccinations are one of the most important things to take into consideration when travelling abroad. It is always necessary to ask your doctor if your destination requires you to be vaccinated before you leave. If you’re not sure you can always double with an online pharmacy like Lloyds or the NHS website. It is especially important to do this before you embark on your journey, as some vaccines can cause side effects such as stomach upset and soreness.

Once you have assessed which travel vaccinations you need, you need to take into account how much they will cost. Most vaccines are free on the NHS, but some aren’t. If you haven’t planned for this factor, it can lead to an unexpected dent in your travel budget. Common vaccines that are free of charge include cholera, diphtheria, hepatitis A, meningitis C and typhoid. However, vaccines for illnesses such yellow fever, rabies and tuberculosis may cost up to £150 each, depending on how many injections you require.

It is important to incur this expense, however, as vaccinations are an essential part of travelling and skipping them could put you in danger of becoming seriously ill. Depending on what type of travelling you are doing, you may need extra vaccinations. For example, people working in a medical setting or with animals whilst abroad are more at risk of contracting an infection.

You can get vaccinations from your local GP, but did you know they are also widely available at many pharmacies? Ask your local pharmacy for exact details of the vaccinations they stock, as it will vary from place to place. Getting your vaccination from your pharmacy can also often be faster than going through your GP as you can avoid waiting for an appointment.

If you are pregnant, you must always seek advice from your GP before having vaccines, as they may harm your baby’s development.

Whichever way you decide to get your vaccinations, they certainly are a travel essential for anyone.

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  1. Daniel Meloy says:

    Vaccinations are crucial indeed! Traveling without the proper vaccinations is very risky. I also believe that travelers should be willing to purchase traveler’s insurance. They both may seem unnecessary at the time, but all it takes is one mishap and you’ll be really grateful you got them!