Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in the Far East

While children gain a wealth of information in school, nothing replaces experiencing the cultures of far off places first hand. Luxury family holidays in the Far East offer a unique opportunity for visiting spectacular destinations where future memories last a lifetime. The Thai culture embraces youth and the people especially fawn over children from other countries. Being a family orientated culture, the country offers much in the way of activities. 


Thailand family holidays have something for everyone from youngsters to retired adults. The stunning beaches of Koh Samui draw guests from many international destinations. When looking for a place to spend a day of quality family time, guests hire a boat and venture to the Angthong National Marine Park. The location features an archipelago of more than 40 uninhabited islands boasting lush rainforests, soft sandy beaches and colourful coral reefs. Spend the day exploring an island filled with caves, rock formations and waterfalls. Discover the amazing world under the sea by snorkelling in the clear waters along the shore and float from one island to another on a kayak. 

Koh Samui

If planning to journey to Phuket, luxury family holidays may include unique nature safaris on the back of an elephant. These eco-friendly Thailand family holidays introduce members to the culture of the people living in the rainforest. Embark on a canoe ride to a local village and the location of an elephant camp. Learn about the conservation efforts, care and training these docile animals receive and the importance they play in the heritage of the people. Guests also have the rare chance to participate in the elephant feeding and bathing processes. Take a tour of the jungle while aboard one of these massive creatures and learn about the many animals and plants that reside here. 


Spending luxury family holidays close to Bangkok or other large cities almost guarantees plenty of activities appropriate for all ages. When tired of seeing museums and theme parks, Thailand family holidays might include a trip to the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectariums. The destination offers brightly coloured flowers and plants along with huge shade trees. Mazes, ponds and architectural features along with ornamental landscaping give one the impression of experiencing an enchanted wonderland. Walk or cycle through the environment designed to support a number of exotic insects that include various species of butterflies. A fascinating indoor display explains the life cycle of the butterfly and provides illustrations of the species found in the insectariums. Pack a lunch and beverages and spend a pleasant afternoon in search of some of the most beautiful outdoor creatures.

The Delights of an Asian Adventure

Asia is an amazing continent to travel in, with stunning cultures, experiences and environments around every corner. The only struggle is trying to narrow down all the different options into a viable trip. Below are 3 of our favourite spots which you should consider to include on your journey through Asia.

India is often high on travellers’ lists and rightly so. You could spend years just exploring India itself and forget about the rest of Asia, still without touching every corner of this enchanting country. The obvious popular spots will continue to attract tourists from around the world; Agra and its incredible shrine the Taj Mahal, the tropical beaches of Goa, the towering Himalayas. Then there are the frantic cities of Delhi and Mumbai, where life runs at 1000mph and seeing a cow walking down a dual carriageway is a common occurrence. However, much of India’s beauty is in getting off the beaten track and discovering some of the places which aren’t packed with tourists. Ooty is a charming village in the hills which is fantastic for trekking and surrounded by tea plantations. Despite being off the main tourist route, hotels in Ooty are plentiful and you won’t struggle to get there. Then there is Hyderabad, which loses out in the city stakes to Delhi and Mumbai with most visitors, but is the IT hub of India and is rich in history and tradition. Take some time on your holiday through India to stray from the usual route and you won’t be disappointed.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phnom Penh is a city which has recovered from much torment, though now represents a fantastic place to visit in its own right. It offers something very different to the other key capitals in Asia like Bangkok or Tokyo, with a much more relaxed feel and a true insight into the culture and history that the city has seen.

When visiting Phnom Penh there is plenty to do, though a lot of the focus will probably be on the city’s history and the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Trips to the killing fields give a sombre insight into the atrocities that happened here. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there is plenty to enjoy about the city now it has recovered, not least the Mekong river, which is host to the Mekong islands which are certainly worth a visit. One of the best things about PP though is going about daily life with the locals, enjoying the local food and discovering more about the Buddhist religion and the general way of life. It’s a fascinating place, and one worthy of a stop in any trip around Asia.

Phuket, Thailand
For all the historical fascination that Phnom Penh provides, Phuket is quite the opposite, but it is still brilliant in its own way. Phuket is all about paradise islands, the backpacking scene and forgetting about your worries. The city itself isn’t the most attractive, though it is still home to some wonderful beaches and blue seas. Phuket’s genius is in its location though, playing gateway to the hoards of paradise islands which lay off the coast. Book into one of Phuket’s luxury hotels and then use it as a platform to go and visit the many incredible islands nearby. From Koh Phi Phi, famed for its appearance in the film The Beach, to Koh Yah Noi, there are more paradise islands than you can shake a stick at. Once you’ve sampled all your favourites you can go home happy, content that you’ve experienced paradise. Some don’t make it that far though, and simply pick their favourite and never leave.

Asia is an immense continent, packed with treasures for an adventurous traveller, but these 3 places stand out for us, and shouldn’t be missed if you’re lucky enough to tour this incredible place.

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6 months walking in Asia

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Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2012

For many people, 2012 is a year for travel. Whether you are trying to find discounts for student flights, scouting for the perfect wedding destination or looking for a great family friendly spot, there is no shortage of amazing travel hot spots available.

1. The United States is not void of amazing travel destinations. New York is one of the top tourist spots in the country. The Hudson River Valley is a remarkable piece of rural America that almost seems misplaced. This is a taste of the country that most will never get the chance to experience. Of course there is always the Big Apple for the city slickers in the group.

2. Washington State’s Hoh Rainforest is one of the most exquisite beauties in the world. The mossy trees mask a treasure trove of trees, flowers and other wildlife. Located just outside Forks, this destination is great for photographers, families, hikers and campers alike.

3. Egypt’s lack of tourism in recent years should not deter people from visiting some of the most historical locations in our world. The Pyramids of Giza leave tourists star struck annually for just a small fee. It is best to visit Egypt after the hottest summer months pass, however.

4. The summer and fall months are ideal for a visit to Poland and its warm beaches. This tranquil land is home to some of the most historical sites from World War II and the Holocaust. History buffs and those with cultural links to Auschwitz will be able to connect with the heritage. In addition, Poland is home to tragic ruins, serene cathedrals and grand theaters.

5. If one country is known for its fantastic beaches reminiscent of paradise, it is Thailand. Thailand’s Koh Lipe is one of the top hot spots for travelers who want to avoid the crowds. Despite the fact that Koh Phi Phi is an amazing beach, it is typically crowded. Exploring the islands, shopping at the markets and visiting the unique festivals are all parts of Thailand’s interesting history.

6. Another must-see destination for the beach lovers of the world is Puerto Rico. It is a popular destination for Americans, considering it is not far at all from the coast. Playa Flamenco, located on Culebra, is one of the best beaches in the area, known for its beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

7. Greece is quite inexpensive to visit this year, making it a great destination. Athens has a culture all its own with unique food, beaches and hiking options. Visitors can attend wine and music festivals one day and visit ancient ruins and artifacts the next.

8. The Bay of Fundy, located in Nova Scotia, is an ideal destination for those always seeking an adventure. It is great for kayaking, whale watching and even simply strolling through historical gardens.

9. Croatia is another top spot for history buffs or those with romance in mind. One of the most romantic spots in the country is Istria, famous for its white wines and scenic bike trails. Amazing views of the country are available to all who seek them.

10. San Diego is another great American destination known for its spectacular beaches that make surfing, swimming and tanning convenient. The city is also known for its theme parks and family friendly fun.